integrating technology into self help center operations n.
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Integrating Technology Into Self Help Center Operations

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Integrating Technology Into Self Help Center Operations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrating Technology Into Self Help Center Operations. Michelle Hopkins, LASC KC Thomas, LASC Harry Jacobs, AOC - CFCC. Old Service Delivery Model. Litigants provided with instructional packets and blank court forms. Litigants complete blank court forms by hand.

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integrating technology into self help center operations

Integrating Technology Into Self Help Center Operations

Michelle Hopkins, LASC

KC Thomas, LASC

Harry Jacobs, AOC - CFCC

old service delivery model
Old Service Delivery Model
  • Litigants provided with instructional packets and blank court forms.
  • Litigants complete blank court forms by hand.
  • No public computers used in center operations.
  • Divorce workshop series offered twice per month.
new service delivery model
New Service Delivery Model
  • Public computers and Resource Center website key to center operations.
  • Staff, volunteers and litigants use website to access online document assembly programs, local & state fillable forms, and to gather legal information.
  • LawHelp Interactive programs used in all workshops, clinics & individually by litigants to prepare forms.
turning to technology
Turning to Technology
  • Specific problems presented in existing divorce workshop series.
  • Length of time for workshop & review of forms, litigant fatigue, quality of education, legibility & accuracy of handwritten forms.
  • New resources became available. (computers, JusticeCorps, template developer & on site developer)
role of it department
Role of IT Department
  • Provide computers & internet access.
  • Provide hardware and layers of software.
  • Provide ongoing IT support.
  • No legal knowledge.
  • No SRL knowledge.
  • No role in template development.
  • No role in service delivery.
role of self help center developer
Role of Self Help Center Developer
  • Functioning as “on the ground” service provider.
  • Collaborate with Template Developer in creating, reviewing, testing, and revising programs.
  • Implement & manage the use of the technology.
  • Address problems, offer solutions, make & implement changes.
  • Mentor and train staff, paralegals & volunteers.
role of template developer
Role of Template Developer
  • Study current process.
  • Talk to everyone involved.
  • Try to figure out how technology can help.
  • Discuss conclusions.
  • First draft, attorney review, revisions.
  • User testing, revisions.
  • Ongoing support and updates.
initial considerations
Initial Considerations
  • Who will use computer?
  • Workshop setting? Individual use?
  • Where will computers be placed?
  • How much of the forms should be completed by the program?
  • How much education will the program provide?
  • Roles of workshop presenter, volunteers & litigants?
expansion of lhi programs
Expansion of LHI Programs
  • More programs (derivative & substantive).
  • Changing use of programs.
  • Different types of programs.
  • Expand physical locations for use of programs.
  • Changing of roles of staff, paralegals, JusticeCorps volunteers & litigants.
getting staff to use technology
Getting Staff to Use Technology
  • On site developer launches use of programs.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the technology.
  • Create a open, collaborative environment.
  • Involve staff in implementation & modification process.
  • Address staff concerns.
  • Provide sufficient and ongoing training.
paternity workshops
Paternity Workshops
  • Development process for creation and modification of LHI Paternity programs.
  • Role of staff and volunteers in workshop setting.
  • Petition for Paternity.
  • Judgment Workshops: Stipulated, Default & Contested.
expansion of guardianship services
Expansion of Guardianship Services
  • Obtaining paralegal buy in.
  • Substantive & technical training issues.
  • Development of paralegal service delivery model.
  • Implementing remote attorney review.
getting volunteers to use technology
Getting Volunteers to Use Technology
  • Assessing knowledge & comfort level.
  • Providing sufficient and ongoing technical training.
  • Defining the role of the volunteer.
  • Providing & accepting feedback.
  • Creating a collaborative, “work in progress” environment.
trial preparation clinic
Trial Preparation Clinic
  • Packet based format – Clinic Style
  • JusticeCorps participation
  • Impact of LHI program
  • Expanded to Petitioner and Respondent format
getting litigants to use technology
Getting Litigants to Use Technology
  • Assessing literacy level & comfort level.
  • Technical navigation concerns.
  • Presence of computer monitors.
  • Use of plain language in interview questions.
  • Addressing substantive questions during computer interview.
probate notes clinic
Probate Notes Clinic
  • Development process of LHI program.
  • Establishing clinic style service delivery model.
  • Role of volunteers in assisting litigants.
  • Impact of LHI program on quality of services.
probate self help online forms
Probate Self-Help Online Forms
  • Service Model
  • Spousal/Domestic Partner Petitions
  • Release of Remains
  • Completion of Orders
  • Issuance of Letters
thanks for listening
Thanks for Listening
  • Michelle Hopkins, LASC
  • KC Thomas, LASC
  • Harry Jacobs, AOC