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BY KiAnna Esteves
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BY KiAnna Esteves

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  1. RED FOX BY KiAnnaEsteves

  2. Animal Classifications There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates. These classifications are: • Mammals • Fish • Reptiles • Bird • Amphibians . Animal Classifications

  3. The Red Fox’s Animal Classifications The Red Fox has certain characteristics that make it a mammal. Here are some of its attributes: They are warm-blooded. They give birth to live young. The red fox feeds their babies with mother's milk . They breathe through lungs. They have hair or fur. have hair or fun

  4. Diagram of a Red Fox

  5. Appearance The Red Fox is about 3 feet long. They have red –brown fur. The red fox’s tail can change colors. When red fox babies are born they have a little bit of fur on their body. It cannot see or hear when it is born. Red fox babies have downy fur to keep them warm.

  6. Habitat Red foxes are mostly found in North America, the United States, and Canada. They even live in cities. They also live in Asia and Europe. They live in groups and the territories that they mark are small. They can live in cold weather and warm weather.

  7. Diet The red fox’s diet is insects, grasses, young rabbits, bird, eggs, and crayfish. In the summer they eat apples, nuts, and corn. The red fox’s prey are small like squirrels, mice, and rats. The red fox looks like a cat when it attack.

  8. Enemies The red fox has lots of enemies. I will tell you some of them. They are wolves, coyotes , bobcats, and lynx. Humans are also an enemy. They kill and trap foxes for their fur. The fox is losing its habitat because people are taking up more space. That ends up hurting the red fox too.

  9. Conclusion • Here’s an interesting thing you might not know. • Did you know that a male red fox is called a reynard? Did you know the female is a vixen and the baby is a kit. A group of foxes is called a skulk or a leash. • Help… the red fox is in danger. • I hope you learned a lot about the red fox. I hope you will do a report on this animal. It is interesting .

  10. I hope you enjoyed learning about the red fox. • To learn more, visit • You can also visit your local library to learn more about the interesting red fox.