karim dewji senior project 2010 2011 government teacher mr zufall english teacher ms dickinson
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Karim Dewji Senior Project 2010-2011 Government Teacher: Mr. Zufall English Teacher: Ms. Dickinson

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Karim Dewji Senior Project 2010-2011 Government Teacher: Mr. Zufall English Teacher: Ms. Dickinson. Essential Question How does commonly used modern technology such as the cell phone, Internet, and video games positively and negatively affect society today?. Cell Phones – The Positives.

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karim dewji senior project 2010 2011 government teacher mr zufall english teacher ms dickinson

Karim DewjiSenior Project 2010-2011Government Teacher: Mr. ZufallEnglish Teacher: Ms. Dickinson

Essential Question

How does commonly used modern technology such as the cell phone, Internet, and video games positively and negatively affect society today?

cell phones the positives
Cell Phones – The Positives


  • Communication has become faster and more efficient with the use of cell phones.
  • Allows easy communication for family members abroad
  • Easier access to social networking

- Mobile access from cell phones to Facebook increased by 112 percent in the last year.


  • Many phones have the option of storing music.

- According to web.mit.edu, 65 percent of phones sold in the second quarter of 2008 had the option of storing music.

  • Many cell phones include the ability to download applications, which allows access to things such as games, financial accounting, weather, medical journals, etc.

-Popular phones such as the iPhone and Droid offer this option.

  • Access to Internet is readily available on many devices.

- According to techcrunch.com, 172 million smart phones were sold world wide in 2009. The number was a 3 percent increase from 2008.

  • Cameras are standard on most modern phones.

- According to a gadgets.com survey, 96.3 percent of adults claimed to have a phone with a camera.

  • GPS equipped on higher end phones.

- In a prediction by iSuppli.com, 79.9 percent of cell phones sold in the fourth quarter of 2011 will be equipped with GPS.

  • Many phones have video cameras.
cell phones the positives cont
Cell Phones – The Positives(Cont.)


  • Helps you report dangers in your community
  • Very helpful tool in times of emergency
  • Parents can know where their kids are at all times.

- According to frankwbaker.com, 75 percent of kids from the ages of 12-17 had cell phones in 2009. This was a 30 percent increase from 2004.


  • Cell phones have a positive impact on many different types of businesses.

- According to technology.inc, cell phones are used for business related tasks such as Internet, data storing, memo recording, GPS, employee communication, etc.

  • Many cell phone carriers, which encourages competition

- In the USA, there are about ten major cell phone companies, and numerous smaller ones.


  • Averaging smaller size than a checkbook, cell phones offer a variety of services.
  • Cell phones are portable.


  • Cell phones can serve as easy-access computers.

- Cell phones are used in classrooms for notes, Internet, etc.

  • Many cell phones have music, which often helps many students concentrate.

- In a study, kids scored better on an IQ test when Mozart was playing in the background.

  • Communication from parent to child is more convenient.

- Rather than making calls through a front office, direct contact with the student can be made.

Noah Graff:  What are you most excited about for the future of cell phones?Scott Goldman: The ability to continue to make and receive calls anywhere is still the killer app for cell phones.  As coverage improves, it just makes life easier for everyone. I also think that the location-based services – the ability to know whether or not your friends are nearby, whether or not there’s an ATM machine that fits your profiles nearby, whether there’s an open pizza place at 11:00 at night nearby – are terrifically exciting and have a brilliant future through the use of mobile devices.
  • A lot of people think that the new economy is all about the internet. I think that it's being fueled by the internet - as well as by cell phones, digital assistants, and the like - but that it's really about customers. – Patricia Seybold
  • As a result, we will continue to see more innovation on the Internet and on mobile phones than on consoles. – Trip Hawkins
cell phones the negatives
Cell Phones – The Negatives


  • Sleep Loss

- American Academy of Sleep Medicine study found that excessive use of cell phones can cause restlessness, insomnia, and stress.

  • Excessive cell phone use limits attention spans of people.

- Sociologists and researchers have found that while users are on cell phones, attention span is highly decreased.

  • Talking on cell phones a lot increases the risk of brain cancer.

