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Professional Los Angeles DUI lawyer PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Los Angeles DUI lawyer

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Professional Los Angeles DUI lawyer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Los Angeles DUI lawyer

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  1. DUI Attorney Los Angeles

  2. Los Angeles Commercial Drivers License DUI If you have a Commercial Driver's License and have been convicted with DUI of alcohol or drugs, don't waste your time and contact a skilled Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer who can examine your case and determine all of your available options.

  3. Services of DUI Lawyer Our Los Angeles DUI lawyerwill quickly analyze your case and figure out how to best proceed with defending your case. • Case analysis and preparation for trial. • Commercial Driver's License suspension hearing planning and best possible defense. • Discussions with prosecution to lessen or dismiss DUI Charges. • Obtaining probation and diversion programs for alternate sentencing • CDL reinstatement • Criminal vehicular homicide or assault defense.

  4. DUI Field Sobriety Tests • Field sobriety tests are methods that officers used to check whether to arrest the suspect or not. If a person is caught for driving under influence in Los Angeles, the first thing the law enforcement officer will ask is to do a few field sobriety tests (FSTs) so as to identify your level of impairment. • The purpose of the tests is to identify whether a driver is under influence or not.

  5. Standardized Field Sobriety Tests The three most commonly used tests that are recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are listed below: Walk the line and turn The one leg stand test Horizontal gaze nystagmus test

  6. Contact Us • Get in touch with us right now to discuss with our DUI lawyer about your DUI charges. Let us fight to defend your career. • If you have failed a sobriety test, speak to a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer at our firm to talk about best solution for your DUI case. For an appointment, please submit your case online today. • Address: 1436 S. La CienegaBlvd Suite 111,Los angeles, CA 90035-3764 USA • CallUs: 888-579-9996 • Email Us:info@dui-attorney-la.com