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The Passive Voice

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The Passive Voice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Passive Voice. By Laécio Miranda. The Passive Voice. A voz passiva é um recurso utilizado quando queremos enfatizar uma ação e não quem a fez. Voz ativa: Nobody knew the answer. Voz passiva: The answer was not known. The Passive Voice.

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the passive voice

The Passive Voice

By Laécio Miranda

the passive voice1
The Passive Voice

A voz passiva é um recurso utilizado quando queremos enfatizar uma ação e não quem a fez.

Voz ativa: Nobody knew the answer.

Voz passiva: The answer was not known.

the passive voice2
The Passive Voice

Quando o agente da passiva, ou seja, o executor da ação, for mensionado, ele será precedido pela preposição BY:

Voz ativa: The Supreme Court abolished racial segregation.

Voz passiva: Racial segregation was abolished by the Supreme Court.

the passive voice3
The Passive Voice

Voz ativa: Pilate ordered the execution of Jesus.

Voz passiva: The execution of Jesus was ordered by Pilate.

the passive voice4
The Passive Voice

Na passagem da voz ativa para a voz passiva ocorrem as seguintes transformações:

  • O objeto da voz ativa torna-se o sujeito da voz passiva.
  • O verbo to be (sempre constante na voz passiva) é usado no tempo em que estiver o verbo principal na voz ativa.
the passive voice5
The Passive Voice
  • Verbo principal da voz ativa é sempre usado no particípio passado na voz passiva.
  • Quando o sujeito da voz ativa for um subject pronoun (I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they), o agente da passiva corresponde a ele será um object pronoun (me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them).
the passive voice6
The Passive Voice

Observe os exemplos:

the passive voice7
The Passive Voice


01 – Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice by omitting the passive agent.

A) People speak English in New Zealand.

English is spoken in New Zealand.

B) A thief stole her purse.

Her purse was stolen.

C) We would look for new treatments.

New treatments would be looked for.

the passive voice8
The Passive Voice

02 - Rewrite the sentences below in the passive voice. Add the passive agent.

A) The government built a new road there.

A new road was built there by the government.

B) Botanists have declared extinct many species.

Many species have been declared extinct by botanists.

C) Chemists will find out solutions for the cars of tomorrow.

Solutions for the cars of tomorrow will be found out by chemists.

the passive voice9
The Passive Voice

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