- In the world’s largest study, it was found that heavy users of cell phones have a 40

percent higher chance of getting brain cancer than people who don’t heavily use cell


  • Many automobile accidents caused by people being tempted to talk or SMS on cell phones

- According to a study by the National Safety Council, 28 percent of car accidents involve talking or texting on a cell phone.


  • Many people use cell phones for hours on end limiting time with families.
  • Kids are often distracted from chores and other responsibilities due to the use of cell phones.


  • Incorrect disposal of cell phones and batteries are harmful to environment.

- Cell phones and the batteries from cell phones are not bio-degradable.

  • Many birds are killed as they are attracted to the radiation of the many new cell phone towers.

- Many birds accidentally run into these towers at night while traveling at full speed. They are often killed in result of this.

cell phones the negatives cont
Cell Phones – The Negatives (Cont.)


  • The extensive use of cell phones can cause addiction to them.

- Studies from FuturePundit show that one in six cell phone users is addicted.

  • Humans have become slaves to cell phones.


  • Cell phones can become a very expensive luxury over time.

- According to consumerreports.com, an average user spends about $600 a year on mobile service.


  • Many students are distracted by the constant want to use cell phones.
  • During emergencies, false information is often sent out.

- Many times, false rumors are sent out in situations such as lockdowns.

  • Students are able to use phones to cheat.

- When Internet connection is available, students have a very easy opportunity to cheat using cell phones.

TV Interview

Dr. George Carlo: “The studies are of adults who have used the phone for 500-1000 minutes a month, maybe for a period of 10-12 years. And those studies are showing us doubling and tripling in the risk of brain cancer and eye cancer.”

  • People are very protective of their cell phones, how it's used, where it's used and how much it costs. It has become a very personal issue for a whole lot of people in this country. – Steve Largent
  • Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized. – Marvin vos Savant
  • There's not enough people with cell phones capable of working with the system, so remarkable stories of rescues are few and far between. – Steve Taylor
internet the positives
Internet – The Positives


  • File sharing can open the doors to new data.
  • Media such as music, videos, etc. readily available for view or download.

- iTunes by Apple offers music and video downloading, as well as many other things.

  • People can find articles on things they prefer to read.

- Wikipedia.com alone has 9.25 million articles in 250 different languages.

  • Provides Internet shopping for those immobile or unable to leave households

- In 2008, USA e-sales made up 16.3 percent of total sales from all merchant sales.

  • Allows for entertainment such as downloading and playing games

- Addictinggames.com has thousands of games in eight different categories.

  • Allows people to express their creativity with a bigger community

- The artist Justin Bieber became a hit artist through expressing his talent on YouTube.com.


  • Can make research for school easier, faster, and more efficient
  • Allows people to learn about other cultures and traditions

- Most states, countries, territories, etc. have their own websites which provide access to things such as culture, tradition, lifestyle, etc.

  • Serves as a big library to the whole world

- According to warriorlibrarian.com, there are around 240,000 educational websites on the Internet.

  • Requires less time when searching for facts

- The Internet has digitally enhanced search engines compared to a library where you have to manually search for information.

internet the positives cont
Internet – The Positives (Cont.)


  • Many forums available, which aid to connect with people on a personal level.

- Yahoo.com, Apple.com, Bodybuilding.com, moddedmustangs.com, etc.

  • Many services offered on the Internet such as online banking, employment, ticket purchasing, and hotel reservations.

- Bankofthewest.com, Target.com, Ticketmaster.com, hotwire.com

  • Online selling, trading, and buying

- Craigslist is a free tool used for local selling, trading, and buying. Craigslist receives about 40.8 million hits a month.


  • E-mail provides quick digital communication with little hassle.

- A letter through e-mail can be received by the recipient in 10 seconds compared to three days with traditional mail.

  • Allows you to meet new people without making physical contact

- Made possible through chat rooms such as chatroulette.com and tinychat.com

  • Verbal communication is made available through the Internet.

- Skype, ooVoo, MSN, Tinyjack

  • Conferences can be held to host parties of interest groups.

- Conference calls made available on services such as ooVoo and Skype.

  • Provides an alternate place to find local news incase missed on television

- KRQE.com, KOAT.com, and KOBTTV.com post all TV-aired news casts online.

