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Life Insurance Review

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Life Insurance Review. Reviewing Life Insurance Policies. Your customers should look to you when it comes to their life insurance coverage. After all, you’re the expert.

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reviewing life insurance policies
Reviewing Life Insurance Policies
  • Your customers should look to you when it comes to their life insurance coverage. After all, you’re the expert.
  • So when you take the initiative and review your customers’ policies every one to two years, it’s an opportunity for you to build loyalty and increase your business.
what you gain
What you gain
  • A chance to prove your interest and knowledge to your customers
  • Loyalty that can last for years – even to the next generation
  • The opportunity to build your business with existing customers
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Explicit and enthusiastic referrals
what your customers gain
What your customers gain
  • The chance to consider the changes in their lives and financial situations
  • The opportunity to adjust their life insurance coverage, or opt to keep their current policy
  • Peace of mind, knowing they have proper policies that will take care of their loved ones
building on your current customer base can be simple
Building on your current customer base can be simple
  • During these economic times, it’s easy for people to overlook the purchase of new life insurance polices. However, people who already own policies understand that fixed life insurance is still a solid, stable investment. That’s why working with your current customers is an essential part of building your business.
ten most common life insurance mistakes
The insured’s estate is named as beneficiary

Failure to name at least two “backup” beneficiaries

Failed to check policies at least every 3 years

Product does not match the problem

The amount of coverage is inadequate for current goals

Policy proceeds are payable outright to minor children or grandchildren

All the insurance is owned by the insured

No investigation to see if the insured’s business can provide insurance on a more cost- or tax-efficient basis

Forgot that term insurance (including group term coverage) will self-terminate or become prohibitively expensive to carry

Insurance has been purchased or treated as a commodity

Ten most common life insurance mistakes
your plan is already in place
Your plan is already in place
  • A life insurance review is simple when you follow these four steps
    • Get in touch
    • Have a conversation
    • Evaluate and analyze
    • Present meaningful solutions
rocky mountain insurance network s program
Rocky Mountain Insurance Network’s Program
  • We have developed a “Professional Life Insurance Management Program”
  • This program was set up to make the policy review process as easy as possible for you and your clients
  • We will assist you in completing the policy review on your clients
professional life insurance management program includes
Professional Life Insurance Management Program includes:
  • Pre-approach letter – for you to send to your clients
  • Policy Fact Finder – form used to gather current policy information
  • Broker Authorization – letter signed by client giving you and RMIN authorization to obtain information on current in force policy
  • Complete Policy Review – form detailing entire review process and our recommendations
your role vs rmin
Your role

Get in touch

Have a conversation

Complete our Policy Fact Finder form

Obtain a Broker Authorization

Send above information to RMIN

Our role

After receiving the Policy Fact Finder and Broker Authorization, we will request an in force ledger from current carrier

Do a Complete Policy Review and make a recommendation for you to present to your client

Your role vs. RMIN
step 1 getting in touch
Step 1 – Getting in touch
  • If you have a close, personal relationship, you could just make a simple phone call and set up an appointment
  • A pre-approach letter that you can personalize to your clients
step 2 have a conversation
Step 2 – Have a conversation
  • What’s going on in your customer’s life? Whether there have been subtle changes or major ones, it’s easy for people to overlook their life insurance policies as their situations change
    • Income – promoted, laid off, changed job, retired
    • Family – new birth or adoption, grandchildren, elderly parent
    • Home – new home, paid off mortgage
    • Martial status – marriage, divorce
    • Heath – weight loss, quit smoking
    • Inflation – if 10, 15 or 20 years old, may no longer be adequate
other conversations that may be helpful
Other conversations that may be helpful
  • Young customers
    • Many of them have term insurance, but should they consider a long-term policy?
  • Middle-aged customers
    • Are they paying too much for adequate protection for their families? Should they look at polices that will help them build cash value?
  • Business owners
    • Are they using their life insurance effectively, by using it to handle continuation plans, benefit plans or key person coverage?
  • Trustees
    • Are they exposing themselves to unnecessary liability and legal risk by managing policies that are not their own?
during this conversation
During this conversation
  • Complete a Policy Fact Finder form on your client
  • Complete a Broker Authorization letter with your client
  • Send this information to RMIN
reasons to consider maintaining the status quo
Reasons to consider maintaining the status quo
  • New contestable period
  • Existing loans
  • New acquisitions costs
  • New suicide period
  • Guaranteed crediting rates
  • Surrender period
  • Change for the worst in underwriting status
reasons to consider exchanging a policy
Reasons to consider exchanging a policy
  • Secondary guarantees – universal life products with death benefit guarantees
  • Lower mortality rates – all products are now on 2001 CSO tables
  • More competitive plans
  • Preferred/Special underwriting
  • Extended maturity dates
step 3 evaluate and analyze
Step 3 – Evaluate and analyze
  • Rocky Mountain Insurance Network will
    • Obtain any information needed on the current in force policies
    • Run current illustrations and compare all options
    • Do a Complete Policy Review and make appropriate recommendations
    • Provide you with the details and information you need to follow up with your client
step 4 present meaningful solutions
Step 4 – Present meaningful solutions
  • Now, you know your customer’s life insurance coverage inside and out
  • Your recommendation may be as simple as changing a beneficiary
  • Or, through the Complete Policy Review completed by RMIN, you now have better options to present to your client for them to consider
if new policy is recommended
If new policy is recommended
  • RMIN will provide you with all applications, etc. needed to get started
  • RMIN will manage the case from beginning to end
  • RMIN pays out the highest street comp available – no broker haircut on fixed business and your appointment is direct with the carrier!!
we re only a phone call away
We’re only a phone call away
  • Call us today at (800) 846-3997 to get started
  • Visit our web site at www.rmin-insurance.comtoday.
  • “In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself”