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Signs of Relapse

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Signs of Relapse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Signs of Relapse
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  1. Signs of Relapse Eating Disorders Continuing Care Group Session 4

  2. WELCOME Welcome to the CRC Continuing Care Group. We want to thank you for joining us today and for taking time for your recovery. Your health and well-being are important to us.

  3. Group Check-In • How have you met your eating recovery goal this week? • How have you met them today? • How are you doing, in general?

  4. The Road to Relapse Relapse starts in the mind (thoughts) Thoughts = Behaviors Behaviors =

  5. Remember: Thoughts Become Action • The more often you think about your body in positive, healthy ways, the more likely you are to feel good about who you are and the body you naturally have.

  6. And the Unhealthy Cycle Begins… Again Behavioral Relapse… … return to patterns of oldthinking and behaviors … isolation, resentment,and hopelessness

  7. THE RELAPSE PROCESS Recovery Relapse ____/_______/_______/__________/________/________/_____ Increased Stress Isolation Obsessing Unhealthy Thoughts….

  8. Just for Today

  9. Signs of Eating Disorder Relapse Obsessive thinking about food or weight Believing that you can purge just this once Need to be in control at all times Competitive with peers “Who’s the thinnest?” Engaging in fantasies of perfection Signs of Eating Disorder Relapse Feeling guiltyabout eating disorder symptoms Feeling hopeless: Relationship, work, eating disorder Feeling a need to escape Denying Stress

  10. More Signs of Eating Disorder Relapse Success =Low Weight orLow Calories Lookingcontinually at oneself in mirrors Denying relationship of stress, anxiety & eating disorder Drinking excessiveamounts of water More Signs of Eating Disorder Relapse Believing you are fat, even when otherssay you are thin. Inaccurate reportingabout symptomsbeing experienced Unable to relyon a supportsystem Isolated orshowing littlesociability

  11. Your Signs of Relapse… ? ? ? ? What are Your Signs? ? ? ? ?

  12. Developing Social Support

  13. Just for Today…

  14. So, The Question Is…