an ascent wi th adventure consultants n.
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Luxury Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route with Luxury Safari PowerPoint Presentation
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Luxury Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route with Luxury Safari

Luxury Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route with Luxury Safari

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Luxury Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route with Luxury Safari

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  1. An ascent with Adventure Consultants LuxuryKilimanjarovia the Machame Routewith Luxury Safari

  2. Kilimanjaro, highest mountain in Africaan adventure of the highest order!

  3. It’s a fun adventure, with challenge, and reward

  4. The expedition is arranged and operated by Adventure Consultants world leader in mountain adventures

  5. The journey begins when you arrive into Kilimanjaro International airport, Tanzania, Africa(Day 1)

  6. Transfer into the nearby town of Arusha in Adventure Consultants Landcruisers(Day 1)

  7. Arrive into our Luxury lodge, the exquisite Legendary Coffee Lodgesituated on a working coffee plantation(Day 1)

  8. The Legendary Coffee Lodge features individual bungalows (Day 1)

  9. The rooms are set amongst beautiful gardens(Day 1)

  10. The rooms are beautifully appointed(Day 1)

  11. Featuring full bathrooms and fireplaces(Day 1)

  12. Fine meals are served either inside or outside(Day 1)

  13. When we are settled into the hotel we meet for an expedition briefing to discuss the upcoming adventure and preview the day to day itinerary, equipment requirements, safety and health etc.(Day 1)

  14. Our second day is spent sorting our equipment and preparing for the upcoming journey. You can elect to relax in the atmosphere of the Legendary Coffee Lodge or take a look around the shopping centres in Arusha. If you are feeling like some excitement you may be up for a visit to the snake farm!(Day 2)

  15. TREK DETAIL Day 3 (first day of trek) Transport: Legendary Coffee Lodge to Machame gate 1 ¾ hours. 0800-1045Trek: MachameGate to Machame Camp Time: 6hr10min 1130-1750Distance: 8.7 miles, 14km. Elevation gain: 5,900’-9,280’ = 3,380’ 1800m-2829m = 1029m

  16. Early in the morning our vehicles arrive to take us to the start of the trek (Day 3)

  17. The entrance to the National park, we begin the ascent from here. We meet our local staff and porters who will be our companions on the journey ahead(Day 3)

  18. Sign at park entrance showing hiking times(Day 3)

  19. We meet our local guides and porter staff. All our staff are clothed in proper equipment. Adventure Consultants is a member of the Porter Protection Society that ensures porters are treated with respect and fairly compensated(Day 3)

  20. The hike to Machame camp is through dense forest on well formed paths. It is a long way up hill though so you must be fit enough to walk 4-6 hours at a slow but steady pace(Day 3)

  21. Lunch is set up when we arrive. Food is mostly organic, lovingly prepared by our trained cooks.(Day 3)

  22. We are all ready to go after a relaxing break!(Day 4)

  23. We arrive into Machame Camp and establish our camp site(Day 3)

  24. Luxury sleeping tents with solar lighting including a camp bed and mattress(Day 3)

  25. It’s dinner time! A home made soup followed by delicious meals including fresh meat and vegetables (Day 3)

  26. Otherwise it’s a small mountain sleeping tent(Day 3)

  27. Ok, when you have to go, this is where you go. We have our own private toilet facilities that is a portable toilet system

  28. TREK DETAILS Day 4 (second day of trek) Trek: MachameCamp to ShiraCaves CampTime: 7hrs15min. 0800-1515Distance: 5.6 miles, 9km. Elevation gain: 9,280’-12,600’ = 3320 2829m – 3837m = 1008m

  29. In the morning we pack up to begin the trek to Shera Cave Camp and the porters carry our loads(Day 4)

  30. The trail on day 4 leaves the forest behind as we enter the alpine heather zone(Day 4)

  31. We see Mt Meru in the distance, hovering over the the clouds and forest(Day 4)

  32. Trekking up the trail towards Shira Caves Camp(Day 4)

  33. Shera Caves Camp is just over the skyline ridge to the left of the picture(Day 4)

  34. We stop for lunch in an open area with views across the plains of Africa(day 4)

  35. The summit of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak, stands above, beckoning!(day 4)

  36. A short hike after lunch takes us through thinning brush towards Shera Caves Camp(Day 4)

  37. Alpine flowers en route to Shera Caves camp(Day 4)

  38. Arrive into Shera Caves Camp(Day 4)

  39. TREK DETAILS Day 5 (third day of trek) Trek: Shira Caves Camp to Barranco Camp Time: 8hrs. 0800-1600Distance: 8.7 miles, 14km. Elevation gain: 12,600’ – 15,213’- 13,045’= 2,610’up, 2,168’down 3837m-4637m-3976m = 800m up, 661m down

  40. Dawn at Shera Caves Camp. It’s often frosty in the morning as we get up for breakfast in our heated dining tent.(Day 5)

  41. Today our trail takes us through open country towards the alpine zone(Day 5)

  42. We weave between volcanic rocks on the trail. Today we are heading up to Lava Tower then down again to Baranco Camp(Day 5)

  43. Trekking makes you smile(Day 5)

  44. Lunch is served in our dining tent to protect us from the elements(Day 5)

  45. There’s a lot to be happy about even with a little rain!(Day 5)

  46. The team celebrate on reaching Lava Tower, our high altitude point for today. The trail takes us down to Barranco Camp for the night(Day 5)

  47. Descending from Lava Tower towards Barranco Camp(Day 5)

  48. We leave Lava Tower behind as we drop down to BarrancoCamp(Day 5)

  49. The giant Senecio Trees are a spectacular feature of Barranco Camp(Day 5)

  50. The summit of Kilimanjaro looms above. Our climbing route takes us around the back on easier ground.(Day 5)