updates and related legislations
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Updates and Related Legislations

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Updates and Related Legislations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Updates and Related Legislations. Mobile Sources. E- jeepney S hort for electrical jeepneys "The first public transport system of its kind in South-East Asia“ T he vehicles can be charged by plugging into an electric socket, using power from biodegradable waste. Emission testing.

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mobile sources
Mobile Sources


  • Short for electrical jeepneys
  • "The first public transport system of its kind in South-East Asia“
  • The vehicles can be charged by plugging into an electric socket, using power from biodegradable waste
emission testing
Emission testing
  • The EMB evaluates newly manufactured, assembled or imported vehicles for conformity with emission standards started in 2000, and issues Certificates of conformity to manufacturers, assemblers, or importers of new motor vehicles.
  • Motor vehicles are required to undergo annual emission testing in Private Emission Testing Centers (PETC)
city programs
City programs

Annual “Tigil Buga” activity, started in 2007

  • Every Earth day
  • Every Earth day 1 minute engine shut off at specific areas in Makati, 8:00 am – 8:01 am
renewable energy program
Renewable Energy Program
  • Republic Act No. 9367 otherwise known as the “Biofuels” Act of 2006
  • To develop and utilize renewable and sustainable clean energy
  • Reduce dependence on imported fuel
  • all gasoline fuel distributed and sold by each and every oil company in the country must contain a minimum of (10%) blend of bioethanolby volume.
tax incentives under the clean air act
Tax Incentives Under the Clean Air Act
  • tax incentive provision - install pollution control devices or retrofit their existing facilities (for reduction of pollution)
  • issued DAO 2004-53 for the implementation
  • Advantages:
  • claim accelerated depreciation,
  • deductibility of research and development expenditures to reduce air pollution,
  • tax credits,
  • exemptions from real property taxes
  • additional tax incentives for qualified enterprises operating within Special Economic and Freeport Zones
phase out or lowering of pollutant contents
Phase Out or Lowering of Pollutant Contents
  • Leaded gasoline - phased out nationwide
  • aromatics in unleaded gasoline lowered to 35 percent
  • benzene in unleaded gasoline lowered from 4 percent to 2 percent
  • introduction of pure diesel (with 0.05 percent S)
  • Lowering of sulfur content of industrial and automotive diesel
the government has yet to implement an emission standard for motorized tricycles
    • 2.8 million tricycles produce a serious threat to the quality of the air
    • Tricycles produce a highly polluting hydrocarbon that can be seen as “white smoke,” a product of inefficient burning
    • could be reduced with the proper use of 2 cycle transmission (2T) oil
  • Another setback:
    • tolerance of the government for unleaded gasoline to contain 1000 ppm of sulfur,
    • The Clean Air Act originally envisioned a reduction of sulfur content to 500 ppm by 2004 – the standard adopted by most countries today