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The Midtown Project

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The Midtown Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Midtown Project. A Collaboration Between Midtown Community Mental Health Center & Vocational Rehabilitation. Evidence Based Practices: Supported Employment. Eligibility is based on consumer choice Supported employment is integrated with treatment Competitive employment is the goal.

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The Midtown Project

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the midtown project

The Midtown Project

A Collaboration Between Midtown Community Mental Health Center & Vocational Rehabilitation

evidence based practices supported employment
Evidence Based Practices: Supported Employment
  • Eligibility is based on consumer choice
  • Supported employment is integrated with treatment
  • Competitive employment is the goal.
  • Job search starts soon after a consumer expresses interest in working.
  • Follow-Along supports are continuous
  • Consumer preferences are important
what is most critical
What is Most Critical?
  • The following components are predictive of better employment outcomes:
    • Focus on competitive employment
    • Rapid job searches
    • Jobs tailored to individuals
    • Time unlimited follow-along supports
    • Integration of supported employment and mental health services
    • Zero exclusion criteria
homelessness and employment
Homelessness and Employment
  • Employment Outreach
  • Challenge Traditional Concepts of Readiness
  • Pay Attention to Recovery
  • Employ Creative Goal-Setting and Redefine Failure
  • Job Development & Placement
  • Managing Transition to Work
step 1 the problem
Step 1: The Problem
  • Indianapolis Mental Health and Employment System of Care
  • Focus of collaboration is employment for people with mental illness.
  • Barriers to employment for people with mental illness.
  • Most Significant Barrier?
    • Vocational Rehabilitation!
step 2 the challenge
Step 2: The Challenge
  • Is there validity to the perceptions?
    • In January 2006 it took an average of 39 days from referral to VR to referral back to Midtown for Employment Services.
  • What information does the VR Counselor need in order to make an eligibility determination?
step 3 systems change
Step 3: Systems Change
  • Relationship Building
  • Flexibility
  • Communication, Communication, Communication!
  • Customer Focused
    • We serve the needs of the individual, as opposed to the agency we represent.
getting started
Getting Started
  • Meeting Regularly
  • Midtown Orientation to VR
    • VR Counselor went through Midtown New Employee Orientation
  • Logistics
    • Office Space, Computer, Printer, Telephone, Mailbox, VR Access to IRIS
  • Schedule
    • What day will the VR Counselor be at Midtown?
    • How many applications per day are feasible?
  • How to Minimize “No Shows”
    • Including Last Minute Substitutions
coordination of the process
Coordination of the Process
  • Identify a “Point of Contact” at the Mental Health Center
  • Prior to Intake Develop:
    • Interview Schedule
    • Collateral Information
    • Social Security Verification
  • VR Counselor Certifies Eligibility
  • VR Counselor schedules eligible customers for first meeting with Employment Specialist to start Milestone 1.
the domino effect
The Domino Effect
  • Referral sources expand to include:
    • ACT Teams
    • Card Shop
    • Drop In Center
  • Midtown Crossing awarded $3000 grant
    • Grant was written by consumers, and provided a 3 module training on getting and keeping jobs
    • Modules taught by working consumers
domino effect continued
Domino Effect (Continued)
  • Other Community Mental Health Centers serving Marion County had similar systems set up with VR within 5 months following the launch of the Midtown Project.
  • Two Sub-Committees of the Mental Health System of Care came together to develop a “Best Practice” collaboration manual and a training manual for VR Counselors and Mental Health Providers.
ceni grant
CENI Grant
  • Consumers:
    • Wrote Grant
    • Provided Employment Support to Other Consumers
    • Developed & Presented Workshop and Modules
    • Developed a Clothing Allowance Program
  • Reduction in number of days between referral to VR and back to Midtown
  • Increase in “Status 26” closures despite staff shortages
    • 13 in FFY 2005-2006
    • 22 in FFY 2006-2007
  • Peer support for maintaining employment
  • Close collaboration between VR Counselor and Employment Specialist.
  • More timely services
  • Increased job placements
  • VR Counselor becomes “Mental Health Specialist”
  • Teamwork
  • Mutual Respect