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Prepare CAMS Eam With Dumps - SlideServer PowerPoint Presentation
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Prepare CAMS Eam With Dumps - SlideServer

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Prepare CAMS Eam With Dumps - SlideServer
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Prepare CAMS Eam With Dumps - SlideServer

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  1. What is ACAMS? ACAMS is the largest international membership organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and expertise of AML/CTF and financial crime detection and prevention professionals, from a wide range of industries, in both the public and private sectors. ACAMS serves it members with extensive resources designed to develop and sharpen the skills required for superior job performance, and career advancement including certifications, (the industry’s leading online news and information resource), ACAMS Today (the premier AML magazine) international conferences, full day seminars, web seminars, customized training, risk assessment software and peer networking opportunities

  2. Benefits of CAMS Certification: • Earn 32% more than non-certified colleagues, according to the 2013 ACAMS AML/CFT/FCP Compensation Survey • Increase their professional value through better understanding of financial crime detection and prevention techniques • Protect their institution from money laundering threats and minimize financial crime risks • Meet mandated AML training requirements through preparation and study • Prove their AML expertise to examiners and regulators

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  4. Question 1: Which of the following best describes the Black Market Peso Exchange money laundering method? A. The best known money laundering method used by known terrorists B. An undercover technique to identify politically exposed persons who may assist money launderers C. A method primarily used by narcotics traffickers to transfer value back to the source country D. A method used to smuggle dollars or pesos across the border from the United States to Mexico, and vice versa Answer: C

  5. Question 2: How can a financial institution verify the nature and purpose of a business and its legitimacy? Choose 3 answers A. By reviewing a copy of the corporation’s latest audited reports and accounts B. By undertaking a company search or other commercial inquires to see that the institution has not been, or is not in the process of being dissolved of terminated C. By reviewing the company’s website D. By using an independent information verification process, such as by accessing public and private databases Answer: A, B, D

  6. Question 3: An anti-money laundering specialist has been asked to create internal anti-money laundering policies, procedures and controls for a recently chartered offshore financial institution. Which of the following should be included? A. A training program for senior management and staff. B. An anti-money laundering compliance program, internal audit program, and procedure manual. C. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's capital adequacy requirements for the host country. D. Compliance requirements of host and chartering countries. Answer: A, B, D

  7. Question 4: Because financial institutions must sort through thousands of transactions each day, which risk-based factors should an institution’s system for monitoring and reporting suspicious activity focus on? A. The institution’s size, nature of business and type and location of its customers B. Whether a bank accepts cash deposits at its ATMs C. Drawing on uncollected funds and depositing of third-party instruments D. Local regulator’s guidelines, economies of scales and budgetary provisions Answer: C

  8. Question 4: Why can terrorist financing be very difficult to identify? A. The funds needed to conduct a terrorist act can be relatively small B. It is hard to get a name added to the OFAC list of terrorists C. Because of the various methods used to launder funds for terrorist financing D. Terrorism is not a crime in all countries Answer: C

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