charnwood 5 19 service providers group
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Charnwood 5-19 Service Providers Group

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Charnwood 5-19 Service Providers Group. March 2012 Welcome!. Agenda. 11.30 Welcome 11.40 Help your project to get the most out of Lufbra’s students 11.55 Positive for Youth? Discuss. 12.10 5-11 year olds, Community Budgets and Troubled Families…

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Presentation Transcript

11.30 Welcome

11.40 Help your project to get the most out of Lufbra’s students

11.55 Positive for Youth? Discuss.

12.10 5-11 year olds, Community Budgets and Troubled Families…

12.25 Knowledge Hub – will it work for us?

12.40 Safeguarding straw poll

12.50 National Citizenship Service

positive for youth discuss
Positive for Youth? Discuss
  • Heath, welfare, education, citizenshep, economic prospects and contribution to society
  • "A good checklist but no cheque" BYC
  • Outcomes based rather than prescribed outputs
  • Young people’s views is a central thread
  • Targeting LA funding on those at risk of poor outcomes
  • Retention of LA duty to secure sufficient activities
positive for youth discuss1
Positive for Youth? Discuss
  • Move towards new delivery partners and funding
  • Social investment and social franchising
  • Payments by results
  • Youth led inspections and scrutiny groups
  • Review in one year to consider progress
leicestershire family poverty strategy unheard voices feedback
Leicestershire Family Poverty Strategy – Unheard Voices feedback
  • YP want opportunities not money or handouts
  • YP staying on a school because lack of other options
  • Barrier to work for YP is lack of experience – what can we do about this?
  • More affordable housing needed
  • More flexibility in workplace needed for working parents
  • Agencies need to be seen as more approachable
safeguarding straw poll
Safeguarding straw poll
  • Contacted Children’s Social Care via EDT?
  • Contacted Children’s Social Care via PH?
  • Using Multi-Agency Referral Form?
  • Confident about thresholds and new structures?
  • Receiving feedback?
  • Invited to/ attend case conferences etc?
safeguarding straw poll1
Safeguarding straw poll
  • Accessing safeguarding training?
  • Policy helpful to staff?
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer/ Senior?
  • Case recording systems?
  • Follow up / escalate concerns?
  • Concerns about staff/ volunteers?
2012 meeting dates
2012 meeting dates
  • Tuesday 13th March 11.30-1.30 Sorrel YCafe
  • Tuesday 22nd May 9.30-11.30 Mountfields
  • Tuesday 18th September 9.00-11.00 Youth Shelter
  • Tuesday 20th November 9.30-2.30 Mountfields
action is the volunteering section of lsu
Action is the volunteering section of LSU

Last year involving 1960 volunteers

one off projects1
One-off projects
  • Woodland conservation
one off projects2
One-off projects
  • Railway restoration
one off projects4
One-off projects
  • Kids Days (Art, Sport, Drama, Maths, Science and History)
why people volunteer
Why people volunteer
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain new experience
  • Meet new people – extend your social network
  • Make a difference
  • For fun!
great for cv and employability
Great for CV and Employability!

73% of employers would rather employ someone with volunteering experience.

58% of employers value experience gained from volunteering over experience gained in paid employment.

charnwood families

Charnwood Families

(Charnwood Exemplar Project)

  • National funding, Community Budgets Programme
  • 1 of 4 bids submitted by Leicestershire
  • Funding for 3 – with 4th bid merged
    • Charnwood Families
    • Glen Parva Young Fathers/ Family Mentoring
    • Information Sharing (Bradford & Manchester)
identifying a need
Identifying a need

Identified need:

  • ‘Spike’ in CAFs at age 5 and at transition to High School
  • Some areas of need producing very low level of CAFs in contrast to perceived levels of need
project staff
Project Staff

2 x Family Support Coordinators:

  • Tammy Parker based at Thurmaston Children’s Centre covering Syston & Thurmaston schools
  • Rabinder Lail based at Cobden Children’s Centre covering catchment areas for Cobden, Rendell & Thorpe Acre schools

Additional capacity in CAF Team:

  • Helen Coulter CAF Coordinator pre-school and primary age
project scope
Project scope
  • Thurmaston and Syston Group of schools
  • In Loughborough, Cobden, Rendell, and Thorpe Acre Schools (or children living in their catchment going to other schools)
  • Family has a 5-11 year old in it
  • Family is presenting with or at risk of developing multiple and/or complex
  • Needs are not being met by universal services
family support coordinators role
Family Support Coordinators’ role
  • Engage with family – initial family visit; assess what level of support is required – coordination or more intensive support
  • Liaise with other services already working with the family
  • Identify what is working/what isn’t working/what could be done differently etc.
  • Support and encourage family in undertaking identified actions
  • Be a central point of contact for the family and other services working with the family; be the Lead Professional when appropriate
  • Provide direct support to families and/or signpost/refer to other services
  • Commission additional services where these are not already available and a need has been identified by the family
  • Work with the WHOLE FAMILY
referral process
Referral Process
  • CAF coordination continues, may include:
  • Coordination of existing services, utilising TAF where appropriate
  • Signposting/referring to other services

Charnwood Families

not required

Lead Professional agreed (if required) and action plan compiled

Assessed for Charnwood

Families (CF)


Referral made to CAF team

Locality Family Support Coordinator will contact family and arrange an initial meeting

Will also contact other professionals working with the family

Will meet regularly with the family to support and deliver 1:1 work where

appropriate; work with the family to help identify their own solutions

Commission additional services where a need is identified

Charnwood Families


There is no “inappropriate” referral. If there is need identified the CAF team will coordinate support, even if Charnwood Families is not involved

* Family must have a child aged 5—11 years who attends chool/lives in the catchement areas (Cobden, Thorpe Acre & Rendell, Thurmaston and Syston schools)

key areas for development
Key areas for development
  • Looking at transitions:
    • Starting school
    • Transition to high school
    • Developing engagement with early years settings
  • Looking at how community organisations can be supported to play a role with families with more complex needs, i.e. child behaviour management training
  • Information sharing
    • Appropriate sharing of information as routine

(why wouldn’t we share?)

  • Honest approach with families
  • Pilot covering 2 areas – Thurmaston & Syston and Cobden, Thorpe Acre & Rendell.
  • Seeking to address service-gap in support for 5 – 11 year olds (and their families)
  • Targeting families with multiple and/or complex needs or at risk of such needs
  • Family must have at least one child aged 5 – 11 years
  • Referral via CAF or Electronic Service Request
  • Participation is voluntary, families need to consent
contact details
Contact Details

Helen Coulter – CAF Coordinator

[email protected]

0116 305 5609

Based at County Hall

Rabinder Lail – Locality Family Support Coordinator (Cobden, Thorpe Acre & Rendell)

[email protected]

07725 204 110

Based at Cobden Sure Start Children’s Centre

Tammy Parker – Locality Family Support Coordinator (Syston & Thurmaston)

[email protected]

07985 199 320

Based at Thurmaston Sure Start Children’s Centre