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ISC Learning center. E.Lighting - Dardo Plus system 4 - Portable Testing tool: Syscon. The Syscon kit. Control device Syscon User guide External power supply: 230 V AC input / 9 V DC out Strap Cable of external connexion. Functioning: What can we check?.

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ISC Learning center

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isc learning center

ISC Learning center

E.Lighting - Dardo Plus system

4 - Portable Testing tool: Syscon

the syscon kit
The Syscon kit

Control device Syscon

User guide

External power supply: 230 V AC input / 9 V DC out


Cable of external connexion

functioning what can we check
Functioning: What can we check?
  • Syscon inspection equipment: TEST, END TEST, REST MODE, RESTORE.
  • To send the TEST command: press the TEST button. Wait a few seconds, the connected luminaires come ON.
  • To see the state of the light: press ACTION and wait few seconds
    • Every time you press READ, the state of the luminaire is displayed.
  • With the light scan display function, check that the state envisaged for every light point corresponds with the project details
    • the light scan is completed when the two displays indicate the “U” characters.
  • To end the TEST: press END TEST and wait few seconds > turn luminaires OFF.
functioning indications
Functioning: Indications

Autonomy:Green LED:

Indication than the luminaire is a three-hour duration.

Green LED switch OFF:1-hour duration.

Mains present:Yellow LED:

Indication than the luminaire detected has the recharging power supply line present.

Yellow LED switch OFF:no recharging power supply line not present.

Tube OFF:Red LED:

Indication if the luminaire has the tube OFF.

Red LED switch OFF:tube ON.

Tens - units display:

Red tens and units displays indicate the decimal place assigned to the luminaire detected.

Luminaires numbers range from 00 to 99 (100 numbers).

The full stop remains displayed and indicates the presence of the display power supply.

Red LED ON:light tube OFF

Red LED OFF:light tube ON

Yellow LED ON:light power supply line present

Yellow LED OFF:light power supply line absent

Green LED ON: Dardo circuit set up for 3 h

Green LED OFF: Dardo circuit set up for 1 h

functioning indications1
Functioning: Indications

Three-colour battery LED:

Green LED:indicates the presence of the recharging network.

Orange LED:indicates normal battery functioning.

Red LED:indicates that the battery autonomy for the Syscon is low and gives the operator advance warning to turn it OFF.

OFF: Press Off to have equipment OFF.

No effect when the recharging network is present.

ON: Press On to have equipment in battery mode. No effect when the recharging network is present, the equipment stays ON.

RESET: Reset all types of command, restoring the stand by conditions (two full stops).

functioning indications2
Functioning: Indications


Start the acquisition from the connected line.

Detect the luminaire data and save it in the memory.


Give the data of each luminaire reading it from memory.


Test the luminaires connected to the Dardo Line.


To end the TEST condition for the luminaire connected to the Dardo Lines.

Restore the initial condition (two full stop).


To turn OFF the luminaire if the luminaires have the line not present condition.


In the REST MODE and line absent condition, restore the normal emergency condition by turning ON the luminaires.

  • Top side connection
    • 6-pin M5 male connector (Dardo Line).
    • Two PF1 and PF2 fuse holders.
  • At the other end of the connection cable are 2 Crocodile clips. These allow to place the Syscon tool on the bus in place of the Dardo control unit.
  • Bottom side connections
    • At the bottom, connector for the M1 recharging power supply unit.
    • A M2 2-pin male connector for an external battery.
preliminary checks
Luminaires numbering

Recharging line presence or absence 230 V

State of Luminaires (ON/OFF)

Autonomy (1 hour / 3 hours)

Preliminary checks
  • Check there are no voltage in the communication line before connection.
  • use a V AC range multimetre to check:
    • no voltage:
        • Between the positive on the Dardo Line and the earthing
        • Between the negative on the Dardo Line and the earthing.
    • no short circuit:
        • between the positive and the negative on the line.

For problems: check for any incorrect connections with the energy sources.