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Breaking through in 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Breaking through in 2010

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Breaking through in 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Breaking through in 2010. UNI-PLC Youth making a difference. VISION:. UNI-PLC Youth playing an active role in improving the image of trade unions. MOA Signing with the Association of Local Colleges and Universities (ALCU). Union Goes to Campus.

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UNI-PLC Youth making a difference


UNI-PLC Youth playing an active role in improving the image of trade unions.


Union Goes to Campus

Teaching University students, who are future workers, about ILO Core Conventions and basic trade unionism.


Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between UNI-PLC and Payatas Signing

The MOA signing manifests the valuable trust gained by the UNI-PLC youth committee members through the many years of visiting Barangay Payatas and providing different assistance not only to the children but also to their families.



Payatas is the home to about 75,000 people who live in mountains of filth and who make their living by picking through the heaps of refuse, finding materials to sell for a few pennies.

Most people here are afflicted with disease and malnutrition. As children are not exempt from this job, you can often find 4-year-olds spend hours picking through garbage.

Life in the Payatas is only bearable on a good day. The constantly burning dump is intolerable by most standards. Chemicals and diseases cuts the lives of these people short.


Feed the Children Program

Our Chosen Community: PAYATAS


Our Beneficiaries:

The Children of PAYATAS


Payatas Feed the Children Program

The 6-month long rehabilitation program is intended for severely malnourished children aged 7 years old and below. It’s starts with a deworming program that would enable the children able to absorb the necessary nutrients from the feeding program. Barangay Volunteers who help prepare and feed the children aim to provide them with at least one highly nutritious meal daily for the duration of the program.

The objective of the feeding program is for the children to attain their ideal weight for survival. The cost is only P25.00 per child/day or a mere $0.35.