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About Us
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  1. About Us • Aavishkar is the brainchild, of Dr. Nirmala S. Rao who started her psychiatric clinic in 1993 with the aim of treating the emotionally disturbed • Dr. Rao is truly a visionary who conceives, the scope of psychiatry to extend far beyond mere clinical practice. She believes in the need to promote self-awareness among all people with the aim of increased self-direction and self-enrichment. • Aavishkar comprises of Clinical Psychologists, Counselors, H.R Consultants, facilitators & programme co-coordinators.

  2. Dr. Rao – Profile • Qualifications: M.D, D.P.M. • Always a rank holder, Dr.Nirmala Rao has an excellent academic record with National & State scholarships to her credit. Hailing from Hyderabad, she completed her M.D. in Bombay University and ranked third. • A consulting Psychiatrist based in Mumbai (India), practicing for 21 years. • A number of research studies conducted at J.J. Hospital, as a R.M.O. • Set up Aavishkar Psychiatric Clinic in 1993- the first psychiatric clinic of its kind in Mumbai. • Assisted D.F.I.D (UK) in the pilot programme for “Effective Rural Lending ” by conducting behavioral programs for Rural Branch Mangers in Bhopal. • Participated in the Well-being Show 2005 at Hotel Jumeriah Dubai. Conducted sessions on “Managing Emotions” and “You are the CEO of Your Life” to an international audience. Counseling and advice was well received by the visitors to the Aavishkar stall. • She is a Certified Trainer for situational Self Leadership (SSL) from KEN AND BLANCHARD USA . • She has been awarded Samaj Shakti Award for Social Contribution in 2006

  3. Aavishkar Center Dr. Rao has reached out to a large number of people with a desire to enhance the quality of life in her psychiatric practice and beyond. Psychiatric Clinic: • Systematic evaluation with the help of psychological tests • Counseling and various psychotherapies Corporate Training- With the belief that a better individual makes abetter corporation. Community Activities – these aim at facilitating self-direction and enhancing the quality of life through awareness building and community programmes

  4. Corporate Training Dr.Rao’s venture into Corporate Training began with programmes on Stress Management. She was subsequently invited to design and conduct programmes on a variety of topics. Her Mission is: • To help people enrich their potential & enhance the general quality of life. • To Conduct training & awareness-building sessions to overcome personality blocks & to enhance personal effectiveness. • To carry out Preventive & community psychiatry through the medium of group discussions. • To reach out with a humane touch.

  5. Methodology Activity based programmes where in the Aavishkar team; • facilitates rather than teaches • draws upon the experiences & perceptions of the participants • provides inputs and insights through concept clarification & illustrations • makes training a dynamic process through the medium of experiential learning.

  6. Corporate Training Main focus on: • Individual Capacity Building • Cohesive Groups Individual Capacity Building programmes are designed to increase self- direction, enhance coping abilities and thereby foster maximum utilization of individual potentials.

  7. Individual Capacity Building We propose the following programmes: • Effective Decision making • Proactive-ness • Stretching from comfort zone • Emotional Intelligence • Reducing Risk Aversion • Efficiency V/S Effectiveness • Self Development • Self Awareness • Competency Development • Self Discipline • Time Management • Coping with Stress

  8. Cohesive Groups We propose the following programmes for building effective teams: • Empathy • Sensitivity Training • Counseling Skills • Team Building • Human Relations • Communication Skills • Understanding Cultural Diversity • Conflict Management • Group Think

  9. Unique Features • Outdoor programmes:At various locations • Psychometric Assessments: • Aids personal counseling • Individual and group personality profile • Time saving and reliable • Enhancing Resilience: Physical trainers & yoga trainers are invited to conduct sessions. Adventure activities & innovative group games are part of our programmes.

  10. Accomplishments At-A-Glance • Dr. Rao’s clinical practice has developed mainly from word-of-mouth. Her patients come from not only all over Mumbai but also Maharashtra. • Rehabilitation of psychiatric patients through Art Therapy. • Established Support groups for Senior Citizens and Single Women • Conducted a number mental-health exhibitions for increasing awareness in society in Mumbai, Pune and Dubai. • Provided free counseling & conducted workshops for disaster victims to help them cope with post-traumatic stress disorders.

  11. International Experience • Dr. Rao assisted D.F.I.D (UK) in the “Self Development” program for Rural Branch Mangers in Bhopal. • Led her team to Dubai to participate in the Well-being Show 2005 at Jumeriah. She spoke on “Managing Emotions” and “You are the Ceo of Your Life” to an international audience. Her counseling and advice was well received by the cross-national visitors to the Aavishkar stall. This is what they had to say: “Very enlightening! You have given me something to work towards” - Mrs. J. Mumford, U.K “Dr. Nirmala pinpointed a very key and central part of my personality, I am an improved person already”- Mr. A. Mohammed “I found the analysis to be pretty accurate. Must say I have not been impressed by anything so much in the recent past”- S. Razia

  12. Media Coverage • Frequently interviewed by T.V. channels and Radio stations,on various aspect of mental health, Dr. Rao is preceded by her reputation wherever she goes. • Her weekly column in the Bombay Times first for teenagers and now for parents is read widely. • She is invited by a number of educational and business institutions -public and private sector organisations to share her views & insights and to conduct self development programmes.

  13. Our Esteemed Clients’ Are • BARC • Herdilia Chemicals • Perstrop Aegis Chemicals Ltd. • Firestone

  14. Behavioural Trainers. Dr. Nirmala S. Rao, Psychiatrist Ms. Malini Shah, Senior Counselor Ms Pradnya Aklekar Counseling Psychologist Mr Sachin Tambe Counsellor Engineers: Mr. S. S. Satalkar B.E (Mech.) M.Tech (Mech.) Prof. D.J. Sanghvi College of Engg. Mr. S.S. Sridharan. B.Tech (Chem). M. Tech (I.I.T Mumbai), Prof. Osmania University. Dr. Abhijit Rao. B.E (Production.) M.S (Manufacturing systems, U.K) Mrs Rupa Jagnathan Rao (B.E , MRES) The Aavishkar Team H.R. Consultants: • Mr. Vasudevan (Retd. T.T.K Executive Vice-President-operations.) Associates Mr Santosh Sawant Mr Rushikesh Zende Ms Kavita Patil