welcome to pro318 hiring graduate assistants and fellows n.
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Welcome to PRO318 Hiring Graduate Assistants and Fellows PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to PRO318 Hiring Graduate Assistants and Fellows

Welcome to PRO318 Hiring Graduate Assistants and Fellows

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Welcome to PRO318 Hiring Graduate Assistants and Fellows

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  1. Welcome to PRO318Hiring Graduate Assistants and Fellows October 2013

  2. Contacts GAs: Curtis Bryant 273-1706 Fellows: Katie Wilson 273-1707 AsstDir: Janet Malphurs 273-1737

  3. Housekeeping • Introductions • Cell phones/electronic equipment • Breaks/restrooms • Fire drill! • Materials • Evaluations – please! • Counts toward PRO3 certification–HR/Payroll Track

  4. Academic Personnel • Academic Personnel • The core office resource for the processes discussed today! • Within Human Resource Services • Assists UF colleges with transactions related to academic appointments • Also provides support to the UF Provost’s Office as it relates to tenure and promotion

  5. Academic Personnel Web Site • Please visit the Academic Personnel web site for additional information, forms, etc.

  6. Includes information, relevant links, and forms for Graduate Assistants as well as Pre- and Post-Docs

  7. Session Objective • To understand the requirements (eligibility and paperwork), processes, and steps involved in hiring a Graduate Assistant or Pre- or Post-Doc Fellow • How does this help you?

  8. Agenda • For GAs • Review requirements and paperwork • Discuss ePAF • Discuss and demonstrate the Letter of Appointment • For Fellows • Review requirements and paperwork • Discuss and demonstrate ePAF • Discuss the Letter of Appointment

  9. So, let’s start with an overview of the process

  10. Overview of the Process • Hiring Graduate Assistants and Fellows • Step 1 – Confirm eligibility requirements, qualifications, and gather paperwork • Step 2 – Enter hire in ePAF and submit paperwork through ePAF Fax • Step 3 – Enter Letter of Appointment • Step 4 – Enter commitment accounting transaction

  11. Reminder Graduate Assistants are… • Students – must be registered with required number of hours (per FTE totals) • Employees – will have a job row in job data • Members of a bargaining unit (GAU) – minimum salaries set by GAU, Provost, and Grad School Did you know… Do GAs get personal leave days? Yes! As noted in the Graduate Assistants United Contract, GAs get up to up to five days paid personal leave per semester Pre-doctoral Fellows are… • Students – must be registered with required number of hours (biweekly or lump sum appointment) • Non-employees – paid through additional pay Post-doctoral Fellows are… • Not Students – already have the degree! • Non-employees – paid through additional pay

  12. FYI • There are three categories of Academic Personnel that are often confused: • Pre-Doctoral Fellows • Post-Doctoral Fellows • Post-Doctoral Associates—or “Post Docs” • We will discuss these categories today! • Attend “Guide to Faculty Appointments, Recruitment, and Hiring for UF Administrators” for more information

  13. Graduate Assistants

  14. Graduate Assistants Step 1 – Confirm eligibility requirements, qualifications, and gather paperwork

  15. Requirements: UFID and Classification • Verify student’s UFID • Directory & registrar’s information match? • Check student’s classification • Appointments require 7, 8, or 9 • 7 – Graduate student seeking first master’s degree • 8 – Graduate student who has earned a master’s degree or has earned 30 or more credits while seeking a graduate degree, but who has not been admitted to doctoral candidacy • 9 – Graduate student who has been admitted to doctoral candidacy

  16. 03/10/10 20101 00001111 Smith Jane 2010038 20101 C 9 LS GN 20105 C 9 LS GN 20098 C 9 LS GN SPRING GEW 7980 2592V 09-A

  17. Requirements: Title Qualification • Check Title Qualification

  18. Requirements: Title Qualification • Check Title Qualification

  19. Requirements: GPA • Check GPA • Overall GPA 3.0 or higher • Petition Graduate School if below 3.0 What is a petition and how do I do it?

