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  1. D.S.N. @ BANGALORE EAST ZONE April 28th to 1st May

  2. Achieve true liberation ? Break all your barriers? Experience true freedom ? Experience an ocean of Energy? CAN YOU…… In Just 3 days ????

  3. EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF…….. p a d m a s a d h a n a to go beyond your limitations ….. to exploreyour true potential …..

  4. WHAT IS DSN ????…… Divya Samaj ka Nirman means creating a divine society. This course provides the first opportunity for the individual to take more social responsibility and experience the power of one's inner strength. DSN is a rigorous and transformational course, which through a powerful combination of yoga, special meditations, breathing techniques and group processes, empowers participants to break through those personal barriers and inspire in them greater social activism and responsibility. “ Anytime you are confused, your mind is in conflict, do yogasanas, sit in asana. You will see, right away clarity comes. Effect of asana is clearing out of all conflicts, duality “ -- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  5. TESTIMONIALS FROM DSN PARTICIPANTS…… • Everything that I did during the course was something that I could never imagine myself doing or capable to do and got so much Joy out of it. There was so much Love, energy, belongingness, surrender to divine and Gratitude. I am so grateful and blessed to get the opportunity to be a part of the DSN course!! • - Shivram • Mind is the manufacturer of negativities, worries, doubts! To observe this mind, and realize that the creator of this mind can give the tools to remove them as well is my realization in DSN !! • - Prasad • Thought I experienced GRACE and had FAITH and yet today both these words have a completely new meaning for me. It is like I never knew the depth of them. I am FREE as a BIRD can be ...YES says my Mind again & again... • - Rekha • Each course had its own unique flavor. But the DSN courses really helped me understand through experience not from the mind. I was able to see my own self-imposed limitations and break out of them, to laugh at myself, to be a witness to my actions, to lose my ego and, most important to me, to dance. • - Scott

  6. Venue – Ghatge convention center, Near HAL Police Station, Old Airport Road, BangaloreDate – 28TH Apr to 1ST May, 2011For Registrations contact – 9242243433, 9880428404, 9845021078Email –

  7. Jai Gurudev !