Foreign language and education in europe
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Foreign Language and Education in Europe. Steven E Richardson GPY 356 – 01 (Winter 2014). “United in Diversity”. Research Questions. What is the status of the English language throughout the European continent?

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Foreign language and education in europe

Foreign Language and Education in Europe

Steven E Richardson

GPY 356 – 01 (Winter 2014)

“United in Diversity”

Research questions
Research Questions

  • What is the status of the English language throughout the European continent?

  • Does the quality of education have an impact on learning English as a foreign language and its presence as a working language?


  • Higher expenditures on education will create a stronger system that allows for advanced English language learning, ultimately creating a common working language amongst Europeans.

Research findings

Variable 1

Research Findings

Percent of pupils learning a foreign language in primary school

Research findings1

Variable 1

Research Findings

Research findings2

Variable 1

Research Findings


Variable 1


  • Norway – lowest score

  • DK & GMY – below avg.

  • SWE, FIN, FR, NED – higher than avg.

  • Croatia – higher than avg.

Research findings3

Variable 2

Research Findings

Public expenditure on education (% of GDP)

Research findings4

Variable 2

Research Findings

Research findings5

Variable 2

Research Findings


Variable 2


  • NW, SWE, DK, FIN – spend above avg.

  • Cyprus spends above avg.

  • GMY spends below avg., as well as ITA & SPA


  • Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, and Sweden correlate.

  • 7 out of 26 countries correlate

  • Croatia & Czech Republic – above average English learning and below average money expenditures.

Final statements
Final Statements

  • This data proves that strictly viewing these numbers without having further knowledge and understanding can lead to improper assumptions of the situation in the respective countries.

  • These are just arbitrary numbers that provide us with a glimpse into a country.

  • There is not necessarily a correlation between the amount of money a country invests in its education system and the amount of people who can speak English.

  • Further research and case studies will perhaps give us a deeper meaning behind the data and maps.

Work cited
Work Cited

  • Eurostat (powered by the European Commission)