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  1. AHNR-IT Agriculture, Human, & Natural Resources Information Technology Tim Mack Assistant Dean for Information TechnologyCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  2. Our Mission & Clientele • MISSION: Provide technological solutions that address the prioritized needs identified by the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and academic programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences • CLIENTELE: Located at 107 VCE city/county offices, six 4-H Centers, 13 Agricultural Research and Extension Centers, and on the campuses of Virginia Tech and Virginia State University

  3. Statewide Networking and Computer Equipment

  4. A Statewide Network About 130 locations About 800 people

  5. Todd PukaneczSenior Network Administrator • 22 servers in AHNR-IT • Daily backups off-site • Server Administration • Prevents/disables hacks • Plans security measures • Protects data and software • Defines server access Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator

  6. Patrick RobinsonSystems / Database Administrator • Specialization • Oracle databases • Current Projects • Specialist web resources • FAEIS • Oracle database developer • VCE public web site improvements • XML development • New Rack-mount Sun server, with FAEIS RAID Array

  7. User Support

  8. AHNR-IT AgHelp Desk Statistics Troubleshooting and supportaverage of 35 calls/day, 85 emails/day, 15 walk-ins/day, 4 on-site visits/week 1,035 computers ( Nov 2nd) outside of Blacksburg 80386, 80486, Pentium I, II, II Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP

  9. Administrative Computing

  10. Extension Planning and Reporting • Federal mandate • Planning and Reporting System is edited and reset each year to respond to new Federal, State and extension requirements. • Over 500 administrators, faculty members and program technicians participate in the planning and reporting process.

  11. CRISCURRENT RESEARCH INFORMATION SYSTEM AD-419 Research Funds and Staff 2001 Tuesday, October 22, 2002 Virginia Agricultural Experiment Federal Research Funds CSREES Administered Hatch Funds201$3,186,214 Multi-State Research Funds202$755,467 McIntire-Stennis Funds203$579,025 Other Funds (Animal Health Sec1433 ,Evans-Allen,Other 205$96,926 Total CSREES Research Funds231$4,617,632 Other Federal Research Funds USDA Contracts Grants Co-op Agreements219$4,342,770 National Science Foundation209$454,854 Department of Energy310$170,653 Department of Defense311$1,384,659 Health and Human Services313$956,702 Other Federal Funds318$3,304,558 Total Other Federal Research Funds332$10,614,196 Non-Federal Research Funds State Appropriations220$28,708,090 Self-Generated Funds221$564,898 Industry Grants and Agreements222$7,490,200 Other Non-Federal Funds223$3,399,743 Total Non-Federal Funds233$40,162,931 Total ALL Research Funds$55,394,759 • Federal mandate, again  • VAES has projects in four colleges: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Human Resources, College of Natural Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine.  • VAESfaculty with 20% or greater research appointments are principal investigators for USDA CRIS projects. • AHNR-IT developed and maintains the software needed to comply with the reporting requirements: USDA Forms 416, 417, 419, and 421. • The reporting period is the Federal fiscal year, which runs from October 1 through September 30.

  12. Course Development Application Development Multimedia Development IT Development

  13. Agricultural Research and Extension Centers (ARECs) Web Automation • Allows staff at the 13 ARECs to easily create and update web pages • Uses fill-in-the-blank forms, so it is easy for users to update pages • Important because many ARECS do not have personnel with expertise to create web pages

  14. Bill RichardsonSenior Database Application Developer Specialization • Programming • ColdFusion, Oracle Current Projects • FAEIS • Custom queries of personnel database for VAES/VCE Original Designer of the Unit Office Web Site Generator & AREC web automation

  15. Distance DeliveredMaster of Science Degree inAgricultural and Extension Education 3,900 slides, 55 hrs audio, 12 courses

  16. Stepping Up to the Plate CD Bronze Award winner in the interactive media category for the 2002 ACE Critique & Awards Program Stepping Up to the Plate is an interactive nutrition computer game for 4th and 5th graders. It shows them the importance of having healthy eating habits, especially if they are involved in sports and other physical activities.

  17. Tom McAnge, Jr.Assistant ProfessorExtension Specialist, Information Technology Specialization • Twenty-five years experience in Extension administration, program development and information technology Current Projects • FAEIS Project Manager • 50% of his time • Supervises 2 other people • Manages FAEIS help desk • VCE Planning and Reporting

  18. The New FAEIS, Brought to You by…. • Dr. Jeff Gilmore, USDA HEP • The FAEIS Redesign Team • Dr. Tim Mack, Principal Investigator • Dr. H. Dean Sutphin, Co-Principal Investigator • Thomas R. McAnge, Jr., Project Manager • William Richardson, Software Developer • Patrick Robinson, Software Developer/ Network Administrator • David Wooddall-Gainey, Development Coordinator • Todd Pukanecz, Network Administration • Youngsoo Son, Graduate Research Associate • Lois Swoboda, Graduate Research Associate

  19. FAEIS Re-Design:Purpose • Develop, test, and implement an internet, databased version of FAEIS • Attributes: • is easy to use • has a web-based survey interface for data entry • self-checks data • allows custom searches • produces output reports in a variety of standardized formats

  20. FAEIS Re-Design:Objectives • Develop a simple working electronic prototype of FAEIS • The prototype shall include an Oracle database and a web-based survey interface • Create an electronic discussion forum for use by FAEIS clients. • Create a help desk for support of FAEIS activities • Add custom search capability • Create a custom reporting features • Create a new FAEIS web site

  21. FAEIS: A Timeline • Texas A&M was the lead agency for FAEIS • FAEIS Panel of Experts recommends a web-based interface and a searchable database • USDA Higher Education Programs publishes RFP for a cooperative agreement to redesign FAEIS • AHNR-IT, Virginia Tech, awarded cooperative agreement July ‘02 • Funds arrived 30 Sep ‘02 • Simple working prototype demonstrated Nov ‘02 • Data entry began Mar ‘03 (<5 mo. after funds)

  22. FAEIS DATA Entry-Organization • One Primary Contact person at each institution • Primary Contact can • Add or delete Local Users • Assign PID and password for Local Users • View all Local User data • Enter, view, and edit salary data (or delegate this) • Local Users can • Enter, edit, and view only their own data

  23. FAEIS Home Page Screen Snapshot

  24. FAEIS Mission Screen Snapshot

  25. FAEIS Redesign Project Screen Snapshot

  26. FAEIS Sponsors Screen Snapshot

  27. FAEIS Discussion Forum Screen Snapshot

  28. FAEIS Discussion Forum Details 3 unique forums for you to use Screen Snapshot

  29. FAEIS Data Entry Screen Snapshot

  30. Entering Data: The Basics QuickTour Movie

  31. Primary Contacts: Setting Things up QuickTour Movie

  32. Questions?