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How To Prepare Cisco 646-206 Exam In One Day - PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Prepare Cisco 646-206 Exam In One Day -

How To Prepare Cisco 646-206 Exam In One Day -

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How To Prepare Cisco 646-206 Exam In One Day -

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  1. Cisco Exam 646-206 Cisco Sales Expert Verson: Demo [ Total Questions: 10 ]

  2. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam Topic break down Topic No. of Questions Topic 1: Cisco Architectures for Business Transformation 1 Topic 4: Selling Borderless Networks Architecture 1 Topic 5: Selling Collaboration Architecture 1 Topic 6: Small Business Architecture 1 Topic 7: Selling Video Architectures 1 Topic 8: Selling Data Center and Virtualization and Cloud Architectures 3 Topic 9: Enhancing Partner Profitability2 Leaders in it certification 2

  3. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam Topic 1, Cisco Architectures for Business Transformation Question No : 1 - (Topic 1) Which three services does Cisco provide to customers? (Choose three.) A. Cisco focuses solely on the cloud and web-based offerings, enabling endpoints to communicate. B. Cisco accelerates the ability of IT to align more closely with the business and how people actually work. C. Cisco delivers deployment agility across endpoints and the network, including the cloud, whether on premises or off premises. D. Cisco focuses mainly on devices linking endpoints and applications via a common framework. E. Cisco delivers borderless experience across all major devices and operating systems. Answer: B,C,E Explanation: By process of elimination A and D are not true, so B, C, E is correct. Cisco focuses on a variety of products outside of cloud and we based offerings and devices linking enpoints, such as their vast router, switch, and appliance portfolio, along with the actual endpoints themselves such as VOIP phones and conferencing systems. Topic 4, Selling Borderless Networks Architecture Question No : 2 - (Topic 4) Which service does the Cisco IronPort portfolio perform? A. reduces the downtime that is associated with spam, viruses, and blended threats delivered via email B. defends the perimeter from malicious users and unauthorized traffic C. provides a secure communication path through the Internet D. determines if a user or device is authorized to access a switch port Answer: A Explanation: Leaders in it certification 3

  4. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam The Cisco Ironport product is a secure email and web appliance thatReducescostly downtime associated with email-based spam, viruses, and web threats. Topic 5, Selling Collaboration Architecture Question No : 3 - (Topic 5) What are two customer benefits of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution? (Choose two.) A. includes a subscription to a cost-efficient Infrastructure as a Service resource B. saves WAN bandwidth for remote offices C. offers choice in collaboration application deployment D. enables faster time to deployment Answer: C,D Explanation: The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) is available in a choice of deployment options, including: •Public cloud •Private cloud •Hybrid With Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, partners can: •Lead the cloud market transition and deliver the most up-to-date services, everywhere •Differentiate themselves by building upon the Cisco HCS foundation with their own products and services •Offer high-quality, faster deployment times and services to more customers Topic 6, Small Business Architecture Leaders in it certification 4

  5. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam Question No : 4 - (Topic 6) Which three characteristics are unique to the buying process for a small business compared with the buying process for an enterprise? (Choose three.) A. much faster B. focused primarily on cost C. not constrained by formal RFP D. technology focused E. less educated F. influenced by peers Answer: A,C,F Explanation: The cycle time for small business sales is much shorter, due to the needs of small businesses and the fact that less equipment is typically purchased so the costs are smaller. The decision to buy is typically made by a small number of people rather than a lengthy RFP process. Also, buying decision makers are typically influenced by peers in their respective industry. Topic 7, Selling Video Architectures Question No : 5 - (Topic 7) In which two ways do TANDBERG and Cisco TelePresence solutions interoperate? (Choose two.) A. spanned B. bridged C. converted D. gated E. integrated Answer: B,E Explanation: Cisco and TANDBERG believe that competition and industry expansion is best fostered through open standards and interoperability. Following the close, Cisco will create an open Leaders in it certification 5

