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The Big Basket Theory PowerPoint Presentation
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The Big Basket Theory

The Big Basket Theory

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The Big Basket Theory

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  1. Shoppers get cautious about spending when their carts are full! Solution? Bigger shopping carts! Whole Foods- 30% Drug stores offering wheeled carts The Big Basket Theory

  2. We buy more before lunch and dinner when we are hungry! We buy more computers, videos, everything! Hunger trigger makes people 200% more sensitive to sound & smell. This is when companies run more ads! Solution? Don’t watch TV before eating! Hungry Promotions

  3. Using sound in stores use to be about soothing music Now, stores play specific kinds of music to push products Wine store test Italian music = more Italian brand sales French music = more French sales When asked people had no idea of what music was playing Solution? Pay attention to your surroundings! Don’t get tricked! Bring in the Band

  4. Sense of smell seduces us! Powerful! Hardware Store Test- smell of grass in store air made customers think the staff was more intelligent Appliance Store Test- pumped in smell of apple pie and sales of ovens & fridges increased 23%! Solution? Beware if you walk into a store and are hit with an odor! Gee, You Smell Terrific!

  5. Sound & Smell works best together You’ll see more live demo’s- esp. in supermarkets Solution? Stick to the quiet can isle to avoid temptation! Show Me The Pasta!

  6. Companies are reaching through the web & TV! They want you to hear the sizzle and water in the background! More Ads are out with sounds! Solution? Keep the mute on! Virtual Taste Test

  7. Customers interested in lower price- esp. in tough economic times Don’t cut prices on Brand Items! Why? You’re discounting brand image Instead, use other tricks like buy one coke product- get the other free! This maintains positive image for brand Solution? Compare prices to find best deal A Non-Generic Response!

  8. Luxury retailers are suffering! Saks & Bloomingdale’s are offering deep discounts of up to 70%! Things they can do? Create smaller luxury! Can’t afford Coach Bag? Perhaps Coach Purse? Solution? If you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it. Luxury Mini-Me’s

  9. You’ll see more provocative stuff to create headlines. Goal? Create a media buzz! Remember 2003 Abercrombie catalog ban? Benetton ban & dropped by Sears? Solution? Don’t pay attention to ads but look more at the product itself. Sex sells, not as much as Scandal

  10. Companies spend millions to re-do logos or change package design. Waste of time! Companies need to create products that don’t need logos or fancy packaging. Example? iPod! Not a logo on it! Forget Logos!

  11. New frontier marketers are now exploring Ex: when near a Starbucks a message may pop up on your phone saying, “stop in with a friend at the Starbucks 90 seconds away and get a free coffee.” Solution? Careful of allowing marketers know where you are in real time! Mobile Phone/GPS Combo

  12. TV/Movie Ads are a dying medium Ads in video games highly effective! Why? It’s interactive! Ex: “It was 6pm and I suddenly arrived at a Pizza Hut. I clicked on 6 different types of pizza, ordered one, typed in my credit card, and soon after there was a knock at my door.” Solution? Keep your credit card in your pocket! Gaming the System