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DISASTER MANAGEMENT. LT COL KARESH PRASAD PRINCIPAL People’s College of Nursing Bhopal. Definition.

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    2. LT COL KARESH PRASADPRINCIPAL People’s College of NursingBhopal

    3. Definition • An occurrence resulting such an extra ordinary measure of damage and the consequences cannot be dealt with by existing infra structural, technical and emergency medical services there by requiring additional assistance from outside

    4. Definition-contd- • Disruption / threat to public safety /order caused by natural happening , accident /explosion /similar incident of so serious a nature that it can be dealt with only through employment of units and facilities held in readiness for such an emergency

    5. Definition-contd- • Ecological disruptions which exceeds the community’s capacity of adjustment so that outside assistance is required • Sudden extra ordinary calamity of catastrophe which affects or threatens health

    6. characteristics • Sudden occurreance • Vastness of damage • Loss of life and property • Lack of correct and timely information • Panic and anxiety • Lack of preparedness & Delayed response • Bureaucratic delay in decision making





    11. NATURAL Under Earth On Earth Metrological Biological MAN MADE War Riots Accidents TYPES OF DISASTERS

    12. UNDER EARTH earth quake volcanic eruptions ON EARTH Land Slide Avalanches Forest Fires NATURAL DISASTERS

    13. METROLOGICAL Cyclones Floods Draughts Hail Storm Snow Storm Tornados BIOLOGICAL Epidemic NATURAL DISASTERS Contd.

    14. WAR Conventional - Mines - Bombs Chemical Biological Nuclear RIOTS MAN MADE DISASTERS

    15. TRAFFIC ACCIDENT Air Rail Ship Road DOMESTIC ACCIDENT INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT Gas Leakage Radiation Gun Powder Fire Factory Fire River Pollution Insect Infection MAN MADE DISASTERS Contd.

    16. PRINCIPLES OF DISASTER PLANNINGWHILE PLANNING DISASTER MANAGEMENT CONSIDER -Characteristic -Type -Available Resources -Plan should be simple and easy to understand -Should be clear and concise -Allow for flexibility and possible adjustments without disrupting the entire structure

    17. PRINCIPLES OF DISASTER PLANNING -contd*In the Hospital Plan should be followed within the normal established hospital procedure*It should be practiced regularly *it must involve and motivate all the participants.*It must be reviewed and update regularlyHOSPITAL SHOULD PREPARE SOP FOR DISASTER MANAGEMENT

    18. PRE DISASTER PHASE -Advance planning -Careful analysis of past disasters -Integrate health in multi disciplinary planning -Access to other hospital services PRE IMPACT PHASE -Time of warning IMPACT PHASE -Disaster strikes -Destruction & death occurs -Lasts for few seconds/week -Immediate rescue & relief -Decentralized pre disaster planning -Planning at community level and education PREDICTION AND PREVENTION OF DISASTER

    19. RELIEF PHASE -Begins when assistance-Reaches with intervention of ill in formed and unprepared personnel -Relief should be carefully directed Evaluate – Need -Damage -Casualties -Hazards -Inventory REHABILITATION PHASE -Restoration of pre disaster stage PREDICTION AND PREVENTION OF DISASTER Contd.

    20. NURSES ROLE IN DISASTER MANAGEMENTAim-Rescue -Medical Care-Food and safe drinking water-Prevention of epidemic out break-Monetary Compensation -Rehabilitation

    21. NURSES ROLE IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT • Disaster management - Identify Priorities - Maintain Essential Service - Medical Backup - Post Disaster Period

    22. NURSES ROLE IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT Administrative role-prepare -List of key personnel -Notification procedure -Disaster Organizational Chart -Training of volunteers -Orientation Programme -Training programme

    23. NURSES ROLE IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENTS • Medical and surgical Equipments • Disaster supply charts • Updating of supplies

    24. NURSES ROLE IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT RECORDS & IDENTIFICATION OF CASUALTIES - Simple disaster record -Affix small tag to each casualty • Rating Non urgent (Green) Urgent condition (Yellow) Emergency Transport (Red) Death (Black)

    25. NURSES ROLE IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT PUBLIC INFORMATION SYSTEM / CENTRE • Maintain casualty list and other data • Have all information related to hospitalization - Efficient communication link between triage and hospital

    26. NURSES ROLE IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL ROLE Disaster triage – At the scene of disaster Casualty Reduce loss of limb and life

    27. COMMUNITY MEASURES PRE DISASTER PHASE -Advance planning -Community participation • Mock drill • Mass education

    28. PRE IMPACT PHASE -Safety measures -Time factor -Co-ordination IMPACT PHASE -Comprehensive Management -Assess priority -Identify specific needs -Provide psychological support -Help in early relief -Rehabilitation -Reconstruction DISASTER PHASE

    29. COMMUNITY MEASURES Contd. -First Aid & Medical Care -Life saving Resuscitation -Allay Panic -Avoid convergence behavior -Immediate rescue and relief -Professional Identification -Direct people to shelters

    30. COMMUNITY MEASURES Contd. -Gather information rapidly -Documentation -Assess number of Casualty Inflow -Arrange drugs and IV fluids -Assess Adequacy of casualty evaluation routs -Adequacy of space and building

    31. COMMUNITY MEASURES Contd. POST IMPACT PHASE - ENSURE • -Appropriate first aid centre • -Distribution of duties • -Streamlining Efforts of Community • -Immediate Aid • * Rescue material • *Shelters • *Food, Drugs & Blankets

    32. COMMUNITY MEASURES Contd. POST DISASTER PHASE -Leadership Role -Immunization -Follow up Care -Nutritional Programme -Disposal of Dead -Hygiene and sanitation -Routine Health Services

    33. COMMUNITY MEASURES Contd. REHABILITATION-Starts from the moment disaster strikes & ends with the restoration of normality - Medical - Surgical - Psychological - Vocational

    34. THANK YOU