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Compensation Plan Scentsy INC Scentsy Wickless + Velata +Grace Adele PowerPoint Presentation
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Compensation Plan Scentsy INC Scentsy Wickless + Velata +Grace Adele

Compensation Plan Scentsy INC Scentsy Wickless + Velata +Grace Adele

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Compensation Plan Scentsy INC Scentsy Wickless + Velata +Grace Adele

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  1. Compensation PlanScentsy INCScentsy Wickless + Velata +Grace Adele ~Team Abundance Star Director, Maurita Tollestrup *portion of information from SSD Jana Jacob & Scentsy INC

  2. Purpose • Compensation Plan Terms • Basic Team Requirements? • Velata/Grace AdeleEnrollment/\starter kit • How do we make $$$ with Velata, GA & Scentsy • Fairs/shows • Fundraisers • Home/Basket Parties • PWS/Online Sales Questions??

  3. FRONTLINE/Downline Frontline The first level of a Consultant’s group Downline: all Consultants under a particular Consultant in a Generational tree

  4. GROUP 1 2 3 4 5 6 Group You and your entire downline (including other Directors+ and their teams)

  5. 2+ TEAMs in Same Group Director DIRECTOR with their team Team 1 1 D 2 Team 2 3 4 5 6 TEAM You and your entire downline EXCLUDING any Directors and their teams.

  6. More+ TEAMs in Same Group Star Director DIRECTOR with their team Team 1 1 D 2 D Team 2 3 4 5 6 Team 3 Velata DIRECTOR with their team TEAM You and your entire downline EXCLUDING any Directors and their teams.

  7. Growing your Team How does a Team add to your commission?

  8. Important Terms to Get You Started • TITLE • The highest rank you achieve • Escential, Certified, Lead, etc…% • RANK (team bonus) • paid at what you earned that month • The qualification level you/team achieve * *To determine the percentage you will be paid on your commission and bonuses, first determine your rank for the month, then look across the chart to find the title held by your Frontline Consultants. You are paid according to your own rank and the title(s) of the Consultants in your frontline.

  9. Wholesale Volume • Personal Wholesale Volume • 75% of the PRV that you personally sell • PRV x .75= PWV • Eg. $2400PRV x .75 • =1800 PWV • Personal Retail Value • PRV $1us or $1.20Can • Group Wholesale Volume • The sum of the Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) for the whole group • Eg. Group $4000 • 4000 x .75 • =3000 GWV

  10. Lead Consultant • Self ~ 500PRV minimum • 1 active Frontline Consultant (min. of 150PRV in sales) • Group ~ 1000 GWV (team PRV total x .75=GWV) • Can not move up to Lead unless they have become Certified (sold 1000 PRV)but this can happen both in the same month • BONUS • 2% of Frontline Escential or Certified Group Wholesale (GWV)

  11. EXAMPLE #1 • Lead- TITLE • SELF- 550PRV (412.5PWV) • 4 active Frontline • 1st Certified 150PRV (112PWV) • 2nd Lead* 500PRV (375PWV) • Recruit 300PRV (225PWV) • 3rd Certified 800PRV (600PWV) • 4th Escential 400PRV (300PWV) • Total = $2700PRV • GWV (TOTAL PWV) • = 2024.5GWV • LEAD – Rank Commission • 550PRV x 25% = $37.50US/$45CN • Own sales • TEAM BONUS-3 THINGS 1- SELF OVER $500PRV 2- 1 ACTIVE FL 3- Group OVER 1000GWV • FL Esc/Certified: 2% GWV • 150+800+400=TOTAL PRV • 1350PRV x .75= 1012GWV • 2% x 1012GWV= $20.24US • FL LEAD: *if you are equal or surpassed by your DL in TITLE you do not earn any bonus on them or their team $20.24US Team Sales Multiply by 1.2 for Can =$24.29 If this team did 2500GWV what would of happened for this consultant???

