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MImOSA Project, Feb. 26th, INPE, Sao Jose dos Campos, Bazil PowerPoint Presentation
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MImOSA Project, Feb. 26th, INPE, Sao Jose dos Campos, Bazil

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MImOSA Project, Feb. 26th, INPE, Sao Jose dos Campos, Bazil - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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"Research activities and technological development for upper atmosphere studies as a contribution to communications and satellite navigation”.

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MImOSA Project, Feb. 26th, INPE, Sao Jose dos Campos, Bazil

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"Research activities and technological development for upper atmosphere studies as a contribution to communications and satellite navigation”

Miguel A. Cabrera, Rodolfo G. Ezquer and Marta MosertUniversidad Nacional de TucumánUniversidad Tecnológica NacionalCONICET & ICATE ARGENTINA

MImOSA Project, Feb. 26th, INPE, Sao Jose dos Campos, Bazil


We are here …





La Plata

San Juan


We are involved on activities as…

  • Research Projects.
  • Development of prototypes.
  • Human Resources Training.

MImOSA Project, Feb. 26th, INPE, Sao Jose dos Campos, Bazil


Objectives of our Activity

Study the ionosphere behavior in quiet and perturbed conditions.

Contribution to understand ionospheric anomalies and irregularities.

Give continuity to the growth of our capability for

R & D in radio remote sensing for geophysical studies.

Contribution to human resources training on graduate and postgraduate levels.


Collaboration with National Groups

and Laboratories

From Argentina:

  • Laboratorio de Telecomunicaciones (UNT)
  • Laboratorio de Ionosfera, (FACET - UNT)
  • CIASUR , (FRT – UTN )
  • ICATE – CONICET (San Juan )
  • Facultad de Ciencias Astronómicas (UNLP)

Current Research Projects

"Contribution to the strengthening of infrastructure to support Argentina ionospheric radio communications and satellite navigation“.

Grant: PIP 0611 CONICET (2010-2012).


Director: Dr. Rodolfo G. Ezquer

"Contribution to the development of an argentine system to study and predict the behavior of the ionized atmosphere“.

Grant : PID 25/P047 Universidad TecnológicaNacional(2012-2015)


Director: Dr. Rodolfo G. Ezquer


Current Research Projects (cont…)

“Study and Modeling of Ionospheric Magnitude for Communication and Navigation Satellite Systems”.

Grant: 26/E408; Universidad Nacional de Tucuman (2008-2013).


Director: Miguel A. Cabrera.

“Appliedresearch in themiddle and upperatmosphere as a contributiontocommunications, and climatechange”.

Grant: National Agency forScience and Technology

PICT: 2011-1008 (2012-2015).


ResponsibleGroup: Miguel A. Cabrera, Georgina Elías, Rodolfo G. Ezquer, Gustavo A. Mansilla and Marta Zossi.


Current Research Projects (cont…)

“Argentine Network for Upper Atmospheric Research”

Grant: CONICET, Res: 2339/2011. (2011-2013).

Director: Dr. Claudio Brunini


Promote collaborations among Argentine researchers, educators and students, in scientific and technological research targeted to the studies of the upper atmosphere.

The collaborations will contribute to the formation of human resources and take full advantage of the existing and planned measuring capabilities, including deployed instruments and facilities.


Collaboration with Foreign Institutions

IstitutoNazionale di Geofísica e Vulcanologia (INGV), Italy.

Tucuman Ionospheric Station

Universidad TecnológicaNacional, (Since 2007)

GPS (TEC & Scintillation) Station

Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, (Since 2010)



AIS-INGV Ionosonde

GPS- Scintillation & TEC


Collaboration with Foreign Institutions (cont…)

Atmospheric Physics Institute (Czech. Republic)

“Magnetosphere - ionosphere-troposphere coupling

and its impact on ionospheric variability”

Czech Director: Dra. Dalia Buresova

Arg. Director: Prof. Marta Mosert

The main aim of this project is to examine the contribution of AGWs excited by meteorological processes to ionospheric variability and energy balance of the ionosphere.

The experimental part of the project consists predominantly in collecting, manual checking and analysis of data obtained from ionosonde and Doppler network, microbarographs and GPS.


Doppler Stations

Receiving Station


Lat: 26°50'37"S

Long: 65°13'48"O

Transmitting Stations


Lat: 26°56'34"S

Long: 65°42'25"O

Vector from TUC: 49 km WSW


Lat: 27°29'49"S

Long: 64°52'11"O

Vector from TUC: 80 km SE


Lat: 26°33'48"S


Vector from TUC: 74 km ENE


Some developments for prototypes design

Lab. Telecomunicaciones, CIASuR & Lab. Ionosphere.

Lic. María G. Molina (PhD. Est.)

Eng. Jorgelina Lopéz (PhD. Est.)

Eng. SilvinaGrupalli (PhD. Est.)

Eng. Luis A. Scidá (PhD. Est.)

Eng. Fernando Miranda Bonomi (PhD. Est.)

