stone age day by jessie bibby n.
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Stone age day By Jessie Bibby

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Stone age day By Jessie Bibby. Flax Weaving.

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flax weaving
Flax Weaving

I thought weaving flax was pretty easy because I’ve all ready done it in my whanau group- Room 1. Some times the flax had rips in it and that made me think it was going to make the whole thing rip but I got over it. I think I’m good at flax weaving and will be better in the future.

I think Izza was really good at weaving flax because she did it fast and made it look good. Karen had a bit of trouble but she’ll get in one day.
cave painting
Cave Painting

We did cave painting up by the rocks. I felt a bit annoyed because I took a while to find a perfect rock. On the first rock I found, I painted a person throwing an arrow and on the second one I painted a sun up above a field.

I liked cave painting because it was similar to art. When you felt the rocks they were all lumpy and reminded me of the rocks at the rocky shore- a beach. I felt like it was the weekend because I do art in the weekend.
making a fire cooking rabbit
Making a Fire/Cooking Rabbit

The smoke was the worst bit. IT WAS HORRIBLE. Wherever I went it followed. The smoke was annoying because it went in my eyes a lot.

It took a while to make the fire because the flint wasn't working. I liked making the fire as well because I don’t normally do things like that and it was fun.
hunting mammoth
Hunting Mammoth

Hunting mammoth was fun but tiring because we went up a big hill. We saw some cattle on the way so we went passed quietly. I liked hunting mammoth.

Hunting mammoth was disappointing because there was no mammoth it was only a toy. On the way there, we saw mammoth foot prints but they were just stomped on card board shaped as a circle. I also found some mammoth fur but that wasn't the real thing either.