  20. Petitions • Petitions allow exceptions to eligibility requirements • Submitted to Graduate School • Should include a description of situation and request assistantship/Fellowship and/or tuition payment be maintained • Should be approved by graduate coordinator or college Dean • Petitions approved on case-by-case basis For more information, attend PRO330 A Guide to Graduate Education

  21. Requirements: FTE • Check FTE totals • Key FTE Guidelines • US citizens • Up to 1.0 FTE • Over 1.0 FTE requires Request for Approval of Additional University Compensation (HR 600) form ( • Over .80 FTE subject to FICA (by Tax Services) • Foreign nationals • F1-J1 Visa – FTE total .50 for all jobs (Fall and Spring semesters – may reach 1.0 in Summer or when classes are not in session) • W-9 – treat like US citizen

  22. Requirements: FTE • Check (full-time) registration • Graduate Assistants and Pre-doc Fellows must meet minimum registration requirements (based on FTE) • Registration requirements can be found at • To waive registration requirements, petition Graduate School

  23. Requirements: Appointment Type • Confirm appointment type and dates • 9-month or 12-month • Appointment dates: • Appointment start dates (in ePAF) must conform to published semester dates – exceptions must be approved by Graduate School • Appointment dates in Letter of Appointment should reflect semester begin and end dates – no partial dates, tuition must be for full term • GASU (Summer GA 9-month) • Short Work Break • Summer Job Review Registrar’s web site ( lists calendar dates Human Resource Services – Academic Personnel web site ( for semester begin and end dates

  24. Requirements: Minimum Salaries • Check FTE minimum salaries (effective 2013-14) • 9-month appointments (19.5 bi-weekly periods)

  25. Requirements: Minimum Salaries • Check FTE minimum salaries (effective 2013-14) • 12 month appointments (26.1 bi-weekly periods)

  26. Requirements: Tuition Payments • Additional requirements for tuition payment • Must be appointed as Graduate Assistant or Fellow (with appointment and Letter of Appointment funding) • Must be employed at least .25 FTE and stay employed according to applicable semester dates • Fellowship funding of $4000 or more for the semester

  27. Requirements: Appointment Changes • When an appointment changes • Rate change • Requires change in duties or responsibilities • Note: indicate change in duties or responsibilities in ePAF comments box; keep copy of old and new job duties and responsibilities on file in department • Change in FTE • FTE changes must have corresponding and proportional change in salary up or down, unless duties or responsibilities change

  28. Requirements: Appointment Changes • When an appointment changes • Change in title • Need appropriate student classification • Reminder: teaching titles require international students (from non-English speaking countries) to pass the Test for Spoken English (TSE)

  29. Requirements: Rehiring • When rehiring Graduate Assistants • New I-9 required if one day break in service! (Other paperwork valid for one year) • Away from original hire department two academic semesters or less • Same pay rate, unless change in FTE, duties, or responsibilities • Away from original hire department more than two academic semesters • Pay rate can change

  30. Requirements: Multiple Appointments • When hiring a Graduate Assistant with multiple appointments • Same department – pay rates must be same, unless duties or responsibilities differ • Different departments – pay rates can be different

  31. Terminations • Failure to maintain eligibility will result in termination of Graduate Assistant appointment • Tuition and/or full fees will back out after termination (regardless of when student becomes ineligible within semester) • When a student terminates (during a semester) • Indicate in ePAF comments section that copy of letter from student ending his/her appointment is on file in department Reminder: Regular GA terminations should be dated one day after semester end date or Letter of Appointment will become inactive

