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Ancient Egypt. Mr. Pagliaro Seymour High School. A View of Egypt by Satellite. Mediterranean Sea. Nile Delta. Kehmet: Nile River. Lower Egypt. Deshret : Sahara Desert. Sinai Peninsula. Upper Egypt. Nubian Desert. Red Sea. Fertile Nile Valley. Annual Flooding.

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Ancient egypt

Ancient Egypt

Mr. Pagliaro

Seymour High School

Ancient egypt

A View of Egypt by Satellite

Mediterranean Sea

Nile Delta

Kehmet: Nile River

Lower Egypt


Sahara Desert



Upper Egypt



Red Sea

Egypt gift of the nile

Annual Flooding

Egypt: Gift of the Nile

Ancient egypt

Papyrus  Paper

Hieratic Scroll Piece

Papyrus Plant

Hieroglyphics alphabet
Hieroglyphics “Alphabet”

24 “letters” + 700 phonetic symbols

Ancient egypt

Egyptian Math & Draftsmanship

What number is this?

Egyptian creation myth
Egyptian Creation Myth

The Gods & Goddesses Nut (Sky), Geb (Earth), their children Osiris (The Nile, the afterlife) and Isis (magic), and the God Thoth (Knowledge) and Goddess Maat (Truth & Justice) who aided their birth against the will of Ra.

Ancient egypt

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses:“The Sacred ‘Trinity’”

Osiris Isis Horus

Ancient egypt

Preparations for the Underworld

ANUBIS weighs the dead person’s heart against a feather.

Priests protected your KA, or soul-spirit

Ancient egypt

Materials Used in Mummification

1. Linen 6. Natron2. Sawdust 7. Onion3. Lichen 8. Nile Mud4. Beeswax 9. Linen Pads5. Resin 10. Frankinsense

Ancient egypt

Egyptian Mummies

Ramses II1279-1212 B. C.

Seti I1291-1278 B. C.

Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep II1210-1200 B. C.

Ancient egypt

Journey to the Underworld

The dead travel on the “Solar Bark.”

A boat for the journey is provided for a dead pharaoh in his tomb.

Ancient egypt

Shabtis: The Pharaoh’s Servants in the Afterlife

Ancient egypt

Preparation for the Afterlife

Egyptian book of the dead
Egyptian Book of the Dead

The final judgment
The Final Judgment

Ammut: Devourer of Souls

Anubis Horus Osiris

Narmer palette
Narmer Palette

Old kingdom
Old Kingdom

  • Pharaoh = king & god

    • Complete power

    • Owned everything

    • Ruled w/ help of Viziers

  • Only nobility were mummified

  • Old Kingdom = Period of Pyramid Building

Ancient egypt

Ancient Egyptian Housing

Middle Class Homes

Peasant Homes

Ancient egypt

Stepped Pyramid at Saqqara

Built for Pharaoh Djoser(Zo-zer) by the vizier Imhotep

Stacked mastabas

Ancient egypt

Plan of the Great Pyramid of Khufu

The Great Pyramid is over 81 times as tall as Mr. Pags.

480.6 feet

Nearly 6 feet

Removal of the hyksos
Removal of the Hyksos


Queen Ahotep

Kamose-brother of Ahmose

Some famous egyptian pharaohs
Some Famous Egyptian Pharaohs

Tutankhamen1336-1327 B. C.

Thutmose III1504-1450 B. C.

Ramses II1279-1212 B. C.

1 st tomb
1st Tomb

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

1473-1458 B. C.


1st female ruler



Trade with Nubia & Punt

Thutmose iii
Thutmose III

“Erase” Hatshepsut

Expand trade w/ Nubia

Created an empire


Entire Nile Valley



Ankhenaten first monotheist
Ankhenaten: First Monotheist?

Amenhotep IV

1352-1336 B. C.

Queen nefertiti

Archaeologist howard carter 1922
Archaeologist, Howard Carter (1922)

Ramses ii 1300s bc 1212 bc
Ramses II: 1300s BC-1212 BC

AKA Ozmandias

Ruled 66 years

Died around age 90

44-56 sons and 40-44 daughters

Egypt’s largest size as empire

Pharaoh from Bible?

Ramses ii
Ramses II

Battle of Kadesh

Abu simbel monument to ramses ii
Abu Simbel:Monument to Ramses II

Routes of the sea peoples
Routes of the “Sea Peoples”

Invasion c. 1100 BC

Nubian kushite kingdom
Nubian/Kushite Kingdom

Moved to Meroe

Modern Sudan

Traditional Egyptian civ. moved south

What happened in lower egypt
What happened in Lower Egypt?

From 1085-33 BC, invaded by-