polish traces on lithuania n.
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Polish traces on Lithuania

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Polish traces on Lithuania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Polish traces on Lithuania. Klaipeda country. T he Amber R oad.

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t he amber r oad

It was an ancient trade routeused to transport amberfromBalticSee to Italy. Theraw was takenfromtheseein Poland, Lithuania and anotherEuropeancountries. TheroadleadthroughttheKlaipeda’s country seeside,Polish and otherSlovenianlands. Trade was changingduringages and tradersweregoing to many ancientcities(for example: to Krakow).

jan karol chodkiewicz
Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

JonasKarolisChodkeviciuscamefromKretynga on Lithuania, and diedduringthe Chocim battlewith Turkey in 1621. He was Polish and Lithuanianmilitarycommandercalled Great Hetman and one of thebesteuropeanarmystrategistsinXVIIthcentury.

the november uprising

TheNovemberUprising was in 1830-1831 and was therebelagainstRussian Empire. Somebattlestook place inPalanga on Lithuania. Unfortunately,likealluprisingtheyweredefeat.

the tyszkiewicz family
The Tyszkiewicz family

Thisfamily was polish-lithuanianmagnats. Tyszkiewiczewereverywealthy and influencedfamily. Members of race weretreasures of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, generals, politiciansand egyptologists.

Thecrest of Tyszkiewicz family

the tyszkiewicz family1
The Tyszkiewicz family

Their property isscatterredin Europe but most of theirgoodsareinPoland, Lithuania and Belarus. NowinTyszkiewicz PalaceinPalenga, thereisthemuseum of amber. Palace was buildinXIXthcentury and the first owner was Feliks Tyszkiewicz.