  6. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam architecturethat provides greater interoperability with TANDBERG and third-party systems. This integrated architecture will extend valuable features to customers such as One Button to Push and Continuous Presence, as well as integration with leading unified communications platforms.These solutions can be bridged or integrated. Topic 8, Selling Data Center and Virtualization and Cloud Architectures Question No : 6 - (Topic 8) Which statement best describes Infrastructure as a Service? A. software-only switch that resides on the server B. a cloud infrastructure that is available to the general public C. end-to-end data center orchestration for computing, network, and storage D. computing, network, and storage capabilities that are delivered over the network on a pay-as-you-go basis E. a complete software offering on the cloud, such as on-demand web conferencing and collaboration Answer: D Explanation: Today, well-known clouds are typically associated with an off-premises, hosted model. These external, or public, clouds involve IT resources and services sold with cloud computing qualities, such as self-service, pay-as-you-go billing, on-demand provisioning, and the appearance of infinite scalability. They are accessed through web browsers or through APIs and offer nearly unlimited capacity on demand at pay-per-use pricing, but with limited customer control. Some external cloud types include: • Software as a service, in which application services are delivered over the network on a subscription basis: for example, • Platform as a service, in which software development frameworks and components are delivered over the network on a pay-as-you-gobasis: for example, Google Apps • Infrastructure as a service, in which computing, network, and storage services are delivered over the network on a pay-as-you-go basis: for example, Amazon EC2 Reference: 6/white_paper_c11-543729.html Leaders in it certification 6

  7. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam Question No : 7 - (Topic 8) Which three benefits are provided by the implementation of Cisco UCS C-Series servers into a virtualized data center environment? (Choose three.) A. blade-based deployments B. enterprise-focused design C. advanced orchestration D. cost-effective server E. storage-intensive platform F. extended memory support Answer: D,E,F Explanation: Virtualizing Cisco Unified Communications Solutionsoffers the following benefits: • Better Utilization The Cisco UCS with VMware vSphere supports greater virtualmachine density than any comparable platform. • A Radically Simplified Architecture The Cisco UCS has up to50 percent fewer components topurchase, configure, manage, power, and cool. • More Memory at Lower Cost Cisco ExtendedMemory enables more memory pertwo-socket server, which reduces memory costs by up to60 percent. • A Powerful, Converged Network The Cisco unified fabric supports all traffic types, whilereducing adapter, cable,and switch requirements by morethan 50 percent. • Efficient Management Cisco UCS Manager and VMware vCenter provideefficient, tightly integrated management of all physicaland virtual assets. A High Quality User Experience Higher performance and simpler scaling helps IT delivera better experience to more users. • Leading Virtual Machine Performance The Cisco UCS has posted one of the top scores on theVMware VMmark virtualization benchmark. • Faster Network and Storage Access Cisco virtual interface cards and VMware VMDirectPathtechnology increase network throughput by up to 30 percent. Leaders in it certification 7

  8. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam Question No : 8 - (Topic 8) Which Cisco product family is the recommended platform for 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the data center? A. Cisco ACE B. Cisco Nexus C. Cisco MDS 9000 D. Cisco Catalyst E. Cisco WAAS Answer: B Explanation: The Cisco Nexus switch is purpose built for data centers, offering a large number of 10 Gbps ports. Topic 9, Enhancing Partner Profitability Question No : 9 - (Topic 9) How do Smart Business Architecture selling tools help partners increase sales? A. focus on the Prepare phase of the Cisco Lifecycle Services model, which maximizes revenue B. free partners from design tasks, which increases profitability C. highlight additional point products that the customer may want D. enable partners to increase professional services revenue by providing a complete, integrated solution for midsize firms and SMBs Answer: D Explanation: Cisco Smart Business Architecture selling tools enable partners to increase professional Leaders in it certification 8

  9. Cisco 646-206 : Practice Exam services revenue by providing a complete, integrated solution for midsize firms and SMBs. For more information on these tools, refer to the link below. Reference: Question No : 10 - (Topic 9) Which statement best describes the "whole offer" concept? A. financing solutions that secure, grow, and accelerate deals B. next-generation services that give customers the most from their investment C. augmented offerings that a customer needs to build on the core solution and that have compelling value D. single point of access for partner tools and resources that is needed to effectively market the partner company E. a blueprint for designing and deploying a full-service, comprehensive network Answer: C Explanation: Cisco CSE online training seminar defines the whole offer concept as augmented offerings that a customer needs to build on the core solution and that have compelling value. Free 646-206 Dumps 9