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Flipped Social Studies Classroom

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Flipped Social Studies Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flipped Social Studies Classroom
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  1. Flipped Social Studies Classroom By Adam Schnug

  2. What is the flipped classroom? • Credit for the beginning of the flipped classroom began with two science teachers at a Colorado High School • Since that time it has evolved into different styles and is growing at an exponential rate. • It is blended learning

  3. How it began for my class… • In October of last school year I read an article about the “flipped classroom” and thought it was a good idea. • After learning more about the flipped classroom (youtube, edutopia) I decided to give it a try

  4. How it began in my class… • During my planning period I set up a flip cam and recorded my lecture of the John Adams Presidency. • Just me in the classroom • Gave the normal lecture • I posted it on my I-SS webpage and told my students to watch it at home as a test run

  5. How it began in my class… • The following day I asked for feedback on how the process went. • Problems all over the place • Still I continued to make videos and post them and kept the process going. Along the way I learned some tricks and found some helpful resources

  6. Data! • Around March the class was moving along with the flipped classroom comfortably. I wanted to see how well the process was working so I collected some data. • Checked overall grades • Checked missed assignments • Checked exam scores

  7. Data Results • Data revealed a huge improvement in one area and a small improvement in another. • Missed Assignments (0’s) • Before the flipped classroom 21 total (2 students ‘A’ and ‘B’ had above 5 each) • After the flipped classroom I had 3 for the remainder of the school year. • Student ‘A’ had all three - phone call home

  8. Data Results • Report card grades increased on average by 2%. A small improvement related to the lack of zeros received. • Did not see a difference in classroom exam scores.

  9. What not to do… • Early in the creation of the videos, my focus was on the homework videos. • The classroom activity after the video is far more important than the video. • Do not waste time checking to see if students watched the videos. • Don’t post your videos on one webpage for students to access • Use youtube (or a website like it) and don’t forget to disable the comments!

  10. What not to do… • Do not make videos longer than 5 to 7 minutes. • Student attention span; downloading and uploading takes awhile. • Never post the links to videos that are part of a playlist.

  11. No internet, no problem! • So what about the students who don’t have internet at home? • Another reality is the internet doesn’t work all the time. • Set time aside for them at the beginning of class to watch the videos.

  12. Ah-Ha moments • Students will help you! The reality is they probably know more about technology than we do. Ask them for help if you need it. • Uploading videos to Youtube was the best way for all my students to see the videos we created. • By the end of the year, most students watched the videos on the bus on the way to school with their smart phones. • Most of your videos are already created for you, you just have to find them.

  13. Ah-Ha moments • 5th question on our I-SS Model • What will we do if they already know it? • Have them evaluate the videos prior to viewing! • The videos don’t need to be your lectures all the time.

  14. Example of a “Flipped” Lesson • Go home tonight and view this video on the XYZ Affair. Write a one paragraph essay explaining the events that took place. • Next day we put ourselves in John Adams’ shoes and evaluate his options as a class. • Students then broke up into groups (each group was assigned a specific option to evaluate) • Then the students are regrouped so there is one option located in each group and they share their findings • Each group voted on the way out of class which option was best.

  15. Resources for creating videos • Screencast-o-matic • Free online screen recorder that allows you to upload to youtube • TechSmith.com/screencastcom • Free (up to a point) similar to screencast-o-matic • Screenr • Very simple, like screencast-o-matic

  16. Samples of Flipped Videos • Khan Academy – Ancient Rome • Careful with Khan Academy; most videos may be above our students understanding or too long. • TED-Ed – Teenager in Ancient Rome • Thought provoking videos; most videos come with questions and ways to “dig deeper” • Cosmolearning – Aral Sea • Cosmolearning compiled a ton of videos into categories • Knowmia

  17. Resources to help you get started • https://flippedlearning.eduvision.tv/default.aspx • http://flippedclassroom.org/ • http://flippedlearning.org/ • http://flipped-learning.com/ • http://www.ascd.org/professional-development/webinars/flipped-classroom-webinars.aspx • http://www.thedailyriff.com/articles/the-flipped-class-conversation-689.php • https://sites.google.com/a/fargoschools.org/integratingtechnologyfargonorth/resources-tools-for-flipping-your-classroom