From hungarian p oint of view
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From Hungarian P oint of View. ComEnius Project Minorities in Europe. In ’Bácska’ south of Hungary live many nationalities: Serbian German Croatian and Hungarian, but they live without problems with together. Our theme : nationalities in our region.

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From hungarian p oint of view

FromHungarianPoint of View

ComEnius ProjectMinoritiesin Europe

Our theme nationalities in our region

In ’Bácska’ south of Hungary live many nationalities:




and Hungarian, but they live without problems with together.


Historical background

Our region is called Northern Bácska, which is very close to the Serbian border in the South of Hungary. It is a typically multiethnic region, which gave us the idea to study this multiethnic feature and the different minorities living here.


Why are there different nationalities in this part of the country

In 17-18. century, after the Turkish Rule this area became uninhabited, so Southern Slave people escaping here.

In the 18. century the Austro-Hungarian Queen, Maria Theresa wanted these regions to develop, so she encouraged Southern German people to come and settle down in this part of Hungary.

Whyaretheredifferentnationalitiesinthis part of the country?

Why has the proportion of nationalities changed since then so much

After the II. World War many German people had to leave their homelands and they were forced to go back to Germany.

At the same time a lot of Hungarians had to leave their homes in Transylvania, Moldova, Bukovina and in the North of Hungary. They moved to Northen Bácska.

Why has theproportion of nationalitieschangedsincethensomuch?

Why do we live in peace

Since then they have been living here together and we cannot state that they always did it in peace and quiet, but after a while they realised that their only chance to survive was to live together in peace.

So now we are friends, we get married together and we respect each other.


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Comenius project minorities in europe

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