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The Landlady

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The Landlady. By Roald Dahl. Suspense is the quality in a work of literature that makes the reader uncertain or tense about what is going to happen next. Before Reading: Understand suspense and foreshadowing .

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the landlady

The Landlady

By Roald Dahl

before reading understand suspense and foreshadowing1

Foreshadowing is when the reader knows something is about to happen because of clues that the author has given.

  • The longer the writer can keep the reader anticipating what will happen, the greater the suspense.
  • Conflict helps create suspense.
Before Reading:Understand suspense and foreshadowing
before reading understand suspense and foreshadowing2

There are two types of suspense:

    • Known outcome, which is when the reader focuses on when the outcome will occur and who will cause it.
    • Unknown outcome, which is when the reader does not know what will happen and is focused on what will happen next, how it will happen, and who will do it.
Before Reading:Understand suspense and foreshadowing
before reading understand vocabulary

Create this chart in your LNb. With a partner, use the sentence on the next slide to determine a synonym for each vocabulary word.

Before reading:Understand Vocabulary
before reading understand vocabulary1

He thought the landlady was a dotty old lady.

  • Billy was hesitating before he went onto the porch.
  • The front of the buildings were peeling.
  • The people at the pub were friendly.
  • The greedy landlord charged too much for the room.
  • The magician called up a rabbit in his hat.
  • A strange force made Billy ring the bell.
  • She had an imperfection on her face.
  • There was a teasing aroma floating in the air.
  • The smell seemed to come from the old woman.
Before reading:Understand Vocabulary
during reading examples of foreshadowing

Create the following chart in your LNb. As you read record examples of things that could be foreshadowing. Then write your prediction for what the event foreshadows. (At least 5)

During Reading:Examples of Foreshadowing
after reading understand irony


    • A device that writers sometimes use to add a special twist to their work.
    • There are three types of irony.
After Reading:Understand Irony
after reading understand irony1

Verbal Irony:

    • Saying the opposite of what you really mean.
    • A person would be using verbal irony if he said that a stupid plan was very clever.
    • Usually sounds like SARCASM
After Reading:Understand Irony
after reading understand irony2

Dramatic Irony:

    • The reader knows something that the character does not know.
    • For example, in a story, a woman has stolen a ring. The reader, but not the character, is aware that the ring is cursed and that whoever possesses it will go insane.
After Reading:Understand Irony
after reading understand irony3

Situational Irony:

    • An unexpected turn of events, usually when things turn out to be the opposite of what the characters expected.
    • For example: A man plots and schemes to win a potion that gives everlasting life, even killing three people who stand in his way. Finally, the man gets the potion and drinks it. But then, at the story’s climax, the man is mangled in a tractor accident and thus, must live forever in this monstrous state.
After Reading:Understand Irony
after reading comparing text to film

Fill out the sheet during or after viewing the film version of “The Landlady.” Share with your partner and be prepared to share with the class.

After Reading:Comparing Text to Film