yangtze river n.
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Yangtze River PowerPoint Presentation
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Yangtze River

Yangtze River

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Yangtze River

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  1. Yangtze River HayatoOda Daiya Hishiki

  2. Three Gorges Dam • The Yangtze River Three Gorges Dam is a popular place to visit and should not be missed when touring China. The Dam acts as a symbol of China’s efforts to come alongside the modern world and show that it can represent technology and innovative power. China river cruises are among the best way to witness this great masterpiece of power, energy, and navigation.

  3. Fengdu Ghost City • Located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, Fengdu is an ancient city with a time-honored history, known as the 'Ghost City' to most Chinese people.Fengdu got its reputation as the 'Ghost City' in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 A.D. - 220 A.D.). Two officials from the imperial court named Wang Fangping and Yin Changsheng, got bored with the political life in the court and came to Mt. Minshan outside the Fengdu City to practice Taoist teachings. Both of them later became immortals by carrying out self-cultivation. This story widely spread and makes Mt. Minshan famous. When combined together, their surnames Yin and Wang, sound very much like 'King of Hell' in Chinese, hence the people began to call Fengdu the 'Ghost City'.

  4. Wu Gorge • Wu Gorge extends from the mouth of the Daning River in Wushan County to Guandukou in Badong County. Wu Gorge is 44 kilometers long. The gorge is known for its deep valleys and forest covered mountains. Wu Gorge is a long and neat gorge divided into two sections - the Golden Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge and the Iron Coffin Gorge. Wu Gorge is full of zigzags, weird peaks, rising mists and beautiful sights. As the river cuts through the Mt. Wushan, its roaring currents change their directions constantly. Travelling through the gorge in a boat, one sometimes may find the way blocked by mountains. But a sharp turn of the boat brings one to an area of entirely different scenery. Wu Gorge is the most beautiful part of the Yangtze, green trees and bushes, together with fogs and clouds cover the high peaks. 

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