System wide issues
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System-wide issues. Before we get to the telescope System integration and verification at the telescope Operations Maintenance and support. Before we get to the telescope. Design validation

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System wide issues
System-wide issues

  • Before we get to the telescope

  • System integration and verification at the telescope

  • Operations

  • Maintenance and support

Before we get to the telescope
Before we get to the telescope

  • Design validation

    • By analysis, experiment, or simulation, we have to convince ourselves that the planned design will actually work to support the efficient generation of science

  • Calibration of the ASM

    • We will need an optical setup to allow tests of the ASM as a complete subsystem (high order correction, phasing, chopping…)

  • Vibration

    • We should press for specified limits on the vibration internal to each instrument (depends on its science niche) and on transmission to other telescope systems (including other instruments)

  • *Laser power

    • Whatever design we decide on, the return flux per watt must be verified on sky first

Before we get to the telescope ii

Figure 17. Spatial and temporal domains for LBT

control components.

Active optics



Pointing control system

LLT fast steering mirror

Before we get to the telescope II

  • Control systems analysis

    • How are the control loops, overlapping in spatial and temporal regimes, to be implemented?


    • There will be a HUGE software development effort required to make the AO integrate efficiently with the telescope control system and instruments.

    • We need to be designing that architecture NOW!

System integration and verification
System integration and verification

  • Written integration plan that answers:

    • How will the system be installed on the telescope?

    • What are the prerequisites for installation?

    • How are the optical systems, including the lasers, to be aligned with each other and the telescope?

    • How is each subsystem tested once on the telescope, and what are the criteria for a successful test?

    • What full system tests are required to commission the AO?

    • What will it cost in telescope time and personnel?


  • What sort of expertise do we anticipate will be needed on the GMTO staff to run the AO every night?

    • Will definitely need a laser safety officer

  • Aircraft and satellite avoidance will require one-time approval from the US FAA and ongoing clearances from US Space Command respectively

Maintenance and support
Maintenance and support

  • Must be done mostly by non-expert observatory staff

  • Need on-axis point sources simulating guide stars that can be installed at prime focus

    • Also want an on-axis WFS for truth sensing with the simulator – guarantees shape of M2

  • Should describe a hardware sparing strategy

One other thing
One other thing…

  • Painful as it may be, we should understand and lay out for PDR the options for descoping and phasing in the AO systems over time.