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ENISA: EU-perspektivet p å n ä tverk- & IT-s ä kerhet PowerPoint Presentation
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ENISA: EU-perspektivet p å n ä tverk- & IT-s ä kerhet

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ENISA: EU-perspektivet p å n ä tverk- & IT-s ä kerhet

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ENISA: EU-perspektivet p å n ä tverk- & IT-s ä kerhet

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Presentation Transcript

  1. ENISA: EU-perspektivet pånätverk- & IT-säkerhet 2 Februari 2007 Linköping

  2. ENISA –Europeiskt sammanhang • ENISA aktiviteter inom nätverks- & IT-säkerhet (NIS) • ENISAs arbetsprogram 2007

  3. Driver: National Security and Defence Driver: Information Society and Digital Economy Driver: Law Enforcement Informationssäkerhets- paradigmer CIIP Counter-eTerrorism MS Europol Eurojust Network and Information Security Cyber crime Awareness Raising and Promotion of Best Practices CERT ENISA High-Tech Crime Units Risk Management for SMEs

  4. Secure application blocks in EU Public eProcurement Digital Tacho EDI eInvoice eCommerce Data Protection eHealth eSignatures Fishing Registries Common Criteria Privacy Data bases Rights mgt bridgeCA ePassports

  5. ENISA - sammanhang • eEurope 2005 • i2010: säkerhet - nyckelroll • EU kommissionens lagstiftning • Kommissionens forskningsprogram • Informationssamhället & den Digitala Ekonomin

  6. Management Board • Approve Working Programme • Approve budget Executive Director (and staff) • “Run the Agency” • Reports to Management Board Permanent Stakeholders Group • Input for Working Programme and WG-work • Advice to Executive Director Ad hoc Working Groups • Technical advice on specific questions/tasks • Report to ED • 3 WG in 2005, 4 in 2006 ENISA ENISAs organisationsstruktur

  7. ENISAs aktiviteter inom NIS (1) ENISAs regleringsbrev To enhance the capability of the Commission, other EU bodies and the Member States to prevent, address and to respond to NIS problems To provide assistance and deliver advice to the Commission and the MS on issues related to NIS falling within its competencies as set out in this Regulation To develop a high level of expertise and use this expertise to stimulate broad cooperation between actors from the public and private sectors To assist the Commission, where called upon, in the technical preparatory work for updating and developing Community legislation in the field of NIS.

  8. 2. ENISAs aktiviteter inom NIS (2) ENISA’s Tasks Risk assessment and risk management Becoming a centre of expertise Track standardisation Information exchange and cooperation Promote CERTs Awareness raising Giving advice and assistance to Commission and Member States Promote best practices

  9. Step-by-step plan on how to set-up a CERT (Sept ’06) • Updated ENISA inventory of CERT activities in Europe • Users’ guide on how to raise information security awareness • EU overview of awareness raising programmes in EU • 1st European RMRA inventory of methods and tools • Study on Security & anti-spam measures by ISPs • Information security certificates inventory • WG RANIS (Regulatory aspects of NIS) Axplock av ENISA aktiviteter inom NIS (3) The Agency is working for ensuring the NIS public and private environments

  10. 3. ENISAs Arbetsprogram 2007 • Raising Awareness & confidence building • Fokus på‘end users’ • Boost e-Communication of Internal Market • Fokus på ‘business’ (i2010 initiative) • Identify hurdles/incentives and provide independent advice • Mastering emerging/future technologies & services • Fokus på teknologi • Bridging security gaps in Europe • Bridging the gaps in security tools & procedures • Measure security status • Collaboration with Stakeholders • EU Member States, EU bodies, industry, 3rd countries, int. institutions • Communication & outreach • Action Plan, conferences, workshops

  11. Permanent Stakeholders’ Group in 2007 • New Call for Experts for PSG • Establish Knowledge Pool of experts not chosen to PSG, connecting them to ENISA’s work • Introduce outside speakers to provide briefings on sector development relevant for PSG and other ENISA stakeholders: • NIS Market Foresight • Current Research & Development on NIS in FP7 • European policy development update in relevant NIS themes • Introduction on NIS Agenda in Third Countries.

  12. Industri, universitets- och internationella kontakter2007 • ENISA Award Fostering NIS Culture in Europe • Foresight Forum • Relations with NIS Academia • Establishing ENISA Industry and Academia Multiplier Network in member states • Cooperation with 3rd countries & International institutions

  13. ENISA Foresight Forum - 2007 • Annual Foresight Forum(s) producing Briefing Papers on upcoming NIS threats/opportunities in technology evolution and applications development in specific sectors of internal market

  14. Relations with NIS Academia in EU - 2007 • Initial focus on academic educational programs (enhancing expert skills) 1: Map of NIS Postgraduate Programs in EU Universities • Inventory/database/online access 2: Curriculum Guidelines for Postgraduate Degree Programs in NIS • Thematic Workshop(s)

  15. Cooperation with 3rd Countries & International Institutions 2007 • 1. Third Countries • Presentation of “Case ENISA” (China) • Lessons learned (NIS-Russia, Emerging Economies e.g. SA, Brazil) • Technology follow-up, global NIS culture • promotion (US, Canada, Japan…) • 2. International institutions: bevaka • Policy (OECD, ITU/WSIS IGF): Issue follow-up, information sharing • Standardisation (ETSI etc.): Issue follow-up, awareness raising, industry view • Implementation (UN ECA etc.): Sharing Lessons Learned from Europe

  16. ENISA and CERTs The Big Picture 2005 Stocktaking 2006 Setting up & Cooperation • 2007 • Support operation • (+ broaden focus!) • Quality assurance • Advanced Training • Prepare to contribute to “NIS brokerage” 2008 Finalise basic work The FUTURE: Extensively collect good practices and contribute to NIS brokerage

  17. ENISA & CERTs: The Big Picture (II)INVOLVEMENT IN THE SECURITY COMMUNITIES (Horizon ongoing) 2005 2006 2007 2008 …? […]

  18. Analysing NIS Barriers / Incentives in e-Communication Internal Market • Report on NIS Barriers and Incentives at the Internal Market for e-Communication. • Workshop on Barriers & Incentives for NIS /e-Communication

  19. Working Group on Regulatory NIS Scope: • Overview of existing EU legislation e.g. data authentication, cybercrime, corporate governance & financial services • To outline potential issues of regulatory interest with regard to NIS

  20. Tack &…välkommen att hålla kontakt med ENISA Prenumera påThe ENISA Quarterly Newsletter: To subscribe to the ENISA Quarterly, please mail to with “SUBSCRIBE” as subject


  22. ENISA was called upon by Requests