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Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) PowerPoint Presentation
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Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

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Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). By : RIGIL TEAM Shahina Ahmed Kishwer Jabeen Shilpa Mayanna Sowmya Ramarao. Agenda. Introduction RTP Vs RTSP State Diagram Working of RTSP RTSP message formats RTSP methods RTSP Operations Security Considerations for RTSP. Purpose.

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real time streaming protocol rtsp

Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)


Shahina Ahmed

Kishwer Jabeen

Shilpa Mayanna

Sowmya Ramarao

  • Introduction
  • State Diagram
  • Working of RTSP
  • RTSP message formats
  • RTSP methods
  • RTSP Operations
  • Security Considerations for RTSP
  • Streaming????

Streaming breaks the data into packets with size suitable for the transmission between servers and clients.

  • RTSP establish and controls streams
  • Client can play the first packet, decompress the second while receiving the third …
  • RTSP is an application level protocol for the control of real-time streaming data with syntax and operations similar to HTTP.
  • IEFT standard  RFC 2326
  • It uses RTP as the underlying data delivery protocol and offers a VCR-like control to the user: Play, Stop, Pause, FF, Rewind, as well as random access to any part of media clip.
introduction contd
Introduction (contd…)
  • RTSP helps the server to adjust the media bandwidth to the network congestion in order to suit the available capacity.
  • Multicast data stream
  • RTSP is able to choose the optimum delivery channel to the client.

For instance, if UDP cannot be used the streaming server has to offer a choice of delivery protocols – multicast UDP or TCP to suit different clients.

rtsp vs rtp
  • RTSP allows two-way communication; that is, viewers can communicate with the streaming server and do things like rewind the movie, go to a chapter, and so on.
  • By contrast, RTP is a one-way protocol used to send live or stored streams from the server to the client.
features of rtsp
Features of RTSP
  • Retrieval and control of media from media server
  • Invitation of a media server to a conference
  • Addition of media to an existing presentation
properties of rtsp
Properties of RTSP
  • Extendibility
  • Secure
  • Transport independent
  • Multi-server capable Control of recording devices
  • Separation of stream control and conference invitation
  • Presentation description neutral
  • Proxy and firewall friendly
rtsp message format
RTSP Message Format
  • RTSP is a text based protocol and use the same message format as HTTP.
  • Text-based protocols have the advantage of easy extendibility and human friendly messages.
  • Suffer from major overhead that text coding brings about.
  • RTSP text coding is the optimal choice, due to the nature of the protocol, which is prone to extensions and does not burden the network with frequent or high sized messages.
rtsp message type
RTSP Message Type
  • A start-line if sent in a request is called Request-line otherwise if in a response, is called Status-line.

Start-line = Request-Line | Status-Line

  • Generic format of request line is
  • Generic format of status line is
rtsp state transitions
RTSP State Transitions

Setup: Start an RTSP session and resource allocation for a stream

Play and Record Start data transmission of the stream

Pause Temporarily halt a stream without freeing server resources

Teardown Free resources associated with stream and end of a session

describe method
Describe Method
  • Phase of session establishment
  • Fetch the description of a media object or a presentation
  • Reply of the server contains a complete description of the requested resource.

C->S: DESCRIBE rtsp:// RTSP/1.0

CSeq: 312

Accept: application/sdp, application/rtsl, application/mheg

S->C: RTSP/1.0 200 OK

CSeq: 312

Date: 23 Jan 1997 15:35:06 GMT

Content-Type: application/sdp

Content-Length: 376

options method
Options Method
  • Borrowed from HTTP 1.1
  • Represents a request for the options associated to a resource or the capabilities of a server

Pause Method

  • Request the server to interrupt momentarily the delivery of the stream
  • If client does not resume the state before timeout expiration all resources are released
play method
Play Method
  • Clients to begin or resume the play of a media
  • Specifying a desired retrieval range
  • Play requests can be pipelined

Set-up Method

  • Initializes, or modifies, the transport mechanism to be used between client and server
tear down method
Tear-down Method
  • Permanently stops the delivery of a media stream, or a presentation
  • Implies releasing the state associated to the session and freeing the associated resources.

C->S: TEARDOWN rtsp:// RTSP/1.0

CSeq: 892

Session: 12345678

S->C: RTSP/1.0 200 OK

  • browser GETs metafile
  • browser launches player, passing metafile
  • player contacts server
  • server downloads audio/video to player
streaming vs downloading
Streaming Vs Downloading

Download: Receive entire content before playback begins

  • High “start-up” delay as media
  • file can be large

Streaming: Play the media file while it is being received

  • Reasonable “start-up” delays
  • Reception Rate >= playback rate.
what rtsp does not do
What RTSP does not do?
  • Does not define how audio/video is encapsulated for streaming over network.
  • Does not restrict how streamed media is transported; it can be transported over UDP or TCP.
  • Does not specify how the media player buffers audio/video.
security considerations for rtsp
Security Considerations for RTSP
  • RTSP reuses many of HTTP security features
  • RTSP presents additional issues

-Denial of service

-Session hijacking


  • RTSP provides a efficient protocol which can be used in streaming system to remotely control a media server
  • Extensible