  32. GA Paperwork • Submit through GatorStart or via ePAF fax imaging (if using paper hiring packet) • I-9 with supporting documents (tutorial available at • W-4 with copy of social security card or ITIN # • 4-in-1 form (HR50 – includes Loyalty Oath, Intellectual Property Agreement, Veteran Survey/Ethnicity and Race Form) • Selective Service registration (US male 18-25) • Direct Deposit Form (starter checks acceptable) Notes: • For employees active in system (job data), indicate in ePAF that up-to-date paperwork is on file • Loyalty Oath and Intellectual Property Agreement should be notarized

  33. GA Paperwork • Additional required paperwork for Foreign Nationals • I-20 (F1 Visa) or DS-2019 (J1 Visa) • Foreign National Information Form and attachments (Windstar) • Foreign Nationals without Social Security card must apply at Social Security Administration (temporary SS# from Tax Services if needed) • I-94 (front and back) • Confirm TSE score for GA job code with teaching, if applicable

  34. Use the New Hire Checklist to confirm required paperwork and attach to ePAF via fax imaging!

  35. GatorGradCare • To ensure access to GatorGradCare health insurance, it’s critically important to enter appointments in the system on a timely basis • Eligibility is confirmed based on job data, Letter of Appointment, and tuition waivers • Enrollment End Dates for each term: • Fall is September 14th • Spring is January 30th • Summer is May 16th • Call GA Benefits Office: 392-0003 or go to:

  36. #1 Let’s Review!Work with a partner to test your knowledge!

  37. Review #1 • All Graduate Assistants need a Letter of Appointment. True (and more later…) • If a graduate student terminates, the tuition payment will only be rescinded if fewer than 60 days into a semester. False. The tuition payment will rescind if termination occurs at any time during the semester

  38. Review #1 3. A Graduate Assistant in your department has two GA appointments of 0.25 FTE. He must register for 18 hours in the Fall semester to receive a tuition waiver. False. The required registration is 9 hours 4. You can pay a GA below the minimum salary if they sign an agreement that you keep on file. False. Departments must meet minimum salaries as required by GAU agreement

  39. Review #1 5. When can a Foreign National be over 0.50 FTE? When he/she has no classes or during the summer 6. A new I-9 must be completed if the break in service exceeds one year. False. A new I-9 must be completed if there is a one day break in service.

  40. Graduate Assistants Step 2 – Enter Hire in ePAF and submit paperwork

  41. ePAF • Navigation: • UF Departmental Administration > ePAF Home page > Start a New ePAF

  42. Which ePAF Form? • Use Hire an Employee form to • Hire a new employee • Transfer an employee into your department • Add an additional job for an employee in your department • Additional pay to an employee in another department

  43. Which ePAF Form? • Use Edit Existing Job form to • Change an employee job code • Change pay rate • Change FTE

  44. Applicant’s UFID and personal information (name, SSN, DOB, address, phone, etc.) Job code Salary plan Employee class Workgroup Comp Rate FTE FICA Status Always Exempt unless Windstar states otherwise. If the applicant already works for UF: Are they leaving their other job, or are they taking on an additional job? You Need to Know

  45. Hiring a GA in ePAF • Using ePAF to hire a Graduate Assistant • For step-by-step instructions see Hiring at UF instruction guide at • For more details on using ePAF and hands-on practice, enroll in the PST920 Managing ePAF online course

  46. Common ePAF problems • Don’t get an ePAF denied or recycled for these reasons! • Missing required paperwork • FICA Status (needs to be exempt) • Job Code • Comp Rate • Workgroup (for Foreign National) • Citizenship Status • FTE total over .50 for Foreign National • Classification not 7, 8, or 9 • Not registered properly per FTE

  47. Job Data • When approved by level 2, your ePAF creates an EmplRcd # in Job Data • Job information is populated – including job code, salary plan, compensation, etc. • Employee is eligible for a commitment accounting transaction

  48. Let’s take a break!

  49. Graduate Assistants (and Fellows) Step 3 – Enter Letter of Appointment

  50. Letter of Appointment • Navigation: • Workforce Administration > UF Grad Letters of Appointment > UF Grad Letters of Appointment