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Milestones & Events PowerPoint Presentation
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Milestones & Events

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Milestones & Events - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Milestones & Events

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  1. Milestones & Events Station Area Atlas Station Area Recommendations Program Information & Schedule Transit-Oriented Development Land Use & Zoning

  2. Program InformationPhase 1 Light Rail Start Station Area Planning in 1998 during rail project development and environmental review. Integrate land use with alignment and station location decision-making and design. City staff work at geographic and programmatic scale in partnership with Sound Transit, King County/Metro and others.

  3. Program InformationNeighborhood Planning • Station Area Planning builds on: • Comprehensive plans and the urban centers/villages framework • 4 years of neighborhood planning • Community capacity up and running to deal with Sound Transit related issues

  4. Station Area AtlasOverview Baseline information as interlocal deliverable Input to Sound Transit’s EIS or locally preferred alternative Resource on the Web

  5. Milestones & EventsInterim Overlay Prohibits certain new land uses Modified by Sound Transit station decisions Will be replaced with permanent code and map changes in early 2001

  6. Milestones & EventsRainier Valley Community Development Fund Acknowledges transit investment alone does not fundamentally change market conditions or support all existing community desires Provides major funding to leverage additional investment Catalyst for community-based decision process and establishes diverse leadership

  7. Milestones & Events Design & Development Workshops Market reality based process Picks up from neighborhood plan visions Major community-wide events Involve stakeholders in in-depth interviews Technical teams identify options for station, other transit issues, land use and public facilities

  8. Land Use & Zoning Station Area Overlay • Proposed at Council (September 2000) • new chapter in the land use code • mapped in station areas • includes TOD incentives and discourages auto- oriented development

  9. Land Use & Zoning Rezone Proposals Changes base zoning from auto- to pedestrian-oriented Some recommendations differ from neighborhood planning Support SHA Hope VI mixed income redevelopment

  10. McClellan Station Area Existing Conditions Auto-oriented streetscape and land uses Low residential density Neighborhood Plan calls for a town center Aerial light rail station presents physical constraints and design opportunities Disconnected Olmsted Boulevards

  11. McClellan Station Area Conceptual Design Plan

  12. McClellan Station Area Informing Design Concepts with Market Reality

  13. McClellan Station Area Potential Development Scenario on Opening Day New housing takes advantage of views and proximity to downtown Retail “ front door” to aerial station Sound Transit properties surplused for redevelopment Work closely with owners of large parcels to maximize development opportunities Space for businesses displaced by construction

  14. McClellan Station Area Full Build Out Scenario Private investment attracted to a close-in neighborhood Balance residential, commercial and open space uses to achieve town center Roundabout at MLK/Rainier is a key public investment thatachieves major goals of neighborhood plan

  15. Transit Oriented Development Implementing the Vision • Identify and connect partners (land, community development) • Sample City incentives for TOD: • Property tax exemption • Location Efficient Mortgage • FlexCar with other parking management tools

  16. Transit Oriented Development Implementing the Vision