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Shu-Chu Chen , Shu-Ching Lien and Starr Chen Miaoli County Public Health Bureau PowerPoint Presentation
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Shu-Chu Chen , Shu-Ching Lien and Starr Chen Miaoli County Public Health Bureau

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Shu-Chu Chen , Shu-Ching Lien and Starr Chen Miaoli County Public Health Bureau - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Predisposing factors. Long-term care. 1.Sex 2.Age level 4. Marriage ties 5. Religion. Whether to use the long-term care. Enabling factors. Need factors. 1. Case :

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Predisposing factors

Long-term care

1.Sex 2.Age level

4. Marriage ties


Whether to use the

long-term care

Enabling factors

Need factors

1. Case:

The welfare leaves、Application origin、The body bonds the handbook、The villages and towns leave

2.Primary caregiver:

Employment situation、Attendance time、With case relations

1. Case:


Falls ill the number

2.Primary caregiver:

Caregiver’s burden

Factors Related To Long-term Care Service

Shu-Chu Chen,Shu-Ching Lien and Starr Chen

Miaoli County Public Health Bureau



The research purpose in understanding long-term care service present situation and the influence reason, will take in the future the practice and the policy reference. This was a cross-sectional study. Subjects consisted of 203 disabled elders and their primary caregivers from uses 'the 10-Year Long-term Care Plan in Taiwan' service Structured questionnaire was used to collect data via face to face interview. The results were summarized as follows. The disabled elder sex, age, education level, marriage and disabled degree all have related with the long-term care service. The primary caregiver’s burden and the take care time have the significantly different. Based on these results, some recommendations were made. In the future the disabled elders question make the tracing analysis, might make a more correct comparison and the deduction defines clearly its causal relation. And the disabled elder sex, age, education level and disabled degree do further studies, detects the question. Of when again draws up the long-term care service plan, will probably in view of the disabled elder demand and characteristic, respects the multicultural and the geography difference, carries out the perfect holistic care, aging in place and the multi-dimensional continuum

of care service.

Keywords: disabled elders, Long-term Care, welfare policy

Table1. Demographic characteristics of disabled elders in Miaoli County

by gender N(%)


Since 1993, Taiwan has become an aging society as defined by the World Health Organization. As the society keep on growing older and changing, related indexes unanimously underline the need of early and timely planning and carefulness and comprehensiveness in dealing with the problems related to eldercare. While the size of government budget on elder's welfare has been increasing year by year, the urgent needs for help of disabled elderly people have also been on the rise as reflected by the rapid growth in the number of services rendered for them in recent


Chi-square test,*表P<0.05;**表P<0.01;***表P<0.001

1:The sub-bride’s family lives in turn

2:The relatives and friends or grandson generation of children live together

Table2. Demographic characteristics of the primary caretiver in Miaoli

County by gender N(%)


The disabled elders who over 65 years old need others to help with daily life, as the main fact (through ADLs, IADLs is assessed).

Study flow chart

Chi-square test,*表P<0.05;**表P<0.01;***表P<0.001


To enhance the accessibility and continuity of the service, the Ministry of the Interior is working to concretize the concepts of aging in place and community care as stipulated in the Guidelines for Social Welfare Policies. Major tasks include the legislation of regulations related to community care, the establishment of an accessible service delivery system, the balanced distribution of the care agency’s resources, the diversification of community care, and the increase in the budget allotted to community care. In the future, the government will keep on strengthening the community care network and pursuing the ideal of aging in place as the world trend.