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TRO LL EY – Promoting electric public transport. Johann Kogler, Salzburg AG Cross-Fertilisation Workshop Prague, 24 November 2010. “ TRO LL EY ” A project for a worth living future!. Central Europe project. Objectives of TROLLEY. The project TROLLEY will:

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Tro ll ey promoting electric public transport

TROLLEY – Promoting electric public transport

Johann Kogler,

Salzburg AG

Cross-Fertilisation Workshop

Prague, 24 November 2010

Tro ll ey promoting electric public transport


A project for a worth living future!

Objectives of trolley

Central Europe project

Objectives of TROLLEY

The project TROLLEYwill:

  • deliver transferable strategies for implementation of trolleybus systems

  • develop innovative ways of promoting trolleybus systems as environmentally friendly transport mode and thereby

  • “reshape” and update the image of trolleybusesin Central Europe

9 project partners

Central Europe project

9 Project Partners

  • Salzburg AG, Public transport operator of Salzburg, Austria

  • City of Brno, Czech Republic

  • Barnim Bus GmbH, Bus operator of Eberswalde, Germany

  • TEP S.p.A.: Public transport operator of Parma, Italy

  • Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH, Public transport operator of Leipzig, Germany

  • City of Gdynia, Poland

  • University of Gdansk, Poland

  • SZKT, Public transport operator of Szeged, Hungary

  • TrolleyMotion Action Group, Salzburg, Austria

Optimised energy use for trolleybus systems wp3

Core Outputs

Optimised energy use for trolleybus systems (WP3)

  • Transnational manual on advanced energy storagePart 1 (“super caps”); resultsbased on pilotinvestmentof 7 super capacitators in ParmaPart 2 (network-based energy recovery); resultsbased on pilotinvestmentofone network-basedenergystorage in Eberswalde;Comparisonofthetwostorageapproaches in TROLLEY

  • Handbook on Detailed Diesel Bus to Trolleybus Conversion Principles; a study on technical, operational andenergysavingpotentialsbasedon experiences in GdyniaandSzeged

  • Reference Guide on Trolleybus-Tram Network Use; feasibility study in order to systematically analyse the consequences, benefits and technical requirements of a joint use of tram and trolley networks (Leipzig)

Increasing efficiency of pt wp4

Core Outputs

Increasing Efficiency of PT (WP4)

  • Transnational take-up guide on diesel bus replacement: incl. standardised approaches for route selection & efficiency analysis of the trolleybus introduction (Salzburg, Brno, Eberswalde)

  • Trolleybus Intermodal Compendium: studies and investment preparation on integration of trolleybuses and tram systems and non-motorised modes (Brno, Szeged)

  • Joint Trolleybus Declaration: commitment for the cooperation between the relevant trolleybus stakeholders

  • E-learning Modules for “Optimising Energy Use of Trolleybuses”, “Increasing Efficiency of Public Transport” and “Reshaping Image of Trolleybuses”

  • Establishment of a Central European trolleybus knowledge office

Reshaping Image of Trolleybuses (WP5)

Tro ll ey promoting electric public transport

Main achievements 1RP

Communication, knowledge management and dissemination (WP2)

  • Launch Event, 1 July 2010, Gdynia, PL, with high-level representatives of each partner and the European Commission

  • Joint TROLLEY Declaration, lobbying document signed by stakeholders of the trolleybus community to promote e-mobility

  • Website (incl. TROLLEY Wiki) & Press Kit, PR material for all PP

Tro ll ey promoting electric public transport

Main achievements 2RP

Communication, knowledge management and dissemination (WP2)

  • 1st City-Industry-Summit, 21 Oct 2010, Parma, IT, with city & industry representatives from Italy, Czech Republic, & Germany

  • E-Learning Modules for WP3, 4 & 5, concept paper in December 2010 (milestone)

  • WP3 Kick-off meeting(World Café WS), 22 Oct 2010, Parma, IT, brainstorming & planningwithregardto transnational outputs

  • Best practicehandbook ondieselbusconversion, examplesfrom Gdynia &Gdynia & Szeged in January 2010

  • Manual on AdvancedEnergyStorage (supercaps), chapter„marketoverview“ in January 2010

Optimised Energy Use(WP3)

Tro ll ey promoting electric public transport

Main achievements 2RP

Increasing Efficiency of PT (WP4)

Reshaping Image of Trolleybuses (WP5)

  • WP4 Kick-off meeting(World Café WS), 8-9 Feb 2010, Brno, CZ, brainstorming & planningwithregardto transnational outputs

  • 1st European Trolleybus Day,18 Sep 2010, in Salzburg, Brno, Eberswalde, Parma, Leipzig, Szeged & Gdynia (ca. 20.000 visitors)

  • TROLLEY Image Questionnairesin all partnercities (except Leipzig), appprox. 1.000 responses, results in January 2011

  • Review of best-practicesfortrolleybuspromotion, results inJanuary 2010

  • Trolleybus Knowledge Center,conceptpaper in January 2011(milestone)

Tro ll ey promoting electric public transport

Possibilities for Cooperation

  • Signingof „TrolleyDeclaration“

  • Useofe-Learning modules(firstmodule Feb 2011)

  • Image campaign(conceptcanbeusedbyothercities, too)

  • Joint development & useofTrolleybus Knowledge Center(setupof expert pool & libraryfrom end of 2011 on)

  • Annual European Trolleybus Day Initiative, 17 Sept 2011

  • Attendanceatannual „City-Industry-Summits“

  • AttendanceattheInternational Marketing Symposium in Lviv, Ukraine, June 2011 (callfor TROLLEY Marketing Award)

  • Attendanceat „Final Conference“ in Szeged, January 2013

Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention!

Trolleybus is future!

Tro ll ey promoting electric public transport

Possibilities for Cooperation

NWE example: Strategic Cluster Initiative“SYnergy of New Advanced/Adapted Public Transport Solutions Improving Connectivity in the NWE region”

  • Aim: Enhance the framework conditions for and promote the development of seamless and integrated mobility networks to facilitate door-to-door journeys by public transport (PT) in NWE in the present and next programming period

  • Outputs: NWE Master Plan (Strategic Research Agenda for seamless sustainable PT in NEW, basis for future project ideas), policy recommendations,

  • Projects: RoCK (NL), BAPTS (DE), ICMA (UK), SINTROPHER (UK)

  • Launch Event: 8June 2011

  • Methodology: Impacting policy making and stakeholder involvement by EU round table seminars, policy meetings, lobbying papers , cluster campaign, open innovation forums etc.