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Problem Description

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Problem Description - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Use Scenario for ArchestrA Workflow Extension for System Platform Manage and Investigate Material Quarantine through EMI findings. Problem Description.

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Use Scenario for ArchestrA Workflow Extension for System Platform Manage and Investigate Material Quarantine through EMI findings

Invensys proprietary & confidential

problem description
Problem Description
  • The Plant Supervisor has just received a call from one of the most important customers of the plant saying that the quality of the products he received in the past month is not as good as it used to be.

Proposed Solution

Provide a system that helps quickly identify the batch details and other related information that would help resolve the problem quickly.

solution participants and systems
Solution Participants and Systems
  • ArchestrA Workflow
  • Wonderware Intelligence
  • MS SharePoint 2007
  • An Inventory System
  • Jay – Supervisor in charge
  • Greg - Quality Manager
  • John – Quality Inspector, part of Greg’s team
high level pictorial representation
High Level Pictorial Representation

Complaint Received

Complaint Received

Supervisor runs reports and takes the necessary action to Identify the


Corrective Action

use scenario representation
Use Scenario – Representation



Jay Receives a

Complaint Call

Jay Runs the Batch

Genealogy Report

Material with Issue

is Identified

Jay submits Hold

Lots Form

Workflow is



sent to Greg

John is notified to

continue investigation



Greg reviews

Batch Report

John fills out “Hold Lot Investigation

form” and submits for approval

System Notifies Greg

for Approval

Inventory system notified

To put specific Lots on Hold!


  • Has Greg Approved the Audit Report?

Jay (Supervisor in charge)

Assigned back to Greg (ALERT)


Greg (Quality Manager)

John (Quality Inspector, part of Greg’s team)

System Updates the Company SharePoint KB




Successful Completion

Workflow Ends

business drivers
Business Drivers
  • Rapid Problem Isolation
  • ArchestrA Workflow
  • Process Institutionalization
  • Right Information
  • Right People