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Truth or lie? PowerPoint Presentation
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Truth or lie?

Truth or lie?

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Truth or lie?

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  1. Truth or lie? BY: Selena Pefu, Fiasili Aga, Xia Qing Zhu, Robertson Mavaega

  2. Scenario • A boss sees an employee who called in “sick” in a picture that someone posted on Facebook. In this picture the employee is partying the night before. The boss fires the employee.

  3. Questions & Answers • Did the people have the right to use the information they did or should it have been private? Why? -I believe it should have been private. Why? Because put yourself in their shoes and imagine what its like to party so hard the night before and wake up with a huge hangover the next. • Are the people who were affected by the use of this information at fault? Why? -Not really, because he might be telling the truth but the picture showed otherwise. He might’ve only been there to get someone or something but was caught up and the picture was taken unexpectedly which made it seem like the employee was out partying when he could’ve been there for something.

  4. 3. Give another example of something unexpected happening because of information shared at sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs. - Boyfriend caughts girlfriends sex tape online. - Parents find out daughter was partying grinding on the opposite gender. 4. What might people think about who you are based on the data? Is it an accurate impression of who you are? -They think of you differently. Everybody has their own opinion on one another. I believe that it really isn’t an accurate impression because they’ll start judging and making false statements about what they see, when they only know their name not their story.

  5. 5. Does availability of data have a positive or negative impact on each aspect of society and, if negative, how these consequences can be minimized? • Privacy – People do have their own privacy, but it depends what situation that they are facing. This scenario has a positive impact because the boss have the right to fire his employee for being dishonest. • Safety- I believe it has a positive impact on each aspect of society because it brings about awareness of our surroundings.

  6. Globalization – Information being globalized brings it’s many pros and cons, but with this particular scenario, the boss has no say of ones personal life. • Connectivity – Keeping in touch with people is positive because you would able to know what is really happening around the world. • Permanence of historical information – It is a positive impact because people would have the correct information about the things that they want to find out.

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