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Grant Agreement [TF099878]

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Grant Agreement [TF099878] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethiopia Protection of Basic Services Social Accountability Program (ESAP2). Grant Agreement [TF099878]. SAIPs Finance, Grant and Operation training Presentation May 21,-22, 2013. Challenges in Grant Compliance. Timeliness

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Protection of Basic Services

Social Accountability Program


Grant Agreement [TF099878]

SAIPs Finance, Grant and Operation training Presentation May 21,-22, 2013


Challenges in Grant Compliance

  • Timeliness
  • 12 SAIPs have met the reporting deadline which MA appreciates very
  • much. However, the rest 18 SAIPs did not meet the deadline.
  • Completeness
  • Some SAIPs sent only a soft copy of the financial report.
  • Expenditure receipt was not attached by most SAIPs.
  • Supporting documents like timesheet, contract agreement were not attached.
  • - Some SAIPs didn’t attach Narrative report.
  • Most SAIPs didn’t attach advance request form.
  • Some SAIPs didn’t fill the forecast table.
  • MA format receipt was not filled as per the instruction.
  • Some SAIPs remove SOE sheet ; change the formats; forecast sheet
  • Most SAIPs didn’t attach checklist.


  • Accuracy
  • Some SAIPs have reported April 2013 expenses as first quarter
  • expense.
  • Ineligible costs like top-up was paid and reported as expense.
  • The amount listed in the invoice ledger doesn’t match with
  • Statement of Expenditure because linkage was not maintain.

Financial Reporting

  • It is important because the MA cant get fund from WB without submitting those report;
  • Timely reporting will also help us to avoid cash shortage;
  • The fundflow is as follows:

MA received and review

MA sends it to HQ

Complies the reports and submit it with SOE

WB transfers the fund VNG HQ

SAIPs submit FR to MA




Cash available at HQ

VNG HQ transfers to SAIPs

VNG HQ transfers to SAIPs


Lesson Learnt from Q1 Report

Good internal control systems of SAIPs;

Good understanding on the financial templates and overall financial reporting requirements;

Willingness to take the comments of the MA;

Refresher training to the lead SAIPs and good improvement afterward;

Less supervision by the lead SAIPs;

Understanding gaps on the documentation requirements;

Improper use of the Financial Reporting Template(alteration or modification on the templates);

Less responsive and delay in submitting the revised reports after the MA comments – few organizations;

Understanding on the contingency and admin costs calculation and use;

Some adjustments on the Cash Forecast;



  • Highlights:
  • What does the SAIPs PP includes? i.e. Goods, Consultant and staff/employees (permanent and temporary),
  • No procurement shall be undertaken unless indicated in the agreed procurement plan & obtained prior approval of MA/WB,
  • Procurement plan shall be updated at least annually and follow the same approval process,
  • Procurement plan revision requires:
  • When additional activities are encountered during the implementation period. If that is the case:
      • Revised procurement plan needs to be submitted.
      • Contract registration has to be attached. (Refer. Operation manual)
  • Challenges:
  • Delay in submitting procurement plan.
  • Misunderstanding on the procurement templates.

Ways of Communication

  • It could bethrough:
  • E-mail;
  • Phone calls;
  • Face to face discussion;
  • - Letter;

Operational Manual

Reporting Period

Narrative Report template

Financial Reporting Formats