Central wan chai reclamation
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Central-Wan Chai Reclamation. A case study of sustainable development. Why is reclamation necessary in Central and Wan Chai?.

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Central wan chai reclamation

Central-Wan Chai Reclamation

A case study of sustainable development

Why is reclamation necessary in central and wan chai
Why is reclamation necessary in Central and Wan Chai?

  • to provide land for transport land use, e.g. the Hong Kong Station of the Airport Railway and the extended overrun tunnel of the Airport Railway; Central-Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link; future Shatin to Central Link; future North Hong Kong Island Line;

  • To provide land for recreational purpose, e.g. construction of a world class waterfront promenade;

  • to improve the environment of adjoining crowded districts by providing additional open space on the new reclamation; and

  • to integrate the development with the existing area.

Project details
Project details

  • At present three projects are completed. They include:

    • Central Reclamation Phase I (Hong Kong Station of the Airport Railway)

    • Central Reclamation Phase II (Tamar Basin)

    • Wan Chai Reclamation Phase I (HK Convention Exhibition Centre Extension)

  • In addition to the above completed works, the remaining two projects are:

    • Central Reclamation Phase III (Star Ferry & Tamar Extension Reclamation)

    • Wan Chai Development Phase II

Other related issues
Other related issues

  • construction of HKSAR Government Headquarters

  • construction of Central-Wan Chai Bypass

Turning tamar site to recreational area
Turning Tamar site to recreational area

  • Increase space for recreation

  • Improve air quality

  • Reduce building density

  • Alleviate the urban heat island effect

  • Help building a feeling of community if space can allow mass activity participation

Locational disadvantages of the old gov t headquarters
Locational disadvantages of the old Gov’t Headquarters

  • Small and limited space

  • Expansion is not possible

  • High cost of redevelopment

Locational advantages of tamar site
Locational advantages of Tamar site

  • Has the advantage of high centrality / accessibility

  • To the east, it connects to the cultural, performance arts and conventional facilities

  • To the south, it connects to the financial, commercial, business and tourism hubs

  • To the southwest, it connects to the area which is rich in historical and of heritage values

  • Coastal flatland available for development / relatively crowded than the old site

  • Further expansion is possible from reclamation

  • Good scenic views along Victoria Harbour

Is it a sustainable development
Is it a sustainable development?

  • It will become a new landmark in Hong Kong, e.g. favourable for tourism

  • Land price of the surrounding buildings may increase

  • Land value of surrounding buildings may decrease because they are near to government (institutional) uses and not the competitive commercial complex

  • With better traffic arrangement, traffic congestion will be alleviated

  • Favour the development on the HK Island side

  • Provide more job opportunities

  • More land for building / office supply

  • Ease the unemployment problem

  • Negative impacts

Major principles of development
Major principles of development

  • Minimize impact on physical environment

  • Preserve the public resource – harbour

  • Provide recreational land use or open space

Central wan chai by pass
Central-Wan Chai By-pass

Economic benefits


High construction cost

No toll fee is collected

  • Reduce time cost

  • Save time for delivery

  • Favour for logistics development

Central wan chai by pass1
Central-Wan Chai By-pass

Social benefits

Negative social impacts

Require reclamation

May face strong public opposition

block the Victoria harbour’s view

  • Higher accessibility to attract business more convenient, divert traffic flow

  • reduce traffic congestion in Causeway Bay / Wan Chai

  • reduce travel time

  • improve the coastal area’s land planning in North point

  • Reclamation work includes waterfront promenade

Central wan chai by pass2
Central-Wan Chai By-pass

Environmental benefits

Environmental impacts

--Reclamation-> Water pollution

--VC(victoria harbour) narrowedlow-lying area in sheung wan will be flooded

-- pollution during the construction period

  • Provide an elegant place for pedestrians to walk

  • --improve air quality—better ventilating system in the tunnel

  • -- drivers breath fresh air