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Psychologists and Public education PowerPoint Presentation
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Psychologists and Public education

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Psychologists and Public education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Psychologists and Public education. Public Education Campaign. Mind/Body Health Campaign. Educate public about value psychological & behavioral science add to health care delivery

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Presentation Transcript

Psychologists and

Public education

public education campaign
Public Education Campaign

Psychologists and Public Education

mind body health campaign
Mind/Body Health Campaign

Educate public about value psychological & behavioral science add to health care delivery

Promote psychologists as health practitioners trained to help individuals overcome barriers, adopt healthy lifestyle & behavioral changes that aid in disease prevention & management

Psychologists and Public Education

mind body health campaign1
Mind/Body Health Campaign
  • Audiences
  • Women and Families — representative of a diverse, health-focused population that is considered likely to seek psychological services based on income, education and access.
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Partnership Cultivation
  • Integrated Media Outreach
  • PEC Network Engagement

Psychologists and Public Education


Psychologists and Public Education

integrated media outreach
Integrated Media Outreach
  • Work with journalists on news stories
  • Disseminate information & engage with campaign audience thru social media (blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • PsychologyHelp Center –

Blog -

Psychologists and Public Education

stress in america
Stress in America
  • Positions APA & psychology as leading resource of research on, & the prevention & treatment of, stress
  • 4,000 plus stories published on the web & in U.S. & international newspapers & magazines since 2007
  • More than 3,000 television & radio stories aired in U.S. & Canada since 2007
  • Broadcast news coverage over six years valued at $10 million in paid publicity

Psychologists and Public Education

ways to get involved
Ways to Get Involved

Psychologists and Public Education

what is the pec network

Grassroots network of member psychologists educating the public about the impact of lifestyle and behavior on overall wellness, translating psychological research into terms the public understands.

What is the PEC Network?

Psychologists and Public Education

role of pec coordinator
Role of PEC Coordinator
  • Serve as “captain” of public education efforts for your SPTA
  • Oversee and organize PEC activities such as educational workshops in your community, building relationships with local Y’s or participating in health fairs
  • Participate in local media interviews on campaign related topics
  • Form a PEC committee to help carry out activities
  • Track PEC activities for your SPTA
  • Serve as the PEC liaison between APA & SPTA

Psychologists and Public Education

resources for public education
Resources for Public Education
  • What’s in the PEC Toolkit?
  • Tips on how to work with the media, pitch story ideas & prepare for interviews
  • Guides on organizing PEC activities & preparing for workshops
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Info on connecting with YMCAs
  • Welcome kit
  • Toolkit materials
  • Brochures & fact sheets
  • Psychology Help Center
  • PEC Connect social site

Psychologists and Public Education

kansas pec activities
Kansas PEC activities
  • Presentations at local community groups (Y, PTA, consumer groups, churches)
  • Twitter
  • Health fairs?
  • Mind/body health fair at the Capitol?
  • Outreach to local media

Psychologists and Public Education

how to order materials
How to order materials

Click on “Order Brochures” on left column of page

Have your APA membership number handy

Make your selection & complete form

Hit submit

Psychologists and Public Education


Melissa Hopper, Psy.D.

316 841-8878

Psychologists and Public Education