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Science, Technology and Reasoning Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Science, Technology and Reasoning Skills

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Science, Technology and Reasoning Skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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month day, year. Science, Technology and Reasoning Skills. 2010 KSTA Conference Lisa Devillez Marshall County High School. COURSE TITLE: S.T.A.R.S. ( S cience, T echnology, A nd R easoning S kills). GRADE LEVEL: 9 PRE-REQUISITE: None ELECTIVE

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month day, year

Science, Technology and Reasoning Skills

2010 KSTA Conference

Lisa Devillez

Marshall County High School

course title s t a r s s cience t echnology a nd r easoning s kills
COURSE TITLE:S.T.A.R.S.(Science, Technology, And Reasoning Skills)
  • COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in all areas of science. Activities range from research of science-related topics to hands-on inquiry labs to design and building of mechanical/electrical devices. A primary goal of the course is to provide foundational knowledge and skills for students considering careers in science-related fields (for example, research, engineering, medicine, veterinary, and technology).
what that really means
What that really means…

Our freshmen needed exposure to:

  • more rigorous coursework
  • real science
why would i agree to do this
Why would I agree to do this…
  • Ulterior motives
  • Belief in the cause
unexpected benefits
Unexpected benefits…
  • Planning from a new perspective: my basic mandate
    • ACT Science Reasoning skills
    • Maintain / motivate an interest in STEM related careers
    • Prepare for success in honors and AP science and math
  • Greater opportunity to make a difference
planning resources
Planning Resources…
  • Science Olympiad Events
  • Young Epidemiology Scholars
  • High School Courses Developed by MIT
  • Case Studies
  • PLTW materials
  • ACT Science Prep materials
in the beginning
In the beginning…
  • Write It Do It (observation and data recording skills)
  • Density (measurement, math, creativity, teamwork)
  • Recipe for Invention (research, reflective writing, presention skills, creativity)
upping the ante
Upping the ante…
  • Epidemiology

(data collection and analysis, statistics, percents, ratios)

    • Frequency (Measures in Epidemiology)
    • Association (TV and Aggressive Acts)
    • Causation (Disease Outbreak Investigation)
  • Long Term Research Project
upping the ante1
Upping the ante…
  • Wind Power

(experiment design, data collection and analysis, electricity and magnetism)

  • Long Term Design Project
making it through the long winter
Making it through the long winter…
  • Continuation of epidemiology and wind power projects
  • Electric Guitar Building (electricity, sound, design and building skills)
the rewards of spring
The rewards of Spring…
  • Continuation of epidemiology and wind power projects
  • Programming robots (digital electronics, computer programming, experiment design)
all along the way
All along the way…
  • ACT Science and Reasoning practice
  • Identifying and “filling the gaps”
    • What I assumed freshmen knew
    • Using Science Olympiad Events
looking to the future
Looking to the future…
  • There’s only one of me.
  • Increasing AP Chemistry enrollment
  • Improving math performance