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  1. SESSION I, Using Universal Energy From Modern Science to Metaphysics OLLI Class # 25, Sept. 13, 20 & 27, 1-3 PM, Science Works

  2. Nuke Wpns electronics BS & MS Aerospace Eng Eng R&D/Prog Mgt Mkt Dev’t/Eng R&D/Proj Mgt/Sys Eng Sr Proj Engr/Cmptr Prog’r/Sr. Dev’t Eng/Eng Test Lab Supervisor Free-Lance/Bus. & NP Consultant, Publisher Quality Control Team Lead/Sys Eng Team Lead SCORE/Medford Bus Counselor & Webmaster Currently - Veterans For Peace, Chapter 156, VP and Webmaster Metaphysics Researcher & “Armchair Seeker” ~ 30yrs “Active Seeker” & Spiritual Development ~ 22yrs Ordained - April ‘97, Bridges In Consciousness, Reno Spiritual Book Editor ~ 22yrs. Don’s Background •, "Spiritual Library" •, "World Peace Exercise" •, "Psychic Defense Techniques" •, "Technologies Today" 541-512-1108

  3. OBJECTIVES • Provide additional tools to handle life and adverse situations. • If you’ve had “weird experiences,” to not feel as if you’re a fruitcake. • To provide a forum for you to “unload” some of those “weird experiences,” as you need.

  4. SCHEDULE Class #1 - Science & Engineering overview; transitioning to metaphysical topics; then to intro to light and energy from a spiritual standpoint; homework assignment. Class #2 - A brief intro to an “unknown” archeological viewpoint; class inputs on homework results; Q&A; protecting yourself in “the next step” in energy handling; handouts & homework assignment. Class #3 - class inputs on homework results; review & Q&A on some of Don’s experiences; where do we all go from here?

  5. Individual Paradigms, Consist of... … a collection of each person’s knowledge, convictions and values, which, in turn, are shaped by individual attitudes and beliefs, which, in turn are shaped by our individual experiences. It is also said that “perception is reality” and, since our perceptions are dictated by our individual paradigms, then… our individual realities are generated by ourselves, individually and collectively.

  6. Atomic Structure “[Your scientists] do not examine the nature, say, of an atom. They only explore the characteristics of an atom as it acts or shows itself within your system. Its greater reality completely escapes them” Seth Speaks, Jane Roberts, 1972, p.234

  7. Extract from: “Engineering Your Spirituality,” “Appendix 3, Personal Experiences” 20. January 17, 2007 A very interesting experience... literally SEEING the way 'dark matter' correlates with the very wide spaces within atomic structure... KNOWING that this is God-In-Action, the 'dark matter' occupying that 'empty space' that is creating the activities within each and every atom. This was NOT an intellectual concept, but an inner KNOWING... a 'sensing' of That Consciousness within the atomic 'dark matter.' 'Dark matter' that is really 'dark energy' since there really is no such thing as 'matter,' only concentrated energy.

  8. Molecules are made up of an aggregate of atoms, such as in this simple glassy silica molecule. Interestingly, this is an almost identical structure as engineering disciplines use in finite element (FE) modeling and analysis!

  9. The inner planetary orbits are comparatively fast. Inner Planets

  10. Outer Planets The outer planetary orbits are comparatively slower.

  11. Location of the Solar System within our galaxy Artist's conception of the spiral structure of the Milky Way with two major stellar arms and a bar.

  12. Nearest Galaxy Groups M31=Andromeda Galaxy Rotation - Implies Dark Matter Approx. 25% of known universe

  13. Expanding universe - Implies Dark Energy, Approx. 70% of known universe VirgoSupercluster

  14. DARK ENERGY??? (ScienceDaily, Nov. 18, 2011) — “Scientists at Chalmers (Chalmers University of Technology - SE-412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden) have succeeded in creating light from vacuum -- observing an effect first predicted over 40 years ago. In an innovative experiment, the scientists have managed to capture some of the photons that are constantly appearing and disappearing in the vacuum.” “The experiment is based on one of the most counterintuitive, yet, one of the most important principles in quantum mechanics: that vacuum is by no means empty nothingness. In fact, the vacuum is full of various particles that are continuously fluctuating in and out of existence. They appear, exist for a brief moment and then disappear again. Since their existence is so fleeting, they are usually referred to as virtual particles.”