  • The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom. - Jon Stewart
  • The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. - Bill Gates
  • Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. - Author Unknown
internet the negatives
Internet – The Negatives


  • Constantly staring at a computer all day promotes bad eyesight.
  • Sometimes gives too much entertainment to people, contributing to the obesity problem in society today

- According to webmd.com, about 63.1 percent of adults are either overweight or obese in the U.S.A.

  • Humans lose patience over time.

- Due to humans being used to getting information so fast, patience slowly goes down.

  • Plagiarism has become a common thing in society.
  • Takes away our skills to effectively hunt down information in libraries and in the real world
  • Not all information on the Internet is always true.

- On average, it is said that about 60 percent of Internet facts are true.

Personal Life:

  • Once you post a picture or some form of information, it is basically open to viewing from anyone in the world.

-Search engines such as Google can acquire this information as soon as it’s posted.

  • Personal information is in danger of being stolen whenever submitted through the Internet.

- Search engines such as Google can acquire this information as soon as it’s posted.

  • Allows bad typing habits to form

- Bad grammar, incorrect spelling, etc.

  • Children are exposed to things they may not be ready for such as pornography.

- According to familysafemedia.com, there were about 4.2 million pornography websites on the Internet when last checked in 2006.

  • Online predators all over the Internet.

- On the TV show To Catch a Predator, about 5 online sexual predators are caught each episode.

internet the negatives cont
Internet – The Negatives(Cont.)


  • Prevents humans from practicing face-to-face communication


  • File sharing may bring harmful things to your computer such as viruses.

- According to cwot.com, there was estimated to be over one million viruses in 2009. All these viruses started from file sharing.

  • Internet spam

- According to mywot.com, there was an estimated 150 billion spam mails sent a day in 2008.

  • Increased downloading of pirated music and movies

- According to slashgear.com, 95 percent of music and videos downloaded is pirated.

  • You can't take something off the Internet - it's like taking pee out of a pool. – Unknown Author
  • [W]e're into a whole new world with the Internet, and whenever we sort of cross another plateau in our development, there are those who seek to take advantage of it.  So this is a replay of things that have happened throughout our history. - Bill Clinton
  • There are three kinds of death in this world.  There's heart death, there's brain death, and there's being off the network. - Guy Almes
video games the positives
Video Games – The Positives


  • Video games have helped many ill people.

- According to mentalhealth.com, video games distract the mind from pain.

  • Video games help with attention deficit hyper disorder.

- According to mentalhealth.com, the games teach people to self-regulate brain waves. This helps improve the learning process.

  • Video games improve hand-eye coordination.

- According to associatedcontent.com, a study showed that video games can improve hand eye coordination as much, and sometimes more than sports.


  • Helps children gain social skills

- In a survey by Pew Internet & American Life, it showed that 76 percent of youth played with someone else at least some of the time.

  • Provides some social presence for only children

- Children feel the comfort of having a friend through video games.

  • The opportunity to make friends is presented.

- Online gaming such as Xbox Live, PS3 Online, and Internet computer games connect gamers from all over the world.

  • Skills of working with a team are many times practiced in video games.

- According to media-awareness.ca, constantly playing with other people teaches us great teamwork skills, in a slow and effective way.

video games the positives cont
Video Games – The Positives (Cont.)


  • A lot of games are based on history, indirectly educating players.

- Games such as Call of Duty: World at War, Age of Empires Gold, Conflict Vietnam, etc.

  • Trains your mind

- Trains you to map real life scenarios

  • Educational games can be made, allowing learning to be fun.

- Budget Hero, Typing of the Dead, Do I Have a Right?

General Life Skills:

  • Good decision making is encouraged by the constant playing of video games.

- Video games constantly require decision making. The constant practice of decision making makes you better at it.

  • Challenges offered in many games enhance problem solving skills.
  • Encourages resource management

- Many video games require you to do the most things with the least resources. This teaches excellent resource management.


