Natural Non-Addictive Sleep Aid Pills
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Natural Non-Addictive Sleep Aid Pills To Treat Insomnia Problems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This powerpoint presentation describes about natural non-addictive sleep aid pills to treat insomnia problems.

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Natural Non-Addictive Sleep Aid Pills

To Treat Insomnia


Natural Non-Addictive Sleep Aid Pills

Sleeping time is the precious time for the human body to heal and rejuvenate itself. When there is not proper sleep, there will be an ill-effect on our overall health and wellness. This is why it is recommended that we should have at least 6 to 8 hours of complete sleep every night. But, the unfortunate thing here is that some of us cannot sleep or cannot sleep properly and this is where the role of natural non-addictive sleep aid pills should be considered.

Natural Non-Addictive Sleep Aid Pills

Amount of sleep: Even though the amount of sleep required by an individual differs from that of another, the general rule is that adults should have at least 7 hours of sleep every night to make sure that their body and mind will function at the optimal level. Making some healthy lifestyle changes will help with improving the quality and quantity of sleep. For instance, to treat insomnia problems, it is better to rely on sleep aid that is not addictive in nature.

Aaram Capsules

In general, it is stated that medicines taken for sleep are addictive and once an individual starts using such a medicine, he cannot sleep without it. But, the natural non-addictive sleep aid pills called Aaram capsules are not habit forming.

Aaram Capsules

An introduction to Aaram capsules: These natural non-addictive sleep aid pills have gained reputation from around the world as the most effective herbal treatment for insomnia. The ingredients in these capsules are effective in addressing mental stress and fatigue, thereby inducing complete rest and sleep during nights. Generally, medicines taken for sleep will cause numbness and dizziness in mind and individuals taking them cannot concentrate on work on the following day.

Aaram Capsules

But, the effective ingredients in these herbal remedies do not cause such issues and in fact these capsules will help individuals to stay sharp and active at daytimes and they will be in a position to get complete calmness and rest at nights. Safe and non-habit forming ingredients: To treat insomnia problems in an effective manner, Aaram capsules contain the following ingredients:

Ingredients Of Aaram Capsules

Jatamansi: This is a brain tonic and this ingredient is known to bring peace of mind and complete calmness. It will also regularize digestion, respiration and will help with getting rid of general weakness in the human body. As it is nervine rejuvenator, it will relieve tension and stress in nerves to induce good sleep. It will also address hyperactivity and restlessness, which are major contributors towards sleeplessness in some individuals.

Ingredients Of Aaram Capsules

Usteykhaddus: This is yet another brain tonic added to treat insomnia problems and it is known to be ideal in relieving headache, which causes sleeplessness in some people. It can strengthen the brain and its mild laxative property will address constipation and related effects on the body. It has beneficial effects on nerves and brain and it is also known for its detoxification and digestive properties. It is also a mild analgesic and so it can relieve pain if any disturbing sleep.

Aaram Capsules

To treat insomnia problems, nearly 14 other herbs are part of Aaram capsules to ensure complete rest at night.

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