  15. YET,(from Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity) So, how can we have “dark matter” at the galaxy level and “dark energy” at the galaxy cluster level? E = mc2

  16. (By the Way…) “The first person to come up with a theory of relativity was Galileo Galilei... In a paper in 1905 Albert Einstein built upon Galileo's ideas and produced the special theory of relativity. This is the famous paper that turned the physics world on its head. The equivalence of mass and energy in his most famous equation (E=mc2), was deduced as a result of this theory.”

  17. A Special Theory Postulate • The Principle of Invariant Light Speed – "... light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity [speed] c which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body."

  18. A Question of Relativity There's this blonde out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite bank 'Yoo-hoo!' she shouts, 'How can I get to the other side?’ The second blonde looks up the river then down the river and shouts back, 'You ARE on the other side.'

  19. “A COSMIC COLLISION such as this one between spiral galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163 will befall the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies within the sun's lifetime, according to a new simulation.” Source:

  20. ANOTHER COSMIC COLLISION - About 1.2 billion years ago, the Antennae were two separate galaxies. NGC 4038 (left) was a spiral galaxy and NGC 4039 (right) was a barred spiral galaxy. Before the galaxies collided, NGC 4039 was larger than NGC 4038. 900 million years ago, they began to approach one another, looking similar to NGC 2207 and IC 2163. Source:

  21. (meanwhile, returning to the topic of the expansion of the universe) Einstein’s Cosmological Constant • The sole purpose of Einstein’s Fudge Factor (in his General Theory of Relativity) was to cancel out the cumulative effects of gravitation. Einstein thought the universe was static, so he added this new term, , “to stop the expansion.” He later called this, “The biggest blunder of my life,” but today it looks like may be “dark energy.”

  22. Physics & Engineering fudge factors “A ‘fudge factor’ is technical slang for the number that you multiply your calculated result by in order to get the answer you wanted!” This is not related to a safety factor, which is used to cover unknowns in design or materials’ characteristics. “Fudge factors are invented variables whose purpose is to force a calculated result to give a better match to what happens in the real world. Fudge factors are usually calculated retrospectively, and when a calculation has only managed to produce a good match to real data by the addition of a variable that seems artificially tailored to allow that result (to allow the calculations to be "fudged" to give the right answer).” Wikipedia

  23. Physics & Philosophy • Galileo - founder of the scientific revolution… • Galileo - Newton - Einstein… applied mathematics to astronomy and physics (actually, one of Einstein’s professors later supplied the math for his Special Theory). • After developing the General Theory of Relativity, Einstein started working on a Grand Unified Theory (GUT), also today referred to as the Theory of Everything (TOE). • From Aristotle (384-322 BC) to roughly the 1830s, physics was considered as a philosophy, then as a “science.” • With the development of probabilistic Quantum Theory-Mechanics, true physicists are again talking philosophy… and there seems to be little chance of a GUT or TOE... because “reality is, in part, created by the observer” (per and “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts: delete “in part”) and, “in the quantum universe, something does appear to move faster than the speed of light.” • Ref. “Understanding Einstein,” Moring also, “The Self-Aware Universe,” Goswami

  24. On to the more esoteric...

  25. Feng Shui & Geomancy Feng Shui is based on the premise that people, places and things have energy and that we are affected by the people, places and things that surround us. Like feng-shui, geomancy can tell you what's wrong with the energies in your home or workplace, and how to correct them. Both practices recognize that everything has energy and the most harmonious life flows with that energy. Lao Tzu - advocating going “with the flow.”

  26. Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, HK, Feb 93

  27. Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, HK, Feb 93

  28. Alleged ley lines over N. America Remember the grid structure of the molecule?

  29. Alleged ley lines over Britain. Alfred Watkins, in the 1920s, “revived” the subject of ley lines In two publications, 'Early British Trackways' and 'The Old Straight Track', he made the case for a pattern of interconnected straight lines which criss-crossed England.

  30. Alleged ley lines of Southern Oregon. Notice that there seem to be primary and secondary lines

  31. Transition - “Earth grids” to “people grids”

  32. Attribute Color Formless, Supreme Light White, gold Intellect, viewing other dimensions Royal purple - Violet Spiritual Drive Blue Love-Compassion Green, (Pink) Will Power Digestion Yellow Sensual Drive Orange Reproduction Material Drive Elimination Red As with the Earth ley lines, there are numerous lower-level chakras throughout the body, in the hands and feet, for example.

