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NC School Counselors Guidance Essential Standards

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NC School Counselors Guidance Essential Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NC School Counselors Guidance Essential Standards. Guidance Essential Standards. Linda Brannan , K-12 Student Support Services Consultant Karen Meadows, Supervisor of K-8 Counseling Guilford County Schools Fredricca Stokes, Supervisor of High School Counseling Guilford County .

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guidance essential standards

Guidance Essential Standards

Linda Brannan,

K-12 Student Support Services Consultant

Karen Meadows,

Supervisor of K-8 Counseling

Guilford County Schools

Fredricca Stokes,

Supervisor of High School Counseling

Guilford County

  • Learn about DPI resources and tools to support the initiatives within the RttTGrant
  • Understand and dive deeply into the Guidance Essential Standards in order to meet the learning needs of all students
  • Connect the Guidance Essential Standards with Data Literacy
  • Continue to refine, develop, and plan for Professional Development and the deployment of the new NCSCS across the LEA
  • Make Connections!

Alignment Activity

Refer to:Proficiency Levels NC DPI Instruction Guidance Essential Standards WorksheetsLook at the Standards Sheet on your table. List guidance curriculum activities you are currently doing in your district that align with the clarifying objectives/standards/strands

alignment with national standards for students2
Alignment with National Standards for Students

ASCA Competencies

NC Guidance Essential Standards

“The ultimate goal for 21st Century students is to be informed about the knowledge and skills that prepare them to be lifelong learners in a global context”

Purpose of Standards:To define and communicate the knowledge and skills a student must master to be globally competitive

GES Preamble, 2011

“Identify and prioritize the specific attitudes, knowledge and skills students should be able to demonstrate as a result of the school counseling program”

ASCA National Model, 3rd Edition

Both are Student Centered

understanding the standards
Understanding the Standards
  • Preamble – Overview and purpose
  • Preamble Scavenger Hunt Activity
    • Table Teams: Answer and Discuss the questions of the Scavenger Hunt
the big picture

How I teach this standard

The Big Picture




How this standard is assessed:




How this standard is reflected in student behavior/work


standards are not
Standards are not…
  • Intended to be the comprehensive school counseling program – it is the curriculum not the entire program
  • The same as the evaluation/appraisal

School counselors are leaders in their school and advocates for creating positive systemic change

understanding the standards refer to proficiency levels
Understanding the Standards(Refer to Proficiency Levels)
  • Standards are for Students
    • Proficiency Levels arebased on student readiness, NOT a grade level placement
    • Clarifying Objectives indicate what students are to know, understand, and be able to do
    • Prototypical Performance Assessment

Proficiency Levels

RED = Readiness / Exploratory / Discovery

EEE = Early Emergent / Emergent

P = Progressing

EI = Early Independent

I = Independent

strands standards clarifying objectives no grade levels oh my
Strands, Standards & Clarifying Objectives….No Grade Levels, Oh My!

Strand 1 (S1): Socio-Emotional (SE)

Strand 2 (S2): Cognitive (C)

Strand 3 (S3): Career (CR)

2-4 Essential Standards per strand with clarifying objectives for students to master within the proficiency levels for each standard


Quiz (Work independently)

Write out the full name for the abbreviated identifier








Guidance Essential StandardsRefer to:Proficient LevelsNC Essential Standards Draft with Prototypical Performance Assessment


Example: Essential Standard Early Emergent/Emergent:EEE.SE.1 Understand the meaning and importance of personal responsibility.

Clarifying Objective: Contrast appropriate and inappropriate physical contact.

Activity: A student keeps purposefully bumping into you each time that student sees you. This behavior is now making you uncomfortable.

  • Explain how you can approach this student and express how this behavior makes you feel.
  • Demonstrate to me what you consider to be your “personal space”.
  • Role play how you can approach and talk with student.

Example: Essential Standard Early Independent:EI.SE.1 Understand the meaning and importance of personal responsibility.

Clarifying Objective: Explain the impact of personal responsibility on others.

Activity: You are with two friends when a third friend asks you to steal an item off the lunch line.

  • How would you categorize this behavior (stealing)?
  • What function will your personal values play in your decision making about this request?
  • Analyze how your decision in this matter could affect your future.
Example: Essential Standard Independent:I.SE.1 Understand the meaning and importance of personal responsibility.