  12. TEAM BONUS Must do 3 THINGS Sell over$500PRV Group WHOLESALE over 1000GWV (PRV x 75%=GWV) 1+ ACTIVE FL 1 2 3 *

  13. EXAMPLE #2 • Certified- Title • SELF- sold $1000 • 2 active Frontline (both sold over 150PRV) • 1st Escential $2400 • 2nd Lead $500 • Her recruit sold $100 • Total = $4000 • GWV = 3000 • Star– Rank *NEW • 1000PRV x 25% = $250US/$300CN • Own sales • TEAM BONUS!!(her team did 3 things) • FL Escential: 4% GWV • 2400PV x .75= 1800GWV • 4% x 1800GWV= $72 • FL LEAD: 2% GWV • 600PVx .75= 450GWV • 2% x 450GWV= $9 =$81US/$97.20CN Team Sales

  14. Remember • There are 3 requirements to earn a Team Bonus • You must sell 500PRV+ MONTHLY • You must have 1-3 Active Frontline • You must have a Group Wholesale Volume Total with your team1000+ GWV • You are paid according to your own rank and the title(s) of the Consultants in your frontline. • If you don’t earn the min requirements (LEAD) you still get paid your commission on your sales, but you are not eligible for the Team Bonus • If you are equal or surpassed by your DL in TITLE you do not earn any bonus on them or their team • You are LEAD and they are Star Consultant, you don’t get any of their GWV ~ so always stay ahead of your team (until you reach Director)!


  16. Primary Consultant Agreement GA Brand Specific Agreement

  17. How will commissions work? • Although they are different products – the process of running a successful business is the same – you would be responsible for helping them understand how to launch their business, to book parties and to sponsor in their business • Any PRV’s that YOU sell in Scentsy AND Velata will count toward your monthly PRV amount that you will earn your commission on. • Same as your current team – regardless of what they sell – their wholesale volume will count towards your group and team wholesale volume that you will earn additional bonuses on.

  18. What is in the Velata Kit? 1 Velata Fondue Warmer (includes four fondue forks that match the warmer) This is a white warmer with a red silicone dish. 1 package each, plus 2 additional packs of:-Caramel Milk Chocolate- Dark Chocolate- Milk Chocolate- White Chocolate 5 Velata Spatulas1 Velata Party Carrier1 Velata Apron1 Velata New Consultant Start-Up Guide1 Velata Welcome Letter 75 Velata Spring/Summer 2012 Catalogs (3 packs of 25/ea)100 Velata Customer Order Forms100 Velata Party Invitations5 Velata Host Envelopes100 Velata PYO Business/Loyalty Cards25 Velata Host/Join Brochures1 Velata Consultant Folder

  19. Velata Party?? “5 minute show, 30 min eating and laughing,30 min taking orders, 10 min booking more parties, perfect night.....forgot treadmill 30 min after getting home LoL…” --Chuck Thompson, Scentsy CFO, via facebook

  20. Common Questions Regarding New Brand Velata Launching

  21. What if I don’t want to be a Velata Consultant & I have the starter kit? • If you try Velata – and you it’s just not for you – then you do nothing. You will still have the starter kit – which will contain a warmer and all four chocolates…if you were to pay full price for just those items it would cost you $68 US and $80 Canadian. • you do not become a Velata Consultant – you cannot sell Velata – but you can STILL recruit in Velata • How this works – is when someone goes to your Scentsy website and clicks on JOIN – a SCENTSY INC page will open up and ask if they want to join Scentsy or join as a Velata Consultant.

  22. Do I have to have the website if I choose to sell Velata? • No, You do not have to have the Velata website if you do not want it – but keep in mind that is where you can have on-line party orders. • But you will NOT need to have the Velata website if you have a Scentsy website in order for people to join your team (as they can click on your Scentsy website and once they click JOIN – from there they will be given the option of which company to join.)

  23. Are there any incentive programs with Velata/Grace Adele? • Just as when you joined Scentsy – you had 15 days to sell 500 prv to be eligible to earn the shooting star award there will be the same incentive for ALL brand Consultants – regardless if they are currently a Scentsy Consultant • The Scenstational Start award (70 days) will be only awarded once though with whatever brand you sign up first with (so all current Scentsy consultants will not be eligible for the scentsational start award - but we WILL be eligible for the shooting star kit. It will be around the same value and PRV’s

  24. What does that mean? • You will have 15 days from the day you sign the Velata/GA agreement (the day you sign is day 1) to sell 500 PRV’s in Velata…SO get your launch party planned!!! Prior to signing • If you do – you can purchase an enhanced kit & you will receive PRV’s on and the retail value of the kits

  25. Will there be more? • Velata is just starting off small – just like when Scentsy started – it was only wax and warmers – but has expanded into a large line of great products • We have been told that Velata will expand but for now – just starting off simple.

  26. Where to Find More Information? • In your workstation, click on the training center and you will a Velata section • In there you will find great resources on Velata/GA FAQ’s and a great cheat sheet to take to parties or to print out to answer questions

  27. Thank you Any questions please contact your Upline Sponsor or Director. Please check your workstation & participate in the Scentsy Family Trainings Re: Velata and Grace Adele