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Assignment: Color and Value

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Assignment: Color and Value - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assignment: Color and Value. Painted Value Scale Painted Color Value Scale Op Art Color Value Scale Color Wheel. The Range of Light and Dark is VALUE. Caravaggio and Chiaroscuro The Taking of Christ. Rembrant, Self Portrait.

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Assignment: Color and Value

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assignment color and value

Assignment:Color and Value

Painted Value Scale

Painted Color Value Scale

Op Art Color Value Scale

Color Wheel

rembrant self portrait
Rembrant, Self Portrait

Chiaroscuro or shading is used to make something appear 3 dimensional, to represent the effects of reflected light, to help establish mood.


The band of colors are formed when a beam of white light is broken up by passing through a prism; consists of 7 rays each visible as a color.

primary colors or hues
Primary Colors or Hues
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • All other pigment

hues is made by

mixing primary


secondary colors or hues
Secondary Colors or Hues
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Blue + Red = Violet
  • Red + Yellow = Orange
tertiary or intermediate colors
Tertiary or Intermediate Colors
  • Yellow + Green = Yellow Green
  • Blue + Green = Blue Green
  • Blue + Violet = Blue Violet
  • Red + Violet = Red Violet
  • Red + Orange = Red Orange
  • Yellow + Orange = Yellow Orange
intensity and tone
Intensity and Tone
  • Intensity is the pure


  • Tone is the duller

color when


colors are mixed.

analogous colors
Analogous Colors
  • Colors that are next

to each other on

the color wheel.

  • They are closely

related colors.

complementary colors
Complementary Colors
  • Two colors which are directly opposite on the color wheel
  • They are extreme Contrast colors
split complementary colors
Split Complementary Colors
  • A hue which is combined with hues on either side of its complement.
van gogh the night cafe
Van GoghThe Night Cafe
  • “Painting is in the

very marrow of my bones”

  • Complementary


  • Tragedy
  • Monochromatic
georgia o keeffe
Georgia O’Keeffe
  • Analogous Colors
portrait of mr gachet
Portrait of Mr. Gachet

Who is the artist?

What is the Color Scheme?

Van Gogh


the old guitarist
The Old Guitarist

Who painted The Old Guitarist?

What is the color Scheme?



clouds above the sky ii
Clouds Above The Sky II

Who is the artist?

What is the color scheme?

Georgia O’Keeffe


student examples
Student Examples
  • Painted Value Scale
answer on a separate piece of paper 10 questions
Answer on a Separate Piece of Paper10 Questions:
  • Title your paper: Color and Value.
  • Add your name and period number.
question 1
Question 1
  • What is value?
question 2
Question 2
  • What is Chiaroscuro?
question 3
Question 3
  • Why does a banana look yellow?
question 4
Question 4
  • Mixing colored lights is _(fill in the blank) and the result is white.
question 5
Question 5
  • Mixing colored pigments is subtractive and the result is (fill in the blank).
question 6
Question 6
  • Name the primary colors.
  • Name the secondary colors.
  • Name the tertiary (intermediate) colors.
question 7
Question 7
  • What is tint?
  • What is shade?
question 8
Question 8
  • Why is black, white, and gray a neutral color?
question 9
Question 9
  • What is intensity?
  • What is tone?
question 10
Question 10
  • What are complementary colors?