Clarifying Objective: Understand the importance of self-control and responsibility.

Activity: Your classmate who is the class representative has a reputation for not being hones and not following through on promises. He asked you to chair a committee to examine the school’s discipline code. You are undecided about how to answer because of reputation.

  • Explain your decision in terms of personal responsibility and leadership.
  • Predict (hypothesize) your classmate’s reaction.
  • How would you define your decision while maintaining a positive relationship with your classmate?
Example: Essential Standard Progressing:P.SE.1 Understand the meaning and importance of personal responsibility.

Clarifying Objective: Identify how to set boundaries that maintain personal rights while paying attention to the rights of others.

Activity: You have been divided into groups in your class. As a group leader, you made the team assignments, but one member is not joining the group and fulfilling his duties.

  • What approach would you use to address this student?
  • Identify how this student’s actions are affecting others in the group.
  • What examples can you give to show the student is not being responsible?
  • Develop an action plan as a group that would help everyone be involved.

Example: Essential Standard Readiness:RED.SE.1 Understand the meaning and importance of personal responsibility.

Clarifying Objective: Understand the importance of self-control and responsibility.

Activity: Your best friend tells a lie about you to several of your friends.

  • Describe how this makes you feel.
  • Draw a picture showing how this made you feel.
  • List three (3) things you can do in this situation to help you control your emotions.
understanding the standards1
Understanding the Standards

Beach Ball Activity

S – choose a standard and read aloud

CO/PL – read aloud a clarifying objective (CO) & proficiency level (PL) within this standard then state one proficiency level verb for this specific CO

A – describe a counseling activity using the proficiency level verb that might help a student understand this standard and clarifying objective

unpacking documents
Unpacking Documents
  • Unpacking of the Standards
    • What do the standards mean?
  • Lesson Samples/Assessment Prototypes
  • Formative Assessment Samples
    • How do I know my students learned the skill(s)?
    • Do I need to change/diversify how I teach the lesson(s)?

Performance Evaluation





Not Demonstrated


The performance evaluation is based on the 2008

NC Professional School Counseling Standards (refer to front of notebook)

Standard 1 – School counselors demonstrate leadership,

advocacy, and collaboration.

Standard 2 – School counselors promote a respectful

environment for a diverse population of students.

Standard 3 – School counselors understand and facilitate the

implementation of a comprehensive school

counseling program.

Standard 4 – School counselors promote learning for all students

Standard 5 – School counselors actively reflect on their practice.

dr lorin w anderson
Dr. Lorin W. Anderson

RBT Module at NC Education

dirty data
Dirty Data

Don’t want to be a D.R.I.P (Data Rich Information Poor)

what is data literacy
What is Data Literacy?
  • Understanding how to:
    • Find data
    • Evaluate data
    • Use data to inform decisions

A data literate person possesses the knowledge to:

    • Gather
    • Analyze
    • Graphically convey information
    • Support decision-making
data driven decision making d3m
Data Driven Decision Making(D3M)
  • Collecting appropriate data
  • Analyzing the data
  • Getting the data to the people who need it
  • Using the data to increase school efficiencies and improve student achievement

Types of Data

Student Achievement Data

Measures students’ academic progress

Achievement Related Data

Measures data related to academic achievement

Standards and competency related data

Measures student competency

Disaggregate Data

Separation of data by variables to see if there are groups of students who may not be doing as well as others


Program Evaluation Data

1. Process

What did you do for whom?/What was the process?

Ex: Conducted 7 professional development sessions with an average of 120 individuals per session.

2. Perception

What do people think they know, believe or can do?

Ex: 90% of GCS counselors can define and demonstrate knowledge of HBD procedures, interventions/preventions.

3. Results

So what? – “Show Me The Money”

Ex: Sessions on bully prevention increased by 50%

  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High
nc wise resource graduation resiliency factors
NC Wise Resource Graduation Resiliency Factors

NC Wise Report: Early Warning Report

where do i find the unpacking documents
Where do I find the Unpacking Documents

School Counseling Wikispace/LiveBinders

  • Guidance Essential Standards
  • Unpacking Documents
  • Formative Assessment Examples
nc school counseling wiki
NC School Counseling Wiki

NCDPI School Counseling WikiSpace

NCDPI School Counseling LiveBinder