  • Creativity is highly enhanced by video games.
  • Video games are very interactive.
  • I recently learned something quite interesting about video games. Many young people have developed incredible hand, eye, and brain coordination in playing these games. The air force believes these kids will be our outstanding pilots should they fly our jets. – Ronald Reagan
  • Prose is an art form, movies and acting in general are art forms, so is music, painting, graphics, sculpture, and so on. Some might even consider classic games like chess to be an art form. Video games use elements of all of these to create something new. Why wouldn't video games be an art form? – Sam Lake
  • “One of the best lessons children learn through video games is standing still will get them killed quicker than anything else” – Jinx Milea
video games the negatives
Video Games – The Negatives


  • People can become addicted to video games.

- According to a study by the National Institute of Media and the Family, 8.5 percent of youth are addicted to video games.

  • Video games cause people to stay at home, eat unhealthy, and not exercise properly.

- According to a survey from Buffalo University, limiting video game time from kids showed a decrease in their overall Body Mass Index.

  • Devices such as the Nintendo Wii are used as excuses for not exercising.

- According to a Dalhousie University survey, they concluded that motion games don’t really provide many health benefits.

  • Excessive play can cause seizure.

- According to associatedcontent.com, lots of play overloads stimuli in the brain, which can ultimately cause seizures.

  • Constant moving of controllers can cause strain to the hand.

Everyday Life:

  • Video games can give people high expectations as it allows people to live in a fantasy world.

- Games such as Grand Theft Auto make acquiring $100k as easy as pressing a few buttons.

  • Violent video games can influence people to actually do violent things.

- In South Korea, a 15 year old boy beat up his little brother because he wanted to know how it felt to beat someone up in real life. The teens had just got done playing a fighting game.

  • People get higher urges of road rage after playing games of that nature.
  • Often replaces outdoor activities
video games the negatives cont
Video Games – The Negatives (Cont.)


  • Video games are very expensive, and require a lot of money in order for a player to be fully setup.

- Video game prices range new from about $25 for a computer game to $50 for a higher end system game.

- Most consoles start at about $200, and go up from there.

Illegal Acts:

  • The constant use of video games encourage piracy.

- According to a survey from crunchgear.com, four percent of Americans have pirated a game once or more times in their life.


  • Video games often serve as a distraction for people engaged in the learning process.

- People sometimes blow off their homework, because they are too distracted by the want to play video games.

  • Many people take handheld video games to school, or other such environments to play without teacher knowledge.

- At 5 ounces and a little bit bigger than the average calculator, the Gameboy Advance SP is an easy thing to hide from teachers.

  • Gives one more thing for teachers to keep a look out for

- Teachers are often forced to look out for these devices rather than being able to focus their efforts on teachings.

  • Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do. – Ray Bradbury
  • You just watch. There is going to be a Columbine-times-10 incident, and everyone will finally get it. Either that, or some video gamer is going to go Columbine at some video game exec's expense or at E3, and then the industry will begin to realize that there is no place to hide, that it has trained a nation of Manchurian Children. – Jack Thompson
survey questions
Survey Questions

Senior Project Survey

Bias: People who actively use these forms of technology.

Who will be surveyed: The survey will be given to seven youth (under 18), seven adults (18-64), and seven senior citizens (65 and older). This will give an insight of all the different age groups.

Cell Phones

1) Have you ever used a cell phone to get yourself out of an emergency?

Youth: 5/7 said yes Adults: 7/7 said yes Senior Citizens: 7/7 said yes

2) Has your privacy ever been invaded in some way due to your ownership of a cell phone?

Youth: 7/7 said yes Adults: 4/7 said yes Senior Citizens: 2/7 said yes


1) Have you ever used the Internet to either Instant Message or Instant Call to someone that is long distance?

Youth: 6/7 said yes Adults: 5/7 said yes Senior Citizens: 5/7 said yes

2) Have you ever found your computer with a virus due to malicious files from the Internet?

Youth: 6/7 said yes Adults: 6/7 said yes Senior Citizens: 5/7 said yes

Video Games

1) Have you ever used video games as a social activity to connect with others?

Youth: 7/7 Adults: 7/7 Senior Citizens: 7/7

2) Have you ever found video games to distract you from important things that you need to get done in your daily life?

Youth: 7/7 Adults: 3/7 Senior Citizens: 1/7

bibliography cell phones
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