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Writing our chapter of the Sacred Heart story PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing our chapter of the Sacred Heart story

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Writing our chapter of the Sacred Heart story - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Melbourne, Australia. Writing our chapter of the Sacred Heart story. Sacr é Cœur Melbourne, Australia. Our understanding of the Challenge

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Melbourne, Australia

Writing our chapter of the Sacred Heart story


Melbourne, Australia


Our understanding of the Challenge

“The founders of Catholic schools were heroic figures who took risks yet at times those who follow them, have wrapped themselves in the safety of the known…

But, the story is never finished.

The charism is never exhausted.


Charisms cannot be limited

because to do so would be to limit God

and the possibilities of the future

God might have planned.

Charism continues in all times.

It is up to each successive generation

to author the chapters of the story

for their own and future generations.


When the charism is truly embedded in the culture of the community it impacts on decisions and choices at all levels of schools life.

The gift of the charism

is drawn on with every decision

so that ultimately

it becomes an understanding

that is simply what we do

because in the end it is who we are.”

  • Charism: Promise and Possibility
  • Sharon Brien & Joanne Hack
  • Journal of Religious Education 59(1) 2011 pp 4-14

What are our challenges?

What should our chapter (2011) of the Sacred Heart education story at Sacré Cœur, Melbourne look like?

How do we imbed the Goals of Sacred Heart education into …why we do things in certain ways?

how we do things?


The Strategic Plan is based on consultation with students, staff, parents and others across the school community. It sets out our shared approach to improving what we do, responding to a changing environment and achieving our collective aspirations.The Plan covers a four year period but looks further ahead than that. It is a component of our more detailed long and short term planning.


the education

of the

children of the Sacred Heart




Focus Goal

Sophie Team



The School Improvement Framework (SIF) is a quadrennial, evidence based, comprehensive review of the school’s goals, achievements and opportunities for improvement. The Framework covers all the spiritual and academic aspects of the school, providing detailed insights and action plans for achieving the goals of the school community.


How we address the challenges

  • Annual Focus Goal
  • Sophie Team approach
    • Intentional – commitment
    • Inclusive & Reflective – seeks & responds
    • Appreciative inquiry
      • Discovery – data collection
      • Dreamings – what is possible?
      • Designing – Initiatives & Action Plans
      • Delivery – putting into action

Focus Goal 2011A Social Awareness that impels to Action School Initiatives

Initiative 1

At Sacré Cœur during 2011,

the school is dedicated to raising the awareness of social justice issues in a systematic way, including regular updates on local, national, regional and global issues.

Initiative 2

At Sacré Cœur during 2011,

  • the school will explore ways of engaging more students in active, ‘hands on’ community based service experiences.
  • Initiative 3
  • At Sacré Cœur during 2011,
  • staff and students will be encouraged to engage independently in social justice activities.


  • my Social Action Commitment
  • Looking ….out to the world!
  • Looking .…into your mind and heart!
  • Students were challenged tomake a personal commitment to a social justice issue by:
  • identifying a social justice issue which they were interested in
  • researching the justice issue to raise their awareness
  • designing and implementing a personal commitment action plan to this social justice issue

Senior Students(Year 12 students)

  • elected to support collectively and individuallyThe Girl Effect project
  • this project focuses upon raising awareness and providing advocacy for the plight of adolescent girls in the developing world
  • during our Sacred Heart Day, the senior students in small groups made presentations on a social justice issue to each of the classes in the school (K- year11) – student to student mentoring

A Prayer Pilgrimage

for Social Justice

Integrating the Focus Goal of ‘A Social Awareness that impels to Action’ with the other Goals of Sacred Heart Education



Student reflections:

  • Year 7 student:During the Prayer Pilgrimage I learned a lot about things I never knew. It was really interesting. It was a different approach. It was interesting and I’ve learnt the true meanings of the photos, statues, etc, as well as, the MDGs. It was a sacred experience.

Student reflections:

  • Year 11 student: From this pilgrimage, I learnt about the different religious aspects of the school and the spirituality of Sacré Coeur. I felt relaxed and motivated during the pilgrimage as the journey was quite carefree yet very interesting. It was a prayerful experience for me. I now how many new places where I can come and pray.

Student reflections:

  • Year 11 student:I learnt many new things about the world and the interesting justice facts that made me more aware of the things happening in the world. It was really relaxing experience and gave me time to think about things that I usually don’t think about. The silent reflection time allowed me to escape from the normal chatter of class and truly concentrate on my thoughts and feelings about the justice facts raised.

Staff member reflection:

  • I learned things about Sacré Cœur that I was previously unaware of. It highlighted for me the sacred spaces that I walk past every day without noticing. I asked the students to read the prayers so that it would be a communal experience, they really seemed to enjoy it also as they were very respectful and attentive. I was able to relax and enjoy the experience myself. The way school icons and prayer were linked to the Millennium Development Goals was inspirational.