  33. Chakra Cleaning & Rebalancing

  34. Chakra Maintenance, One Method: 1. Start from the root chakra and work your way up. With a hand over the root chakra (about two inches above the area) move your hand counter clockwise* for about 5-6 passes. Imagine that your hand is an oversized spoon, or a large scoop. Still moving counterclockwise, visualize the spoon or scoop scraping out all stagnant prana** until the chakra is clean and clear, radiating out its true color. This generally takes about two to three sets of 10 rotations. Between sets shake your hands off. 2. Repeat step one, moving through all of the major chakras. 3. After the chakras have been cleared its time to rebalance them. Starting from the root chakra spin your hand counter clockwise. Visualize a blinding white light radiating from your hands into the chakra. Do this for two to three sets of 10, pausing between sets to shake off your hands. 4. Proceed through all of the chakras as described in step three. * If counter clockwise is not comfortable, do it clockwise. ** Turn the stagnant prana to white light and release to the Universe.

  35. Chakra Maintenance, Another Method: 1. Again, start from the root chakra and work your way up. With a hand over the root chakra (about two inches above the area) move your hand counter clockwise* until you know the chakra is spinning properly. This time blow the debris out, again turning debris to white light so as to not clutter your area. 2. Repeat step one moving through all of the major chakras. 3. After the chakras have been cleared its time to rebalance them. Again, starting from the root chakra spin it counter clockwise. Visualize that white light radiating from the Universe through the chakra until you feel the difference, OR send that chakra’s color through it. 4. Proceed through all of the chakras as described in step three. Obviously, this method requires you to be in touch with your body.

  36. Seven Chakras with the seven Etheric Bodies Note: Your inner etheric bodies can also be used for healing.

  37. An Eighth Chakra? “The first of the spiritual chakra, numbered eight, sits above the 7th chakra about two feet. It is the energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness.” (trad’l loc’n) “Now we all have access to the 8th chakra. Energetically located between the personal heart and the throat chakras the awareness of the 8th chakra of the universal heart offers the compassion of our hearts, and the clarity of our minds in understanding our soul’s purpose in being here at this time and the creativity of our will to fulfil that purpose.” (for 8th & 9th chakras?)ALSO Opening Spiritual Heart.html

  38. Kirlian Images - Auras???

  39. Two EXCELLENT References BUT...

  40. Visible Color

  41. Known Electromagnetic Spectrum Our audio range is off the bottom of the chart. Imagine an infinite number of these charts sweeping through the inside of a sphere, each one in another dimension… another reality...

  42. The tristimulus values of a color are the amounts of three primary colors in a three-component additive color model needed to match that test color. The tristimulus values are most often given in the CIE 1931 color space, in which they are denoted X, Y, and Z. Any specific method for associating tristimulus values with each color is called a color space. CIE XYZ, one of many such spaces, is a commonly used standard, and serves as the basis from which many other color spaces are defined. This diagram displays the maxi saturated bright colors that can be produced by a computer monitor or television set. The outer curved boundary is the spectral locus, with wavelengths shown in nanometers. 1 nanometer = 3.937 *10-08 inch

  43. This diagram, sometimes referred to as the Munsel chart, demonstrates what can be produced by pigments, such as used in printing.

  44. This diagram displays the maximum saturated bright colors that can be produced by a computer monitor or television set. This diagram demonstrates what can be produced by pigments, such as those used in printing. NOTE: There are other color models, such as RGB, Munsel and many others. See

  45. Beyond The “Visible” Viewing/Seeing Your Personal Color “When you visualize a color outside of you, you are looking at it. We call this 'viewing your personal color.' In the early stages, we feel that this is very, very helpful, but what we want you to do is to experience your color, to become that color, to know that when you become a color, you are becoming frequency, energy and light.” Personal Color.html

  46. “Those colors beyond the normal range of human physical vision are dazzling, alive and posses a sparkle and luminescence that many artists can only try to emulate. Each color that you do see in the spectrum has alternating shades of darkness, lightness and delicacy that you never see. Each color really has levels of attunement within it and is a ladder to higher spiritual evolvement. As you meditate on each given color, you will find yourself attuning differently to Spirit each time. You will hear a different intuitive message each time. “So, the spectrum of color encompasses all that there is in the Universe. Energy and light are what comprise all that you experience. Color is the key to spiritual At-Onement at its most accelerated rate.” Personal Color.html

  47. Running Your Personal ColorThrough Your Body

  48. HOMEWORK • Before or as you get up in the morning, view your personal color. • At some point during the day, run your personal color through your body. • Before or as you go to bed at night, view your personal color • Practice Chakra Cleaning