Eng. Juan Ise

Eng. José Cangemi

Eng. Marcelo Albornóz

…and 10 advanced Students of Electronic Engineering

some prototypes of
Someprototypes of:
  • Turnstile Antenna , ISR, (VHF) (finished)
  • Path antenna array ( UHF)(finished)
  • Simulator for radar antenna beam (L) (finished)
  • Encoded carrier generator (HF) (working in V2.0)
  • Lightning detector (working in V2.0)
  • Microwave generator (X) (working)
  • Electromagnetic structures (VHF) (working)
  • Highly accurate transmitter (HF) (working)

Human Resources Training

  • Postgraduate Courses on Geophysics
  • Year 2010
  • “Ionospheric Physics". Dr. Rodolfo G. Ezquer, CONICET (Argentina)
  • "Elements of nonlinear analysis of time series in geophysical applications.
  • Dr.Alexander Calzadilla Mendez, IGA (Cuba)
  • "General principles of Radars“, Dr. Miguel A. Cabrera, UNT (Argentina)
  • "Development of Ionospheric Radars". Dr. Enrico Zuccheretti, INGV (Italy)
  • "Magneto-ionic theory and systems for auto scaling of ionograms"
  • Dr. Michael Pezzopane, INGV (Italy)
  • "Principles and techniques for measuring ionospheric scintillation"
  • Dr. Vincenzo Romano, INGV (Italy)
  • Years 2011 – 2012
  • “Signal processing using reconfigurable hardware design applied to radars for geophysical applications”. Dr. James Baskaradas, INGV (Italy)
  • “Principles and techniques of ionospheric scintillation measurement”. Dr. Vincenzo Romano, INGV (Italy)
  • “VHDL for digital design in FPGAs and CPLDs” Msc. J. Scandaliaris,UNT(Arg.)
published results cont
Published Results (cont…)

“Critical Frequency and maximum electron density of F2 region over tours stations in the North American Sector”, R. G. Ezquer, M. A. Cabrera, J. L. López, M. A. Albornóz, M. Mosert, P. Marcó and D. Buresova. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, V 73; pp 420-429, 2011.

“Some Considerations on Different Time Domain Signal Processing in Pulse Compression Radars”, M. A. Cabrera, E. Zuccheretti, R. G. Ezquer, U. Sciacca, J. M. López, M. G. Molina and J. A. Baskaradas. Publicado, Annals of Geophysics, V53; N° 5-6; pp 1-11, Ed. INGV, 2010.

“Satellite traces, Range Spread F occurrence, and Gravity Wave Propagation at the Southern Anomaly Crest”; M. A. Cabrera, M. Pezzopane, E. Zuccheretti, and R. G. Ezquer. Annales Geophysicae; N°28, pp 1133-1140, 2010.

“IRI 2001/90 TEC predictions over a low latitude station”, L. Scidá, R. G. Ezquer, M. A. Cabrera y M. Mosert. Publicado en Advances in SpaceResearch, Gran Bretaña, vol 44, pág. 736-741, 2009.

“ON THE TIME OF MINIMUN IONIZATION IN THE F2 REGION”, Ezquer, R.G.; Cabrera, M.A.; Mosert, M.; Radicella and Migoya Orue, Y. Adv. Space Research, pp 659-665, Vol 42, 2008; Ed. Pergamon, ISSN:0273-1177.

published results cont1
Published Results (cont…)

“THE NEW IONOSPHERIC STATION OF TUCUMAN”: First Results, Pezzopane Michael, Enrico Zuccheretti, C. Bianchi, C. Scotto, B. Zolesi, M.A. Cabrera and R. Ezquer. Annals of Geophysics, Vol 50, N 3, pp: 483-493, June 2007.

“SLANT TOTAL ELECTRON CONTENT FOR SIRIO-MORTELLICCIO RAY PATH”, M. A. Cabrera, R. G. Ezquer and P. Spalla. Annals of Geophysics, Vol 49, N° 4/5, pp 891-896; 2006.

“PREDICTED AND MEASURED SLANT IONOSPHERIC ELECTRON CONTENT”, M. A. Cabrera, Rodolfo G. Ezquer and S. M. Radicella, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, vol. 67, pág. 1566 – 1572 , 2005.

“DAY-TO-DAY VARIABILITY OF IONOSPHERIC CHARACTERISTICS IN THE AMERICAN SECTOR”, R. G. Ezquer, M. Mosert, r. Corbella, M. Erazú, S. M. Radicella, M. A. Cabrera, L de la Zerda. Adv. Space. Res., Vol. 34, 1887-1893, 2004.

“SCINTILLATIONS OBSERVED AT TUCUMAN AS OBSERVED FROM GPS SIGNALS. FIRST RESULTS”, R. G. Ezquer, P. M. Kintner, M. A. Cabrera and B. Forte, Adv. Space. Res., Vol. 31, N°3, pp. 741-747, 2003.

“IRI RELATED STUDIES IN ARGENTINA: TOPSIDE PROFILE AND ELECTRON CONTENT”, R. G. Ezquer, M. Mosert, S. M. Radicella and M. A. Cabrera. Adv. Space. Res., Vol. 31, N°3, pp. 613-620, 2003.

“COMPARISON BETWEEN MEASURED ELECTRON DENSITY AT 600 Km AND IRI PREDICTIONS”, R.G. Ezquer, M. A. Cabrera, M. Mosert, L. Araoz, Adv. Space Res., Vol. 29, N°6, pp. 883-886, 2002.



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