atlas bis mdt wiring facility
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ATLAS BIS MDT wiring facility

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ATLAS BIS MDT wiring facility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ATLAS BIS MDT wiring facility. UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS. D. Fassouliotis P. Ioannou C. Kourkoumelis V. Pancheluga D. Pappas E. Stefanidis V. Birioukov (engineer from Protvino). Visit our web-page at: AIM: Wire/check all the Monitored

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atlas bis mdt wiring facility
ATLAS BIS MDTwiring facility


  • D. Fassouliotis
  • P. Ioannou
  • C. Kourkoumelis
  • V. Pancheluga
  • D. Pappas
  • E. Stefanidis
  • V. Birioukov (engineer from Protvino)

Visit our web-page at:


Wire/check all the Monitored

Drift Tubes for the ATLAS

BIS chambers

30,000 !! Tubes – 128 chambers (8 layers)

Construction specifications……:

Wire position ± 25 μm

Wire tension 350 ± 15 gr

Gas leak rate < 10-8 bar*l/sec at 3 bar

Leak at 3.4 kV (gain 1.6*105) < 2nA/m

……necessary to

achieve such

physics results :

H  μμμμ

to accoplish aim
  • Build a clean room
  • 20±1 oC
  • Class 50,000
  • Develop a wiring table+wiring tools
  • Flat top
  • Tube holders
  • Alignment of two end-plug-holders
  • End-plug insertion (coaxility tube/end-plug)
  • Tube pressure crimping
  • Speed of wire threading
  • Wire tensioning
  • Develop on-line QA of tube construction
  • parameters
  • Length check
  • End-plug/tube axis coaxiality
  • Wire tension
CERN Bulletin 33/99; 16 August 1999

First ATLAS muon chamber arrives from Greek production line

Greek delegate to CERN Council, Professor Emmanuel Floratos

(front, centre), accompanied by members of the Greek team, with

the first ATLAS muon chamber built in Greece installed in the

x-ray tomograph at CERN.

…the first precision chamber to come off a production line was built by a collaboration of three Greekuniversities and it arrived at CERN from Thessaloniki on 5 August. This chamber is the first complete model of 1200 that will be built around the world over the next few years.….

first chamber from 17 sites in 9 countries to pass all tests 13 m position fluctuation of wire
FIRST CHAMBER FROM 17 SITES IN 9 COUNTRIES TO PASS ALL TESTS (13 μm position fluctuation of wire)

Verifying the alignment of interferometer beam optics on the ATLAS

experiment's X-ray tomograph at CERN. A small muon chamber from

Greece, destined for the barrel region of the detector, is on the tomograph.

It went on to pass the test with its wires showing an average fluctuation

of just 13 mm from their nominal positions. To pass the test, a chamber

has to score less than 20 mm.

CERN Courier, October 2000

The tools we use ….