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US – Mexican war

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US – Mexican war - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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US – Mexican war. 1846-1848. Tension builds . After Texas was annexed by the US the Mexican government and people feared that the US would not be happy with just Texas, but that they would attempt to take over all of Mexico

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tension builds
Tension builds
  • After Texas was annexed by the US the Mexican government and people feared that the US would not be happy with just Texas, but that they would attempt to take over all of Mexico
    • The two nations disagreed over the border – was it the Nueces River (as Mexico claimed) or the Rio Grande (as Texas claimed)?
    • Texans were upset that the Mexican government had refused to pay for property damage
    • The Mexican government had ordered US settlers out of California
diplomatic attempts
Diplomatic attempts
  • President Polk sent John Slidell to Mexico to try and negotiate a peaceful solution
  • Slidell was told to offer the Mexican government money to buy New Mexico and California
    • The Mexican government refused to hear Slidell’s offer
military response
Military response
  • Aware that Texas was vulnerable to attack from Mexico, President Polk ordered Taylor to reinforce the Texas border
    • When Taylor and his men reached the Rio Grande they discovered Mexican troops camped across the river
    • Taylor ordered the building of a fort along the north riverbank
    • Taylor received a message from the Mexican Army which ordered him back to the Nueces River
    • Taylor refused to move and on April 25 1,600 Mexican troops attacked 60 US soldiers
    • Taylor sent word to Polk that fighting had begun
declaration of war
Declaration of war
  • After receiving word from General Taylor, President Polk asked the US Congress to declare war on Mexico
  • Congress passed the declaration on May 13, 1846
  • Fighting continued along the Rio Grande River
    • Many Texans volunteered in the war – including Texas’s first governor – James Pickney Henderson, former president Mirabeau B Lamar, Albert Sidney Johnston, and a number of Teas Rangers
us victory
US victory
  • After victories on the northern side of the Rio Grande, Taylor went on the offensive
  • He moved his troops into Northern Mexico and had a major victory at Monterrey
  • He next meet Santa Anna at Buena Vista – after 2 days of fighting Taylor and his troops claimed another victory
polk s fears prompt a change
Polk’s fears prompt a change
  • General Taylor was becoming very popular with his victories and President Polk feared he might lose the next presidential election to him
    • General Winfield Scott came up with a new strategy that Polk took advantage of
    • Scott proposed a sea attack at the Mexican stronghold of Veracruz
    • Polk agreed to the strategy and transferred 9,000 men from Taylor’s unit to Scott command
    • In March of 1847 Scott’s army landed at Veracruz
    • By mid-September Scott had taken Mexico City
    • US forces had also taken control in New Mexico and California
the price of war
The price of war
  • Most of fighting was over in September
  • The US had about 116,000 soldiers fight in the war
  • Nearly 13,000 died – mostly from disease, not in battle
  • More than 60 Texans lost their lives in battle, but over 270 died from disease
  • The war with Mexico cost the US government nearly $98 million
  • Mexican losses were much greater – countless men died in the fighting and property damage was extensive